Saturday, October 31, 2009

Date Night

We had planned to go out on a date but we had NO ideas planned out for the day.

So when we met up outside R*affles Hospital in B*ugis after i'd completed my field observation, we sat down and mulled over a few ideas before coming to a decision.

We both happened to have the same brainwave to head over to marina barrage but before we did that, we would have to make a quick pitstop at 7*-11 in arab st to buy some refreshments.

But even before we could stop by 7*-11, Ayie suggested that we just poke around the shops in front of sultan mosque.

It was then that we stumbled into the C*hildren's Toy Museum.

This place sells a lot of antiques. From refrigerator, helmets, peranakan paraphernelia, old notes, record players and even 70's television set.

We were BOTH mesmerised by one helmet that was on display and it was a mere 60sgd!!!
It was an old pilot's helmet complete with 2 drop down shades which i thought were SOOOOOOO cool!

So he's going to buy that helmet tomorrow.

Now we continued wandering around the shop and i thought, hey since we're going to be at m*arina barrage, why not buy some old school toys so we got the five stones and pick up sticks!

By this time we STILL hadn't gotten around to 7*-11 yet.

We were a little peckish now and headed to House of Briyani along north bridge road and had a late lunch cum early dinner.

By the time we were going to make a move, the skies had turned really dark and threatening.
So we had to ABANDON the m*arina barrage plan.

Rode as fast as we could to Toa Payoh to get my makeup from my cuz and ended up waiting at the void deck for half an hour.

*we were also caught in the rain right after we exited the KPE. dammit!*

So the toys we bought DID come in handy after all!
Especially the pick up sticks.

Once the rain let up, we headed to AMK park McD's and had some supper.

We got the EVM and talked abt the monopoly promotion that they were having.

So he said, "ok if we get the $50,000 we get married"

and at the same time he said that i said:

"you can get your harley"

and we started erupting into a fit of giggles!


Sorry lah. marriage just didn't occur to me at that time =P

but i swear the look on his face was priceless.

Thank you for the date =))

I love u!