Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Doctrine of Sevens

*courtesy of Nora
Aku jugak menjadi mangsa eh...aniwaes...still in process to get the pictures...not everyone seems to be online lately...-sigh-

7 things to accomplish before I die:

Be a good & practicing Muslimah
Bungee jump (at least once)
Marry a devout Muslim man + have lots of babies!
Seek forgiveness from Allah
Go to Mecca for Hajj
Go to Egypt and see the Pyramids!
Go backpacking

7 things I really really cannot do:

Not only can't i be Miss Universe, Miss Sumayyah(name of my hostel) also i cannot become
Read the tamil murasu
Drink powdered milk
Ice-skate *for now*
Ask a guy out
Drive *yet*
cook traditional malay dishes

7 things I really really can do:

Swim non-stop for an hour
Run a cross-country
Count to 10 in spanish *tak penting hehe*
Cook pasta dishes
Operate on less than 2 hours of sleep
Be late for class
Read novels non-stop without a break for food

7 celebrity crushes:

Taufik Batisah
Adi Rahman *no idea why*
Francesco Totti
Kevin Richardson (BSB)
Hans Isaac
Heath Ledger
Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill)

7 favourite words at the moment:

Ye ke?
Takderrr lah sangat
Tak penting
Merepek lah
Stop it!
Diam laaaahhh!

7 things that make me fall for a guy:

Devout Muslim
Have a gd sense of style
His curly or wavy locks
Healthy physical+financial condition

7 people who i'm tagging :

Linda NJ
Kak CT
Kak Doink
Kak Crab

Slmt lah korang eh...