Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another day...

I really like manning the phone lines. For some strange absurd reason.

I think im gonna miss it here when i end on friday. So sad...

countdown counter: 3 days till i go back

this is so depressing...

but i miss my teej.

she is my sanity when im there...and vice versa.

actually im more excited about seeing her than going back to class...

okay enough ranting and raving...i have to get back to work...


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

That was refreshing...

after a long drought (esp from me when its the holidays) of non-blogging activity...

seriously, you should go online more often. then i can chat my time away. u made time go faster (thank god...cant wait for my headbanging session in the bus).

Pillow fights and mistaken identities. Geez...i had to chuckle quietly at my desk...or risk the employers of this fine company to think that im a nutcase.

Dun worry...i don't think i'll mistake you for someone...uniquely achit...heheheheeee


On another note. Exam results out oredi.

A bit disappointed with the outcome. Especially for journalism.

I. am. so. not. happy. with. the. grade. given. to. me.

*sembarang lah this lecturer. he's so vague about everything...gonna appeal for rechecking*

Other than that...i am happy to say i got the A i wanted for leadership & management. Thank you so much guys! I really had fun working on the same team! Hope you're all as pleased about the outcome as i am.

i also have to say all that hard studying for fiqh sirah paid off...managed to pull off a B (as compared to all the C's i've gotten for all the other IRK subjs) very grateful. I don't think i really had a problem with the subject. Its prolly becos i had a deep interest in the subj.

*once a history freak always a history freak*


and the countdown begins...

4 more days till i return to KL.

the reluctant vagabond once more, i become...

*although there is the floorball camp to look forward to. Bukit Jalil Sports School here i come!*


Monday, November 28, 2005

I never knew...

-take note: this entry might not be suitable to those under 20-

that anyone in a blue jumper + white hardhat could look so sexy *grrrrrrr*

Neither did i know that someone who is so shy manages to make it so attractive

Not only that,

he's oblivious about it too. *which makes it all the more attractive*

I like men working with heavy machinery...*sighs*

nampak sangat boring kat kerja....


Friday, November 25, 2005

And that's the way it goes...

Talked to one of my younger cousins yday to ask abt his PSLE results. Alhamdullillah, he did well. So did my other cuz.

-semua dah selamat dah, amin-

And yes monkey's unkle; that's my dad...granted that he was pretty pooped at the time we were taking that picture. Dat's why he looked like, sembarang like that, thus displaying his happy belly.

*you know him eh? *

Was so tired last night that i slept at 11pm (or thereabouts lah). The earliest i've slept this whole holiday period. Work pretty much saps a lot of my energy, even if im not doing much. But come month end i 'll probably be quite bz.

Its confirmed. Results will come out on the 28th Nov.2005 InsyaAllah. I wish you guys all the best.

Probably won't be much updates during the weekend cos of the open house and jalan raya saturday and sunday respectively.

Till then.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

And so i thought...

I had to miss classes just to go to that Backstreet Boys concert. I...mean not that i minded anyway.

But what luck! The concert falls in the week that i have my inter-semestral vacation! Brilliant news! I am so ecstatic!

Thank you to the Almighty who seems to have been very generous to me lately.

*silent prayer*

-note to self: study extra hard for the mid-terms and then boogie down to the BSB! yipeee!-

By the way, my parents still don't know.

I can't afford the VIP seats unfortunately *unless of course some kind soul decides to sponsor me or i come into a very large inheritance* cos it will burn a hole in my almost empty pockets (SGD250!!! SIAPA NAK LAYAN!?)

Anyway, I'll settle for SGD160 seats. Not so bad. Thank God for the temp job im holding now. Alhamdullillah.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bear with me...

yours truly

need i say more?

*with Usama and Uthman*

thanks for joining us =D
gerls, feel free to take ur pick hehehhe

all the ladies in the house plus little Shafiq!

okaylah nanti dpt lagik i update k?

bersabarlah korang semua...


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

To watch out for...

24th January 2006...the date that i've waited for a whole decade! The Backstreet Boys are FINALLY coming to town!

I can already feel myself hyperventilating. I am going. Thats it. I won't take no for an answer. I am going to Suntec Convention Hall to watch them live! Front row. Nothing less.

I remember pleading and crying to my parents to let me go to the midnight album launch of Millenium. My mother said yes; on the condition that I will not be able to see them if they ever come to singapore and perform live in concert.

I kept true to that promise and ended up NOT going to the album launch *which i sobbed dearly about for the next few weeks*

Now that the day is finally here, I will not give up this chance of a lifetime.

Call me a groupie or a fanatic; I DON'T CARE!

10 years. I thought the day would never come. I can't believe i've actually waited a whole decade. But then again, I'm so glad i waited!!!

*tak sia-sia aku simpan itu BSB posters berfile-file, sampai berhabuk!*


Now that's what Backstreet's Back truly means.


I sit here in front of my brand new pc at werk (well i say new cos its been upgraded frm the previous model when i used to work here) with Cameron Diaz looking at me. Its so unnerving to have her stare at me.

Relax. Its just a cardboard version of Ms. Diaz. S**********r decided to have a cut out of her to promote the upcoming DnD. Apparently its Espionage Nite. Wonder what people will go dressed up like...

Another cold blustery day in singapore...called ms tijah up last night and she safely arrived in KL last night with her sis, Bibi, in tow. I miss her dearly...wonder what she'll be up to when her sis is busy with orientations and stuff.

I had so many things to write about last night but it all went -poof-

Oh now i remember.

i just have to get this out. Apparently this instituition has been a breeding ground for cuties

-well the kinds i like anyway-

tinggi, besar and hemsem...esp those born in 1984. Hari tu jalan raya pas tu nampak this one guy...cair beb, cair! It was eye candy galore. I don't think i could have taken my eyes off of him the whole time.

*dream on suckerrr*

wait till i get thorpie on my lap. I will be the happiest woman alive i tell u.

Taufiq insinuated that its time for me to get a boyfriend...let me get my head screwed on straight then u go find me one lah k Fiq?

Bhavie's coming hoooommmmeeeee! She' s been gone in Aussie for far too long. I want to see her this weekend...she'd better come to the open house i did specially for her.

Oh darn, there's a meeting tomorrow and then have to go all the way to tampines to see my darling kak ct. tomorrow i promise u kak ct we take picture many-many becos i have officially hijacked the digicam.

On the agenda today, gi rumah Kak D and finally take a look at her bersanding pics. I think its taken me 4 months to just make the effort to go to her place. If not for Raya then I don't think I'd be able to look at her gorgeous pics.

2nd day of Puasa ganti plus puasa 6. InsyaAllah takder halangan untuk menjalankan puasa hari ni...amin.

To my gerlfrens: See ya this weekend! *hums: tak tahan lagiii*...

To those still slaving over their exams, keep with it. It's gonna be over in just a bit! All the best!


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Just browsing around...

and stumbled upon this. Now this suddenly helps to me resolve the "pool" question. Dontcha think munkeys unkle?

You Are 70% Boyish and 30% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.
How Boyish or Girlish Are You?

A spanking brand-new Fujitsu Lifebook!
Shall i name her? *gee i've already assigned a gender to it already -sheesh-*

Not to mention that I got it at a real bargain! Wheeeeeeeeee! Now that's what families are for i tell ya.

Thank you so much Cik Wan (of course i couldnt have worked out the bargain with my mom. And she even generously offered to pay half! Alhamdullillah)


Friday, November 18, 2005

It's getting really boring around here...

I've been offered a job at my old workplace. Yes. The thought of making money for this next 2 weeks just brings tears to my eyes.

Love it. And the pay's not bad either. Travelling expenses covered pretty much. The only thing deducted will be for CPF which isn't at all bad is it? Wheeee...things are really looking up somehow.

I hope this good streak continues all the way into the 2nd semester.

Which reminds me, EXAM RESULTS are friggin' around the corner!

It's worse thinking about the results than taking the exam.

Saw my CA marks. Not so bad. But the only results that have been released for CA have been my core modules. None from my minor modules have come up on the screen. Worrying big time for Fiqh Sirah and Method's Of Da'wah.

At least I have my temp job to tide my anxiety over. Thank Goodness.

The ELITES i hope won't make bog me down with work. Still wondering how i'm going to make it through the next semester with new responsiblities, although i know that it will look pretty darn good in my CV.

I miss my Tijah. Haiz...she's changed her Bruneian number so I can't even sms her. Truly miss her. Missing the times we bitch about stuff in our room.

Oi! When you coming back to singapore for a visit!? Think of the endless shopping!

Well, gtg now. Getting pretty bored now. And tomorrow...I resume jalan raya AGAIN! With my family of course. This is so tiring. And these houses i cannot miss. They're my aunts and uncles! Cannot miss! Wait tak dpt duit raya! Hehehehe...

Somehow...its very true...
How You Are In Love

You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.

You tend to give more than take in relationships.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

Your Birthdate: April 8

Watch out Donald Trump! You've got a head for business and money.You'll make it rich some day, even if you haven't figured out how yet.A supreme individualist, you shouldn't get stuck in a corporate job.Instead, make your own way - so that you can be the boss.

Your strength: Your undying determination
Your weakness: You require an opulent lifestyle
Your power color: Plum
Your power symbol: Dollar sign *kachingggg*
Your power month: August

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Doctrine of Sevens

*courtesy of Nora
Aku jugak menjadi mangsa eh...aniwaes...still in process to get the pictures...not everyone seems to be online lately...-sigh-

7 things to accomplish before I die:

Be a good & practicing Muslimah
Bungee jump (at least once)
Marry a devout Muslim man + have lots of babies!
Seek forgiveness from Allah
Go to Mecca for Hajj
Go to Egypt and see the Pyramids!
Go backpacking

7 things I really really cannot do:

Not only can't i be Miss Universe, Miss Sumayyah(name of my hostel) also i cannot become
Read the tamil murasu
Drink powdered milk
Ice-skate *for now*
Ask a guy out
Drive *yet*
cook traditional malay dishes

7 things I really really can do:

Swim non-stop for an hour
Run a cross-country
Count to 10 in spanish *tak penting hehe*
Cook pasta dishes
Operate on less than 2 hours of sleep
Be late for class
Read novels non-stop without a break for food

7 celebrity crushes:

Taufik Batisah
Adi Rahman *no idea why*
Francesco Totti
Kevin Richardson (BSB)
Hans Isaac
Heath Ledger
Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill)

7 favourite words at the moment:

Ye ke?
Takderrr lah sangat
Tak penting
Merepek lah
Stop it!
Diam laaaahhh!

7 things that make me fall for a guy:

Devout Muslim
Have a gd sense of style
His curly or wavy locks
Healthy physical+financial condition

7 people who i'm tagging :

Linda NJ
Kak CT
Kak Doink
Kak Crab

Slmt lah korang eh...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Like the title reads...yesterday i went on my rounds of visiting...with my uni mates that is. And i still haven't gone to the seniors houses yet. gttg a headache just thinking about it.

We started off early in the morning...9 friggin' in the morning okay! So that meant that I had to get up at least 2 hours in advance to shower and primp in order to get to the meeting point in time. Sheesh...i didn't even get ready at 7am on the ferst day.

But the event was well organized thanks to the people in charge
*thanks aisyah spec, shasha and hafiz - you guys made it all worthwhile!*

We got to the ferst house bright and early at ard 9.30am in cck...had breakfast...on the menu, mee hoon goreng, fishball in sambal, fried chicken wings, epok-epok and samosa...yum...sedaaapppp you all!

Next area we hit was woodlands...makan again! Wah wah...on the menu: mee hoon goreng. Next house, makan again. This time it was nuggets and fries! Then off we went to hougang for more fries!

Thank god for the change in menu to fries cos the next house, you guessed it...mee hoon awaited us in bedok reservoir.

*dah plak itu lift accepted a maximum of 5 people only. lift dah nazak lah katakan hhehehehe*

after bedok, we went to pasir ris to zaleha's house for mee siam...(mee hoon berkuah *mee hoon lagi*)

and then at the next 3 houses we were greeted by mee siam, mee hoon and mee hoon *all in order of visit*

Pengsaaaaannnn...luckily at the last house we were treated to some dessert of ice-cream and ferrero rochers galore
So after much gorging on mee hoon, i have decided to go on a break of mee hoon for the next month or so. I will go sick at the sight of mee hoon if i ever come across it again in the next few weeks
Peekchures will have to wait 'cos i didn't have my digicam with me courtesy of my sis *bluek*
So its all down to the rest lah for photos.
Patience is advised.

p/s: abg sofian has the most gorgeous and adorable looking niece eva! And the pictures don't do her an ounce of justice at all. i want to keep her all to myself!!!

To be continued...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Have you ever felt...

There are some days you just wished that God punished you sooner rather than later.

Then there are days that you just wish someone would give a damn.

Other times you just want the floor to open up beneath you and swallow you whole.

And then of course there are moments that you want to tear someone's head/body apart and start eating his/her innards.

Sometimes you want God to answer your prayers (very very badly)

And then you wished that someone could hold you and tell you everything's gonna turn out alright.

Today i'm all of the above.

*How to jalan raya in peace like this?*

To be continued...

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I've noticed that a lot of people are taking a loooooonnnngggg time to get back into their blogging modes.

Korang tak habes beraya lagi ke?

Okay, granted that some people are bz with exams but what happened to the rest?

On my current "miss list":

1)Hartijah or affectionately known as TEEJ(my longtime roomie)

2)my two other roomies

3)the ability to call and make plans with my gerls (not possible since many are in EXAM mode...pfft)

4)strangely enough i miss my hang out spot in campus.

5)and last but not least, boy watching in school *cue dreamy sigh*

Haven't been out much these past few days.Not even raya-ing with my friends. Jalan raya with my gerlfrens postponed till the 26th or 27th (after all their exams) so the one thing to look forward to is the jalan raya which will resume this weekend.

*crosses fingers that my family will make our way to my uncle's place so i can take a look at the laptop that i was promised...yayness*

A few invites this weekend...don't know whether i'll be able to make it or not...

By the way, have you people noticed the trailer for that new Channel 5 drama entitled 'Lifeline'?

What is it with Gurmit Singh that makes it so wrong for him to be in that show? I think a haircut is not gonna help people...

Hums *put the lime in the Coke u nut...*

Annoying but somehow catchy...thanks to the little annoying little brat that i love.

And my favourite diamond...the one in the Soo Kee advert...that is one hell of a ROCK...can i have one? pWeeety please?


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I am sick of this!

I've tried twice -unsucessfully might i add- at adding the pics to my blog.

The first time, the pc hung up on me...

The second time...i deleted it ALL by accident!!!

It is very frustrating.

I am not in the mood to upload it again. I'll just do it tomorrow or the day after that...

Was so excited to post them up...but I'll let u have a sneak peak.

At least that's one pic up...many many more to patient k?


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Home at last...

Reached home yesterday morning at 5am...sahur by myself cos all my other family members dah malas nak bangun just chugged a glass of cold water and switched on the pc...hehehhe...revengeeeee!

so after subuh, i went to bed and woke up at 12nn! Got the sleep that i wanted to recharge my overused batteries. After that mom decided to go out. Biler kiter tanyer, she said she didn't know where she was heading to but she just wanted to get out of the house...ahakz...tht's the last thing i'd expected my mom to say.

So we headed to... GEYLANG! At last, finally got to go even though its the end of ramadhan...kinda packed...really hot weather and i could feel myself wilting in the sun.

Got some raya essentials, tudung's galore coutesy of mum...and also a new abaya...wheeeeeee...sukaaaaaa! And of course not forgetting the dengdeng! Nice, sweet and juicy...i want moooorrrreeee!

Today gonna be crammed to the brim with chores. Mop floor, peel onions and get the dried chillies cut up, clean toilet...blah blah blah...

And did i mention that my sister did a complete overhaul of the room?! Its so big and airy and not like Hurricane Katrina passed through it. Not to mention clean!

So half the floor's been mopped, need to go do the other half...then more chores await...gotta geta move on now.

Eid Mubarak to all!