Sunday, January 25, 2004


I'm new to this so I'll make it quick. I am rushing this right now 'cos i don't have much time. I'll be getting ready to go back to KL in about an hour's time. Haiz.....didn't even get to see my boyfriend the last 4 days! Arrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Its driving me completely bonkers. I'm angry and tired of going on about the same topic with him again and again.
I'll fight it out again with him somehow or rather next week. Well...not gonna go into the intimate details but will tell you somehow or rather.
Its the stresses of long-distance relationship dating.

I'm gonna have to scream sooner or later so I don't go crazy!
Exams are arund the corner beb! Another stress factor. Then there will be the fighting with the administrative staff at IIUM (international islamic uni of msia if u didnt noe) for the registration of classes. I swear if i dont get my selected courses. I will go stir crazy and start yelling at their staff.

Nama ajer international tapi admin and efficiency is ZERO, ZILCH, NADA! Urgghhhhh....before i burst a vessel, i better go cool off with a nice shower and then i'll continue to pack my bag.

I'll try to post further updates on my frazzled condition when i get to the campus library tomorrow.
(that's if i manage to reach my 10am class on time and the class finishes on time) Arabic class awaits....wait hold on...have i even done my homework?

Damn...its been a very futile weekend!