Friday, September 30, 2005


Rasa cam this week asyik kena bubble je.

First, biler budak2 Indonesia ngan Brunei. Kata nak main futsal. Last minute batalkan. Takut ke per?

Pas tu hari ni plak.

Grp member kata nak email some documents for Leadership & Management. Tunggu peh tunggu tak sampai2 lagik.

Abeh lagi satu plak...

Dek tu kata nak hantar all the addresses. Takder pun!!!

Eeeeeee sakit hati tau!

I can't do my work if things keep stalling. I'm already under pressure from higher powers...arrrgghhhhhh!

Deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines. I am really going beserk.

I think its about time i announced my month long hiatus frm blogging. Not forever. I dun think i can stay away from my blog more than that.

Exams are on from October 20th till the end of the month. Bummer.

So this will be the last week im gonna be here in singapore. Gonna be in KL for the rest of the month and most of Ramadhan.

Anyways, Ramadhan Mubarak to all. May you have a fruitful fasting month this yr. Amin.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Lectures, classes & more assignments...

Its the final lap to this semester. I have roughly about 3 weeks (or probably even less) before my exams hit me like a type 4 hurricane.

Slides for next presentation are all ready. I managed to finish it all up by last night. In an hour. Immediately after i came back from my evening tuition class. I also have no idea how i managed to pull it off so fast. I guess i work under pressure better than i expected.

2 more pending assignments and 2 more presentations PLUS 2 tests, The dreaded number two again.

Tonight is the dreaded futsal match between the Singaporean Students Assocn. against the Brunei, Thailand and Indonesian student societies. I am a wreck. The Indonesian gerls are combining with some other International students and that's what's worrying me to the max. There is no second keeper. That means that I'm the only keeper throughout the 2 matches. I am so not looking forward to it.

Other things aside, me and xxxxxx are getting on pretty well. I was surprised when he wanted to go out with my friends during our annual jalan raya. Still baffled. Or am i the one getting ahead of myself. I really don't want to get myself worked up for something that might not happen. Really. I've had to much to deal with this semester lah. Cannot tahan oredi. I will turn into a basket case after this semester i tell you.

There is this tiny glimer hope still burning for xxxxxx. Would love it to see it go somewhere. But i doubt he'd end up anywhere near the pool though.

Oh, and did i mention i managed to register for my classes next semester VERY successfully? Alhamdullillah! I was really worked up on the fact that i might not have gotten the classes i wanted on Plan A. But everything worked out! Pretty pleased with myself! So gerls, you guys have me on fridays again! Hehehehe....i still managed to evade friday classes and start in the afternoon for my monday and wednesday classes. So happy about that!

Looking back at this semester, i'd say it would have to be one of the most challenging semesters i've had academically, socially, as well as mentally. I think i've written in my diary more than i have in the last few semesters combined. I might also be tempted to go see my guidance counsellor if i can't take the pressures. But the healthy relationship i have with Allah has definitely helped me a lot.

Which brings me to the coming month of Ramadhan! I can't wait! Although most of it will be spent sitting for the exams. But i know that i will manage. InsyaAllah. Really looking forward to performing the terawih with my sch peeps! And it sure is gonna be sad since Kak CT isn't at IIU anymore. *really miss you!*

And lets hope xxxxxx asks me out to iftar with him! Khrkhrkhrkhr


Saturday, September 24, 2005

He truly lights up my Life

in true Duchess style:






i guess he's the only one who really knows how to make my day :D

feeling truly blessed somehow


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Starting to Worry?

This is a quote i got from someone's blogpost. A lady nonetheless. On some things she wants to pass to her daughter.

"Study hard and do well in your education...but no need to go until PHD. Wait too educated not easy to find man. If you end up a spinster I lagi susah."

Starting to wonder if it rings true.

Always wanted to become a doctor (the medical kind). Now since that it kinda impossible at this point in my life, i actually thought of getting a doctorate in philosophy(in linguistics)...

*ponders hard*


Friday, September 16, 2005

The stars were all aligned in a pretty row...

Yesterday saw me going out wif taufiq (at last!) after about 3 cancellations and rain checks...but it was well worth it! *pastes a silly grin on my face*

We had made plans the night before and as i waited, and waited and waited and waited most of my afternoon for mr chua's call to confirm our no avail. I was almost willing the phone to ring hehehe...

Finally mr no-show did call only at 5.20pm. After making panicked plans i decided to meet him at plaza singapura so that we could catch Brothers Grimm the 6.50pm show. By the time i boarded the train it was already 6.30pm and there was no way that we were going to make it.

So we just decided on eating at Liang Seah St. yummy...

Parking was somehow easy to hassle...which was gd! Considering cirque du soleil were performing nearby. After dinner, we hurriedly made the decision to go catch Cinderella Man at Great World Plaza at 9.15pm.

The moment we got into the cinema to get tickets, this malay lady frm hsbc approached us and gave us FREE tix to watch the movie heheheh...apparently hsbc was having some movie screening for members and some people were unable to make it. So we basically saved $19! Hehehe....dpt makan free lagi you!

I was so happy and so was mr chua...*smiles*. He said it must have been me bringing all the gd fortune khrkrhkrhkrh...

Even the movie wasn't a disappointment! (although i don't really fancy russell crowe cos somehow his acting stinks in most of his movies lah, then again i'm partial to other actors). Its probably one of the best roles his taken on. I still think he stank up Gladiator.

He was extremely brilliant in portraying the character of James J. Braddock, complete wif the 'Nuuu York' accent. Plotwise, its nothing you've never seen before. Basically its all about overcoming the odds especially in the wake of the Depression (movie was set in 1930s).

Like the title says, its a cinderella story. Making a comeback and all that. But i'll leave you all to watch the movie yourselves k? Won't want to spoil it for you. And i really urge you to watch it!

Ratings: 4/5

And you'll never go wrong with Renee Zelwegger as a member of the cast. Watch out for next year's Oscars. They'll be a contender for sure!


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where has everyone else gone?

Back to KL i suppose. Leaving me here all alone to fend for myself (takderrrlah sangat!)

I simply can't stand it anymore. Everybody else's problems end up becoming my problem.Why?

'Cos some people (aka "A") like to piss the hell out of another person (aka "B") and then "B" takes it out on me.I'm pretty pissed about that.

And then its when someone else's responsibility becomes mine because they simply don't feel like doing it.

" What? The whole world revolves around you issit!?"

And then the best part is, when that person doesn't do it then i automatically become the person to do it. It really annoys me. I hardly get thanks for anything. Irks the hell out of me.

And of course there's exhibit "C" who (also like "A") likes to make me lose my temper.

And if next week, anyone wants to take a shot at me better be wary cos I'll just take the crap outta you!

And really,i can't see why/how anyone is going to get into the pool. Trust me on that.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A total of 7 hours...

That's the number of hours i spent in KL on monday.


You read it correctly.Its not a hoax. Believe me.

I went back to KL as per normal on sunday night. Just like every other sunday night of this semester. Knew before hand that there wasn't any water being supplied to my campus. It's happened before so I didn't think anything of it. -Nothing serious- or so i thought...

I reached campus at around 4.30am in the morning. Standard arrival time. And i had to pee. Damn. And there was no water! Couldn't hold it.

People who noe me well should know that i really have a weak bladder. I can still remember the nickname given to me 'toilet queen' if im not mistaken.

So i just went to the loo. At least it didn't smell as bad as i imagined it to be. Used a little bit of someone else's water (pls forgive me!) and that was the end of that. went to bed after that at around 5am

I don't have a morning class and only start my monday classes at 3.30pm so i sleep through most of the morning till 9am at least. Only yesterday was a bit different.

I was awakened by an announcement made on the PA system. i distinctively heard the lady saying that wasn't going to be any class frm 1pm onwards till wednesday. Ahakz...I was immediately plastered with a smile on my sleepy face and guess wat!?

I don't have to sit for my phonetics test this week!!! Yipeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

I get to at least buy some more time yahoooooooooooo.....i think this has been one of the best 2 weeks ever this whole semester.

So i decided to go back (yeah wat else do i do right?) to singapore. wahakz. aint that a surprise? so i took the 2.30pm bus back home i practically just slept when i was in KL. that's all. wat a laugh. its been a really hilarious week so far. lets hope they extend the closure for the rest of the week. (crosses fingers)

Now i shall go email a lecturer about postponing my e. lit one test to next week. And now i actually get to buy a whole week's worth of presentation time! Yahooooooo....

Hope Prof. Syed Nasir will be nice. I'm sure he is.


Thursday, September 08, 2005


Could i please have this? Pwetty pweeeeezzzzeeeeee????

Image hosted by

It just looks so gorgeous! Haiz...this would beat Nasir's metallic green mini i-pod ANY day!

Counting the seconds...


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lazy Weekend

I have been officially bumming since yday. Managed to do a little light reading after a really uncomfortable journey back from KL late thursday night.

Lazing, reading...a nice change. I even went back home immediately after the math class i was tutoring. Changed into a comfy pair of pants and my ever-nostalgic JC orientation shirt (of which i have 5!) and went straight to bed.

I was so pooped.

Woke up feeling really happy and was laughing my head off when my sis answered (or tried to answer) her hp.

After abt 3-5 rings, my sister proceeded to say "HELLO", when she hadn't in fact even picked up her phone yet. Hahahahahhaha. She was so cold out from her nap she didn't even realise it. It was so blaardy farny...and im still in stitches after her silly little antic.

On another note, i can't believe some people are so selfish and so ungrateful after what i thought i did seemed like a favour to them. But noooooooo, they think that im trying to wreck them. Oh please that is so juvenile. Been there done that (and i am so not proud of what i did). If i were being really mean i wouldn't even have told them in the first place.

And btw if you-know-who-you-are-and-you're-reading-this:

I am doing this to satisfy my own curiousity and im only in search of the truth. In no way have i been asked to approach you by any group of individuals. I only seek the truth and like you im just sick of hearing what i've heard. And there you go blowing your top off cos u think im saying salacious things abt you. Well even if i did, I DID IT IN YOUR FACE!

And i don't understand why some people have got to be so high & mighty thinking that people should worship the ground they walk on. Have you people heard of respect begetting respect??? (nothing to do with the above comments)

And btw, this is my blog so i am entitled this little space on the web to just rant whatever bits in my mind that seem to be bothering me. Its called freedom of speech.So live with it. Not happy. You shldn't even have bothered coming here. So go scram.