Sunday, January 28, 2007

And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

The rains couldn't keep us away.

Neither could the massive traffic jams.

We beat all the odds and made it to the Grand Old Dame, the Kallang National Stadium close to half-time.

The red army was in full force and it was pleasing to the eye.

Unfortunately i couldn't deck myself in the national colours 'cos my red attire are all back in campus.

But i still made it.

It was great i tell you.

Singapore vs Malaysia matches are always fun to watch.

They always have drama in them.

Yesterday was no exception.

Though they silenced the crowds in the second half, we managed to come back.

I think the team owed it to the National Stadium more than ever.

It wasn't about the fans.

I think it was about letting the Old Dame bow out gracefully.

And what a way to let the fat lady sing man!

I could barely breathe everytime a player took his place at the penalty spot.

And i screamed and jumped up and down whenever the players made the goal.

Me and the boyfriend got ecstatic when Lionel saved that last penalty kick.

And when the whole game was over,

the heavens opened its skies and the rain enveloped us all in glory.

I'm a romantic. What can i say?


And then we all went for some ayam penyet.

What a great way to spend a saturday night.


Thursday, January 25, 2007


After laboriously crafting my entry,

Blogger comes out saying that there was an error in processing my request!


All that lengthy typing for naught!

Tired oredi you know!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Like the dolz i am. I totally screwed up the dates of my swimming classes and therefore yours truly here had to stay the weekend in Malaysia.


It wasn't such a bad thing cos the Love came by!

Oh yes.

Everything is a-okay with the both of us.

I must admit that i still am a newbie at handling fights between us both.

But i am weathering it well alhamdullillah.

Every fight brings us closer, makes me know him better.


Okay, so where do i start?

Lets see.

The photos that we took during the photo taking session for ASSIIUM was marvellous.

I truly love looking at the photos again and again.

Somehow i tak jelak.

Last friday i had to pick up the informal photo and since ALL my classes were cancelled i really had to drag myself outta bed despite being really sick.

On my way there, i took a nasty tumble.

While Huda fell backwards, I on the otherhand, fell forwards and scraped a good portion of skin on my left knuckle.

Thankfully i was in jeans and my knees escaped the wrath.

So how was the weekend?


Not so blissfull when you hear this mom to a 2 year old keep calling me "aunty".

Yes, it wasn't JUST the bf but his friend and wife and kid in tow.

Do i really have to be called "aunty"?

This is what you get when you have a bf much, much older than you and 75% of his friends are married with kids.

And this little tot, whose name is a mouthful: Hur Kirana something

And all this little princess keeps being called is Ira.


My maternal instincts have heightened considerably let me confess.

She is such a doll!

Fair skin and wavy brown hair.

She is such a princess.

The four of us (plus little Ira) went to KLCC's A&W for lunch on Sunday and then to Berjaya Times Square for a little stroll afterwards.

Apparently the Love really enjoyed pushing the pram.

I was tickled. Really.

8pm, we made our way to Petaling Street (of course!) And two hours later, me and him emerged empty handed while they only came back with t-shirts.

10pm and after 10 solid hours of jalan-jalan with hardly any break in between, we sat down for dinner.

We were ALL famished, not to mention Ira as well.

She was going through her McNuggets at warp speed and proceeded to scarf down her mee goreng afterward.


We made it back to JB by car courtesy of Yan and family. Thank you!

The ride was truly enjoyable.

With driving breaks and switching drivers, the music was not bad either.

-Thank God for

No we didn't stop there.

A maghrib pit-stop at the bf's JB crib and then off we went again for Yan's much needed car wash and dinner.

Somehow i still love the ayam penyet at Changi.

The one i had in JB was good. Especially the chicken.

But the rice was not in equal proportion with the chicken.

The sambal had too much belachan unfortunately and not enough chilli.

I'll have to try the one at Geylang again to make a verdict.

Anyway, i made my way safely home yesterday and i will be here till this sunday.

Plans for dinner this thursday will be confirmed soon and i can't wait to meet the babes!

Its been awhile since we got together.

So did i walk away with anything from KL?

A pair of jeans from Chow Kit and a new wallet from Petaling St.

Thank you Sayang!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All is Well

Im baaacccckkk.


I am sitting pretty in my room and typing this entry.

Its good to have the wireless back.

At least there's some other form of entertainment besides the countless number of dvd/vcds that i've watched.

At this point in time, i've already lost count of how many times i've already watched Night At The Museum.

Its so Hilarious.

And yes. That was with Hilarious with a capital H.

"O-oh! You better run-run. Cos there's the Hun-huns"

Ben Stiller never fails to deliver.

His comic timing is just splendid.

By the way, all is well in loveland.

Thank God for the reservist training scheduled the rest of this week.

Although, i am kind worried how he'll do in the IPPT.

He has got pretty round in the mid-section.

But i still love my bear-bear whatever shape he is.


Anyway. I still have a mid-term scheduled for tomorrow.

And i do have an introduction to an argumentative essay that needs major reconstruction.

It felt like crap after reading it for the 4562123rd time.

See. I may be an English major but sometimes i do have problems.

Especially since this tutor of mine is a perfectionist.

Which isn't so bad sometimes. We all need that extra push once in awhile.

I am exhausted today.

Tuesdays always wring the life out of me.

Its no joke being in classes from 8.30am till 4pm.

And i still have no idea how Dr. Noorharun keeps the minutes going by so achingly slowly.

Its like everytime i glance at the watch, the time has barely passed.

But thank God he's such a witty and interesting lecturer.

Thank you for the grades!

I am so motivated to do better for the next assignment!

Okay, enough of this verbal vomit.

I am pooped.


Monday, January 15, 2007

The worst weekend EVER.

I have been stretched apart.

Torn apart.

And knifed.

Aaaarrggghhhh. These stupid little squabbles drain the life out of me.

I am tired and restless and i need to rest my mind and not let it get to me.

Oh and that stupid pothole.

Because of that stupid pothole i was made to feel guilty.

You have no idea how bad i felt.

But i know that the stupid customs and immigrations people are the ones to be blamed.

The hole is so big.

I have no idea why they don't have the sense of covering it with sand at least.

Stupid 'gundus'

Because of that stupid hole i was made to look responsible.

Its just my own feelings.

He's okay with me today

Back to normal.

When he gets here this weekend then i'll know for sure.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Skived & Skiving

I skived today.

Class that is.

To study for a mid-term tonight.

So you might wonder, why i'm here right?

I am positively skiving.

Even from studying.


I have zero amounts of attention span right now.

Can't study or sleep.

I have a class at 5pm.

The test at 8.15pm

I am so dead.





Monday, January 08, 2007

Outplayed & Outwitted.

The bus drivers that have been entrusted to send us back to our hostels have been getting craftier and craftier and are becoming the bane of my existence.

In short:


I never seem to run out of memorable Monday mornings and bus rides.

Sad to say that all that will end in 5 months.


This morning, we were surprised that the bus driver even knew how to get to our campus without being directed.

In that instance i knew something fishy was going to happen.

Since the bus' full capacity included outsiders, meaning people who aren't students of our university, we were trapped.

The bus driver cunningly made a turn at the roundabout and deposited us at near the main entrance to the uni.

I have to remind you that the campus is circular in nature. So surrounding it are the hostels.

Normally we get the bus drivers to send us to the entrance of each hostel.

Today i had to get off near the entrance and my hostel is located on the top of a hill and is located an estimated 2km from where we were deposited.

And best of all, in my haste to leave the bus, i left the cake that i had lovingly baked earlier that Sunday morning to bring back for my friends on campus.

I felt really shitty.

Thankfully Nurul Khasanah bt Agost kindly let me stay at her room that morning for a couple of hours.

I didn't know what happened to the rest. But im sure they all made their way back one way or another.

I am determined to stay positive throughout the rest of this post.

I shall prevail.

I even woke up to go to my 9am class.

However, i wasn't able to take a shower cos i didnt have any change of clothes.

So i brushed my teeth.

Put on some deodorant and spritzed away.

I could actually pay attention in class.

Its all about the 90-10 reaction.

I think that was the best forwarded email i had ever gotten.

Meanwhile the weekend was a blast.

Spent a few hours with the love on saturday after the seminar and the rest of the evening with huda and her hubby.

She really meant it when she said that she'd let me see it all.

I actually accompanied her to get her electrical appliances for her new house at harvey norman.

I asked her why i was even there when she had her husband to accompany her.

Her reply: You're going to get to see it all.


This is very amusing.

However, there won't be babies this month.

How about next month!?

Actually i can't wait to play Godmother.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Need...Zzzzzzzzz

I'm back in KL doing my favourite disappearing act.

Thank you.

but no applause please.

I am truly sleepy.

woke up for my 9am class at 8am after getting back at 5.45am.

and you won't believe it.

the lecturer didn't turn up!

and then, when i came for my academic writing class, there was something wrong with the LCD projector so guess what...

the class got cancelled due to technical difficulties.

i was pissed but at the same time really sleepy.

so i opted for sleep and so i headed back to my room for some shut eye.

honestly speaking though, that wasn't enough.

i still have readings to plough through tonight for tomorrow's quiz.


By the way darlings i will be back this weekend.

I am not missing the "teaching as a career:seminar" this time.

and i've already registered too.

so nothing's gonna stop me this time.

i have like a gajillion questions on my mind already.

Lets hope i have an uneventful friday.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Here Comes 2007...

I am glad.

I am relieved.

Relieved that 2006 came and went with a lot of sweet memories.

I started off 2006 with a BANG!


I ushered in the new year with shasha and darwis and a whole slew of other guys from school.

That was fab.

I still cant get the fireworks out of my mind.

And then there were plenty of highlights of 2006

1) My BACKSTREET BOYS concert! Of course! 24th January 2006. I will carry it in my heart forever!

2) My school year just got better and better. Better lecturers = better grades! :D

3) By April, i celebrated my 22nd b'day and on the 16th of April 2006 i met my beau. That was a lovely day.

4) Studied really hard to prove to my parents and myself that i could juggle a r'ship and studies. ChECK!

5)My first ramadhan and eid'ul fitr with the love. Met his parents and he met my parents. It went better than expected.

6)Not so much a highlight but i lost my great-grandfather this ramadhan too.

7) I became a senior! Oh my god. this i think was the least anticipated highlight. People are calling me Kak Mary for god's sake!

8) One of my best friends got MARRIED! I was glad to share that special day with her. Thanks again Huda. :D I am sooooo happy for you.

So. I really enjoyed 2006. I am going to make 2007 a better one.

Especially since i'm going to graduate this year.

I began it with my bf in the wee hours of 2007.

Thanks Sayang. Love you lots.

Insya-Allah end of this year k?