Saturday, October 31, 2009

Date Night

We had planned to go out on a date but we had NO ideas planned out for the day.

So when we met up outside R*affles Hospital in B*ugis after i'd completed my field observation, we sat down and mulled over a few ideas before coming to a decision.

We both happened to have the same brainwave to head over to marina barrage but before we did that, we would have to make a quick pitstop at 7*-11 in arab st to buy some refreshments.

But even before we could stop by 7*-11, Ayie suggested that we just poke around the shops in front of sultan mosque.

It was then that we stumbled into the C*hildren's Toy Museum.

This place sells a lot of antiques. From refrigerator, helmets, peranakan paraphernelia, old notes, record players and even 70's television set.

We were BOTH mesmerised by one helmet that was on display and it was a mere 60sgd!!!
It was an old pilot's helmet complete with 2 drop down shades which i thought were SOOOOOOO cool!

So he's going to buy that helmet tomorrow.

Now we continued wandering around the shop and i thought, hey since we're going to be at m*arina barrage, why not buy some old school toys so we got the five stones and pick up sticks!

By this time we STILL hadn't gotten around to 7*-11 yet.

We were a little peckish now and headed to House of Briyani along north bridge road and had a late lunch cum early dinner.

By the time we were going to make a move, the skies had turned really dark and threatening.
So we had to ABANDON the m*arina barrage plan.

Rode as fast as we could to Toa Payoh to get my makeup from my cuz and ended up waiting at the void deck for half an hour.

*we were also caught in the rain right after we exited the KPE. dammit!*

So the toys we bought DID come in handy after all!
Especially the pick up sticks.

Once the rain let up, we headed to AMK park McD's and had some supper.

We got the EVM and talked abt the monopoly promotion that they were having.

So he said, "ok if we get the $50,000 we get married"

and at the same time he said that i said:

"you can get your harley"

and we started erupting into a fit of giggles!


Sorry lah. marriage just didn't occur to me at that time =P

but i swear the look on his face was priceless.

Thank you for the date =))

I love u!

E*lizabeth A*rden Haul

This is my October purchase, gotten from the airport.

Sometimes you unearth the best treasures (and cheap too!) there


The set consists of:

1 quad eyeshadow and duo blush palatte

2 lipsticks; desert rose and soft rose

1 lipgloss in berrylicious

1 Lash extending treatment mascara

1 eyeliner in soft black


1 lip liner in taupe

the palatte that im in love with.

mainly cos its this bright red colour!

this is what it looks like inside

a purple called jewel, a pink in tulle, a bluish grey a.k.a bubbles and a darker grey in smoke

2 blushes, one in pink mauve and pink sand.
can't wait to try pink sand!

here's a glossy lipstick

called soft rose

a silky finish lipstick, slightly darker and more matte

called desert rose.

Haven't tried the colours yet but once i do, i'll give u a verdict!

This whole haul came in at a grand total of....SGD59!

Its about as expensive as my M*ake Up Forever concealer palatte!!!!

This is definitely worth the money.

If you're looking to expand your makeup collection, HEAD over to the airport and shop at the makeup/perfume stores there.

Not only that, its TAX FREE!


come with me to the airport next time...

Makeup Junkie


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Horror Story

Keeping in theme with halloween, i have my own horror story.

More like a heart breaking tragedy.

Last week i went out to town to have dinner with some friends.

Got to F*ar East a little sooner than i expected.

So i walked around, did a little window shopping and also went hunting for that vest i needed to get the S*amirians logo printed on the back.

Soon i had to use the ladies.

So i had to lug my bag and my laptop that i was cradling in my arms like a baby.

My N*EC.

So i placed the laptop on the ledge that they provided in each cubicle while i hung my bag on the back of the door.

I was trying to move around in the cubicle and....


I almost wanted to pass out.

Crying was also another option.

You see, i had just purchased the adapter and things were working perfectly.

and i JUST had to knock it onto the floor.


But thankfully, its working fine.

But i just found a horrible cosmetic flaw since that incident!


The speakers are on either side of the hinges and the one on the right has popped out a little.

Its just horrifying.

I know.

So drama right?


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Results of the T*oo Faced Shadow Insurance

super huge eyes i loike! ahakz

I really liked the makeup i ended up with yesterday.

Thanks to the endless watching of makeup tutorials,

i managed to snag a smokey eye effect for last night's date =))

Products i used:

primer: M*aybelline's Angel Fit Pore Zero Base

Foundation: M.*A.C's NC40 (liquid)

Concealer: M*ake Up For Ever's concealer palatte No. 1

Setting powder: M.*A.C's Skin finish Natural (Light)

Blush: M.*A.C's Noble

Eyeshadow primer: T*oo Faced Shadow Insurance <3 <3

Eyeshadow: M*aybelline's Eyeshadow Trio (white, silver & black)

Mascara(s): M.*A.C's Plush Lash (Volumizing) and another lengthening one by M*.A.C as well

Lipstick: M.*A.C's Blankety from the Amplified range
(my favourite lipstick to date!)

i KNOW it looks like a LOT of product but it only took me half an hour to create the whole look.

i swear.


Friday, October 23, 2009

My Trip to S*ephora @ I*on

Before i start i just want to say how excited i am to have changed my web browser! Hahah.

If u take a look at the picture below, my web browser is gaily decorated with pink flowers! =))
Check it out on the new M*ozilla updates!

Ok so for those who follow me on my t*witter, i did promise you a review on the T*oo Faced S*hadow Insurance. So here it is!

Priced at SGD28 it is a steal! What this product does is that its like a primer for your lids. It keeps the the eyeshadows on ur eyes and helps it to stick to your lids for hours.

I tried it out on Wednesday. Wore a little eyeshadow to sch, a light brown as a base and contoured the sockets with a darker brown colour.

I had a date with my girlfriends which is why i went the extra mile with the makeup heheh.

Anyway, i periodically checked on the eye makeup and this product proved its worth!

All the rave reviews (esp. by M*akeup Geek who i follow religiously on Y*outube) have proven to be true.

This product is especially great for those with oily eyelids and perfect for application using matte eyeshadows.
For more pigmented or shimmery colours, you can still apply the product but use it a little sparingly i guess, making sure that you put it all over the eye area.

I think for SGD28 it gives you bang for your buck!

It comes in a little green tube and you'll have to remember to shake the tube first to get all the contents mixed first.

I didn't do that for mine and when i first pressed the tube, some of the oil seeped out.

So i impress upon you to give it a little shake first!

That wasn't my only purchase at I*on's new S*ephora.

I also purchased....

my second camouflage palatte!

This is M*ake Up For Ever's concealer palatte in No. 3.

They didn't carry No. 1 apparently.

So this was to replace my almost empty palatte that i first purchased in KL back in June.

Its lasted me a gd. 4 months which isn't too bad.

I especially like the creamy consistency that it has. Its not too oily either especially for my skin which gets a little greasy after a while.

The shade to conceal my dark undereye circles are fabulous.

I swear they do wonders for you especially after you've had a really long night mugging through an assignment.

It makes you look a little more human.

It also conceals blemishes well and for someone who has a LOT of blemishes let me just say it works pretty darn good.

With the different shades, you can mix it so that you get the right coverage you want.

here are the 5 colours in palatte No. 3

It's priced at SGD58 and its a little pricey but i would say it is REALLY worth it.

I'm still waiting on my Elizabeth A*rden travel palatte.

Will do another review for that when i get it


p/s: i think i've found my hobby. collecting makeup! haha

Monday, October 19, 2009

Note to Self.

When I finally get a house of my own, i will vow:

1) to get dark ceramic tiles for my toilet! (darker floors mean less cleaning!!!)

2) have a feature wall (one of a dark colour) and paste some decorative sticker in the event i can't afford to wallpaper some walls.


3) have some nice looking light fixtures.

All this was a result of visiting kak Fik's house in W*oodlands.

I'm sorry i don't have any photos to share.

You just had to be there to experience her well decorated house.

I for one was VERY envious.

And it just made me long for my own little breakfast nook that i've always dreamed of.

Yes, N*igella L*awson is my domestic goddess.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello World.

Now that im slowly beginning to blog again, i can't believe that there have been so many mishaps that happened last week.

Thus diminishing my time to blog.

But i guess with those mishaps i actually have something to blog about! heh.

So last monday i went back to school after a whole week of mc.

Needless to say, i was way behind work.

i MISSED a deadline.

*now this was a complete shocker cos I've NEVER missed a deadline before!*

not to mention my stupid laptop adapter has finally decided to give up on me.

so much work to be done.

and i had NO choice but to resort to the home PC which is unbelievably slow, M*s Office not updated at all...sigh...

so many things that could have gone wrong went wrong.

so last week i was doing 4 assignments (did i hear myself right? 4 assignments)

all on this old PC.

Thank God its still working.

I also got a little lost in S*engkang.

Took the lrt from R*enjong and wanted to get to R*umbia.

Was supposed to get down at S*engkang but didnt noe i had to so i went the whole R*enjong loop again.

*slaps forehead*

so after doing homework on friday and saturday, (even waking up early on sunday morning to complete my remaining work), i treated myself to a well-deserved date on sunday!

With who else but the Samirians and my bf.


Things finally looked up at the end of the week. Which completely made my week!

visit the Samirians website!

-rockin' this! & the man too!-

-fave couple #1-
lisa & yas (my A.I.S.S jr. , small world coincidence!)

-fave couple #2-
sali & bek

-all the choppers lined up in a row for our Deepavali charity ride-

-cruisin' down Orchard Rd.-

-minah rempit a.k.a mimi-

-me & the adek-beradek-
mimi & sali

-me and sali-

-firdaus who is also my father's colleague...small world-
>________< -me & liza-
knew her prior to Samirians...small world again.

-me & lisa!-

-3 pretty babes-
mimi, lisa and mel

-i adore this pic!-


Thursday, October 08, 2009


Hmm i guess i must be still trying to get into the groove of blogging again.

But im having so many problems, on the technical side.

The wire to my laptop adapter has frayed so as i sit here typing with one hand, the other hand is holding it together so that i can charge the friggin' laptop.

Just my luck.

Called up the laptop company to purchase a new adapter BUT its still making its way to S*ingapore.


And the timing couldn't be WORSE!

Just when i have so many assignments coming up and due.

Plus presentations.


Anyhow i will continue with my blogging endeavours however slow i may be these days.

I must blog about my wisdom tooth. Specifically the one at the bottom right.

Because the tooth had no space, it wasn't aligned properly cos it was getting pretty crowded back there.

So tooth came out but still not fully exposed and thus a flap between the gum and tooth was there.

The gum became so tender during the 1st weekend of hari raya that i was in sooo much pain.

I couldn't sleep through the night.

Half my face was swollen.

That's when i couldn't take it anymore and decided to remove the offending tooth.

It cost me almost an arm and a leg JUST to remove ONE tooth.

more specifically...$590.60.

About as expensive as my P*rada bag.

So effin' expensive.

But at least i got a 5 day MC.


stitches are also out and im so happy that im not in pain!


Ahakz. oh well. now back to assignments....


Thursday, October 01, 2009

At Long Last...

*blows cobwebs*

Yes i have been gone a long time haven't i.

Practicum was just WAY too draining to even sit down to compose a post.

Now that i'm back in N*IE, its a little better.

So first things first, Eid Mubarak 1430h!

Even though i'm a little behind time.

Its been about 2 weeks since the 1st of Syawal.

It's been a trying time for my family this year.

One with loads of trials and tribulations.

InsyaAllah it will be resolved.

God is Great. MasyaAllah.

And since the last time i wrote, i think i pretty much established that we are finally a couple.

*happy dance*

Had a GREAT date yesterday. Despite me missing a chunk of tooth.

Now that's another story altogether.

But today what really got me excited was the fact that i RE-organised all my makeup!

All properly stashed away in proper containers and small pouches.

Yes i can be organised when i WANT to.

I actually took an inventory of all the makeup that i have.

Complete with all descriptions of most of the colours that i have.

I can't even believe i have THIS much makeup!

But i'm so proud of my organization skills! Ahakz!

So when my DK called to tell me he was taking half the day off, i said

"YES! i can go to D*aiso to buy containers and boxes to organize my makeup!"




my cheek colour collection

my eyeshadow collection

at the beginning of the organizing exercise

this black container with its individual separators only cost me SGD2 @ D*aiso

my 6-shade contouring palatte from

10-shade pro-blush palatte from

this white container with separators also came from D*aiso! It stores my Ardell Eyelashes and the Glue! Plus my kabuki brush that im retiring for awhile.

This cheek colour, Noble actually replaces one of my broken to pieces blush from M*A. C. called Ablaze (since it is no longer in production)

This clear zip-lock pouch came from W*atsons where i purchased the 3M A*cne Patch.
Recycling people! Show your love for Gaia!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this quintet. The colour isn't that fantastic on camera but the colours are so super pigmented that it stays on ur lids for HOURS! Just remember to put on a base! e.g, T*oo Faced Shadow Insurance

This pouch stores...

Lipsticks, eyeliners, concealer sticks etc. etc. etc.

This box contains all the empty bottles/containers used for travel and some hotel shower gels and soaps knicked from our travels abroad.

Top deck: This is how it looks like now

2nd deck: Brushes, facial products etc.

Last deck: miscellaneous items, body butter and palattes

The rack i got from I*kea @ SGD29 if im not mistaken.

Hope u loiked it!