Saturday, February 11, 2012

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows!

Yes. I spazz.
Only cos they're FINALLY here!

I actually ordered them from MakeupGeek last DECEMBER and they finally came YESTERDAY (10th February).

I took the first class US international postal service and it said that I should give them about 4-6 weeks. So 4-6 weeks came and went and I had not seen them at all.
So of course I emailed them and enquired about where my eyeshadows were and they asked me to give them another week.

So i waited, only cos i THOUGHT hey i ordered it before Xmas and it was during CNY that I was expecting them to come in.
Still no sign lor!

Then the nice people at MakeupGeek told me that it probably got lost.
So! They shipped me a new one at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
Thanks guys! I love u!

They mailed it out on the 30th of Jan and i received it yesterday!

I did some unboxing yesterday with LOTS of photos!

i got EIGHT quality eyeshadows (some even better than MAC or UD) for USD 45.

Now some of you may be gasping at the price and thinking: "This girl is MAD!"

BUT think about it...

That's only SGD7.10 PER SHADOW!

And a MAC one easily costs more than that.

Now I LOVE these shadows.

They are creamy, super pigmented and buttery.

They are very blend-able and give really good colour pay-off.

I did a look with the shadows yesterday and i loved it.

I dare say the colours are a little better than my UD Naked Palette! *gasp*

L to R

Shimma Shimma (shimmer), Purely naked (matte), Glamorous (shimmer), Unexpected (matte), Cocoa Bear (matte), Mocha (matte), Purple Rain (matte) and Corrupt (matte)

*look at the black!*

But anyone who knows me should know that I loooooovvveee my neutrals and my browns and golds. =D

And OMG the black a.k.a CORRUPT is so DARK!

Even after rubbing it off my hand there was still residue on the back of my hand!

The colours had really awesome names like Corrupt, Cocoa Bear, Shimma shimma, Purely naked, Glamorous, Mocha, Unexpected and Purple Rain.

They fit into a ZPalette perfectly. I got my zebra print one from Shopping District. My new fave online makeup store!

The packaging that it came in was really nice.

It was in these individual sleeves like the ones MAC pro shadows come in.

The only thing that I wished for was that it came in its OWN palette instead of me having to get one on my own.

But that's not a big problem.

What else?

Oh and they're just a LITTLE bigger than your normal MAC individual shadows! So you're really getting your $$'s worth.

When i got this all the other colours were not out yet.
Marlena aka MakeupGeek had not finished with the other colours yet.
But now she has MORE!

So for those of you ITCHING to go and get these shadows and other interesting colours she has listed on her website...



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tag! You're It!

Now I know that I have not been tagged but I have always wanted to do this beauty blogging.

I know I am uber-obsessed with makeup and beauty products since i was 18.

So i just wanted to share and find out about YOUR items in your beauty bag/toiletry bag that some of you may carry in your handbag everyday.

So let me start the ball rolling =)

So the bag that i carry is a knockoff Agnes B little pouch given to me by Azimah of my Green Chicks brigade.

Its small but it carries so much. Too much sometimes. ;p

Neway lets take a look inside :
I have a MAC studiofix powder in NC40 for touchups.
Then of course i have a blush as well, frm MAC too in the shade DAME. This is in a satin finish.
I have (and let me tell you i dont knw WHY) SEVEN lip products in my bag.
I have Lancome's L'Absolu Rouge lipstick in shade 278 (today's choice)
Then i have my bright red lipstick frm sleek makeup in stiletto, a great matte colour. I also hv Stage makeup's lipstick in Heidi, Maybelline's pure Watershine lipstick in shade B23.

The other 3 products are a lip balm frm Kiehls, Sleek's pout polish in powder pink and a Revlon Superlustrous lip gloss in nude lustre number 040.

I have a liquid liner frm Sephora. Felt tipped. An avon BLACK liner and a retractable blush brush frm sephora too.

Essentials! Blotting paper frm Gatsby and also pantiliners for obvious reasons! Hehe.

Well if u have any qns rgdg the products i mentioned, do let me know!

Get crackin' pple! Tell me what YOU have in your makeup bag :)


Monday, December 19, 2011

Holy Cowabunga!

How long has it been since i last blogged. I think i left the blog in a fit of anger, angst and sadness.
I "think" its been more than a year. I've moved on.

We've gotten back. Hopefully it works out this time round insyaAllah.

I see the small changes in him and im thankful.

I love you. More than you know it.


Monday, September 06, 2010

Narcissistic Me.

I had an awesome time at my photoshoot.

To the point that i was gushing about myself.

And i totally <3 myself to the maxxx =D

Eid 2010

I've become more cynical thanks to You.

I am more pessimistic and less upbeat about my own future.

I keep questioning my decisions.

And I hate how I've made so many sacrifices for You.

Simply Thankless.

That's all I can say.

Now before the rest of you berate me for being a bitch.


Plus, I'm only saying it as it is.

Lying and cheating while you are still with someone is ...

well to put it mildly, DISGUSTING.

Good luck to you.

Yes i am still 'sakit hati' because YOU


you hurt me.

More than any other person has.

Thanks for nothing yah.


Thursday, September 02, 2010


Still am but it is slowly coming to a simmer.

Learning to come to terms with this blow.

Liars and cheats are people that I despise most in this world.

I pray that Allah will deal with those in question justly.

And may I be granted more patience and tolerance.

So that I may weather such storms with grace.


Thank you Allah for great friends.

For without them, I would never have been able to weather through this storm.

*Praying for a miracle that will lift my spirits this Eid*

I am NOT looking forward to Eid.

Or balik kampung.

I havent bought my sampul, havent changed my notes, havent picked up my baju raya.

Havent this, havent that.

So many have nots.

So not interested in gg jalan raya at all.

With TF or with my green chicks.

or even with my family.

Raya 2010. You officially suck.

Ramadhan 2010, the most testing ive had so far.