Monday, July 28, 2008

Kg. Glam & The Babes (plus Awis!)

After marking 40 over GP scripts, i decided to take a break and regain my sanity by going out earlier yesterday evening.

-marking my class scripts definitely put me into a fit of giggles and hysteria most of the time haha-

Yes, there were stories about Spiderman and one verrryyy hungry student.

*Mental note: Must remind my kids to take their b'fast before going for test/exam*

That aside, I made my way to Arab St. (twice this month!) to meet the girls and Awis.

Our special surprise celebration to commemorate Seri's 25th Belated B'day went off without a hitch.

She was all smiles and I'm glad we could make her happy with our small token :D

Of course, when we get together its impossible NOT to take pics, and

this time we went to the LoveGetty/Neoprint store in Bugis Junction to snap away!

-pic courtesy of Sue Lee-

Haha, that was a RIOT!

Actually, the one that made us laugh the most was Kak Dewi with her most unforgettable experience in her 7 month teaching career.

Thank YOU Kak Dewi for entertaining us!!! *hahahahahahahahahahaha*

To those that were there there, paham² ajelah eh hehehe. *Story cannot be reprinted!*

Neway THANKS girls for relieving my harassed brain. Ahakz.

Love ya lots!


Thursday, July 24, 2008


Class SR11 2008 (Miss Peck)

You guys really all made it worthwhile.

And of course thanks goes out to Miss Peck our trainer!

I don't think i've ever been inspired to TEARS!!!!

Thank You so much!!!

All the best in your teaching careers!

Keep in touch and see you in NIE! :)


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How's It Been?

Three days into the teaching service and how has it been?

Minus monday and tuesday, it has been pretty slow.

I have already been assigned TWO GP classes of first year students to teach.

And alhamdullillah, the students have been kind to me.

No signs of being bullied YET!


Neway, my kids are nice kids.

Struggling (just like i was once before in that VERY same school) and desperately trying to get their head above the water.

Judging from the scripts that i'm currently marking (yes i have TWO piles of GP marking to do ALREADY), some have problems in getting their point across.

But that's where i come in anyway right?

Today marked my first day of Teaching Prepatory Program (TPP) at Teacher's Network.

And i have been truly blessed to get such a dynamic fascilitator.

Thanks Miss P!

*so much for my colleague putting a damper on things the day before :p*

Tomorrow is another exciting day of training!

Can't wait to go to class tomorrow!!!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hello World!

Yes. I am finally back after an almost one week holiday!

Where did i go off gallivanting to?

Genting and KL.

-where else lah rite?-

but believe it or not, it was my FIRST time to Genting.

And quite unplanned this trip was.

It was upon special request.

Of my special someone to join his friends for a short getaway.

So it was kinda like our first official trip together.


It was sweet.

The trip was truly memorable.

Cos there were kids on our trip!

A five yr old, four yr old, 3 year old and 5 month old baby!

Thank you Afifah, Naufal, AnnaDi (ini nama gelaran pasal nama betul i langsung tak tau!) and Andi!

So you can kind of imagine the chaos and the NOISE! these kids make.

Its been a while since i was surrounded by kids of a young age, especially since many of my cousins are now in their teens.

I forgot how noisy we were to our parents.

But thankfully, these kids tired themselves out and fell alseep by themselves! Hahaha...

So while the kids were sleeping, the adults "ton"

Stay up lah wat else.

We stayed at the Crown Regency Serviced Suites at Jln. P. Ramlee which was a stone's throw away frm KLCC.

Surrounding the apartment were clubs and we just happened to be in KL over the weekend. And it was SUPERRRR noisy!

So we just spent time watching the bapoks and the nyahs downstairs selling their services and most of the time i spent time listening to Him and his friends regaling their childhood memories.

*i am ALWAYSSS the youngest in these groups i have no idea why! plus we were the ONLY umarried/youngest couple*

But it was nice to be with him for 4 whole days!


Cos i only meet him about once a month.

So this month was a treat! :D

I also got to meet and old friend from UIA.

Miss Nore!

Someone i havent seen in almost a year.

But i always call her and share with her updates on myself and whats happening with her.

Thanks Darling for the lovely bag! And thanks for meeting me at KLCC over the weekend!

And when i got back on Sunday night, my mom told me that i received a letter from M*OE.

The moment i reached home at one in the morning my mother INSISTED that i open the letter.

Lo and behold, it was my POSTING!

So next week i will officially be teaching in YISHUN JUNIOR COLLEGE!


I can't believe i will be a college lecturer.

*still pinching myself*

So that my friends is Destination 21st July!


So i will be teaching GP (gasp!) and English Lit!

Not to mention, some of my GP lecturers and Lit lecturers are STILL there!

And i am hoping that i get to join Mdm. Shelia (my CCA teacher i/c) as a co-teacher i/c of floorball!

Especially since i still play and occasionally train in YJC with my old coach!

So tomorrow i have to arrange and schedule a meeting with my P!

*still pinching self*

Alhamdullillah, i have reached my goal!

And even though i made a detour to UIA (which was a good thing in fact!) it definitely didn't stop me from pursuing what i've always wat i wanted to...


Side-track: I have been sooooo hormonal over the weekend especially since i was sick.

And having the bf pretty much ignoring me for almost the whole day really wrecked me inside.

Thankfully, i am no longer the clingy gf i used to be.

And i still miss u.

Super duper lots.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

ASSIIUM Family Day

It was a scorching hot day.

The perfect setting for a beach-side event.

The company was cool.

Food and drink were plenty.

And i must say that the EXCO and games masters/mistresses did a FINE job!

Too bad so many pple (esp the seniors) could not swing by.

They would definitely admire our closeness.

I truly do believe they envy us.

Yes...cos the juniors aren't close anymore.

There, I've said it.

Its out in the open already.

They have undone all our hardwork and its sad to see that they don't have strong leadership.

I hope that the new EXCO will help to strengthen ties and bring ASSIIUM back to its former glory.


I also want to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for a great time!

I really enjoyed myself.

Despite the turnout.

I reallly enjoyed the games.

Especially the bouldering!

Next event: Another rock climb?

*since i missed the previous one during my time as EXCO*

Zahir, Zaidah, Awis, Fadiah

listening to instructions from the games master; Awis
taking the time to pose while blindfolded!

-my team mates-

Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the PICS!