Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lazy Weekend

I have been officially bumming since yday. Managed to do a little light reading after a really uncomfortable journey back from KL late thursday night.

Lazing, reading...a nice change. I even went back home immediately after the math class i was tutoring. Changed into a comfy pair of pants and my ever-nostalgic JC orientation shirt (of which i have 5!) and went straight to bed.

I was so pooped.

Woke up feeling really happy and was laughing my head off when my sis answered (or tried to answer) her hp.

After abt 3-5 rings, my sister proceeded to say "HELLO", when she hadn't in fact even picked up her phone yet. Hahahahahhaha. She was so cold out from her nap she didn't even realise it. It was so blaardy farny...and im still in stitches after her silly little antic.

On another note, i can't believe some people are so selfish and so ungrateful after what i thought i did seemed like a favour to them. But noooooooo, they think that im trying to wreck them. Oh please that is so juvenile. Been there done that (and i am so not proud of what i did). If i were being really mean i wouldn't even have told them in the first place.

And btw if you-know-who-you-are-and-you're-reading-this:

I am doing this to satisfy my own curiousity and im only in search of the truth. In no way have i been asked to approach you by any group of individuals. I only seek the truth and like you im just sick of hearing what i've heard. And there you go blowing your top off cos u think im saying salacious things abt you. Well even if i did, I DID IT IN YOUR FACE!

And i don't understand why some people have got to be so high & mighty thinking that people should worship the ground they walk on. Have you people heard of respect begetting respect??? (nothing to do with the above comments)

And btw, this is my blog so i am entitled this little space on the web to just rant whatever bits in my mind that seem to be bothering me. Its called freedom of speech.So live with it. Not happy. You shldn't even have bothered coming here. So go scram.