Thursday, March 30, 2006

Homesick, frustrated and very stressed.

I feel that im on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I cried last night.

Have no idea why.

This gap between the first paper and the last has taken too long. I am so stressed just by looking at pple taking their examinations way ahead of me. Everyone's going to finish ahead of me at this rate. But at least im thankful for the gap so that i can study.

Anyways. Tomorrow will be my 2nd paper. aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh!

Hurry up already. Im tired of this waiting.


On the 27th of march, i bunked in at suli's (the bdae gerl) place. We all dressed up and put on makeup and just shimmied the night away. Cake and chocs and jelly's. The perfect bday party. I havent seen one of those in a long while.

So what happens when u take 13 girls and put them in a room with pon de replay + pump it + belllydancer blaring out of the stereo? I'll leave that to your imaginations *copyright from suli*

I am really really really missing home so badly! I want to cry, scream, punch someone and hurl something at someone right this instant. I don't know why!

Oh God pls give me strength to get me through these trying times. Ameen.

Now im off to hit the books again.

-He had better kept his promise-


Monday, March 20, 2006

Looonnng Road Ahead a quick recap of what happened last week.

Monday: We were still devastated by the loss. Got to eat rendang courtesy of Sabar Menanti & Pariamman. Psycholinguistics presentation and handed up final term paper for Novel and Short Story.

Tuesday: Kho's parents came down bringing home cooked Singapore food again! Yeay! Thanks to Kho and family very much!Meeting with ASSIIUM exco for farewell.

Wednesday: Nothing interesting.

Thursday: Final program under ASSIIUM this semester.

Friday: Family came down to IIU bearing FOOD!

So do you see the trend there? Every family that came this semester comes bearing food. Thanks to Nasir's family that started off the trend. But anyhow, its really good to have family members come down to visit. Not just for me but for everyone else too!

I didnt realise how much i missed my family esp. mom and dad and little bro. He's gttg smarter every second and his witty remarks never fail to make everyone smile. :D

I asked my mom to cook rawan and sambal goreng for all of us. then my grandma chipped in and made marble cake and sambal belachan and wat not. So we all ended up having a picnic at the HS canteen.

Wanted to go shopping with the family but my parents were tired so we only managed to get as far as OTK supermarket. Got my toiletries and essentials for exam. Most importantly MILO.

That night, went out again, this time with the fellow compatriots + E-chang from Indonesia. Had dinner at Kubur (pardon the name, its just that we've all been calling it Restaurant Kubur cos its located next to a cemetery). After the initial scramble to rent cars, we all managed although we were all delayed by an hour. But still we managed to get going.

Suli was hankering for Som-Tam. I didn't know what to have. Eventually settled for chicken tom yam soup and shared it with the rest of the girls. The kangkong belachan was more of batang (or stalks) of kangkong (green leafy veggie) rather than the actual leaves. Som-Tam aka thai salad made of papaya and various other veggies, was a no-go. Papaya was too soft. Next time lah k Suli?

I was actually very apprehensive about getting into a car, becos of the accident the previous week. But then i decided NOT to let it get to me. But really, it was a scary ride. Cos many cars weren't signalling. And it was night-time. So i was practically clutching on to the seat till my knuckles were white.

Alhamdullillah, we all got back in one piece. Did i mention i had a paper on Saturday? Yes. It was my first Final of the semester. Not a big deal. Just a co-curricular subj but nevertheless credited and does have an impact on the cgpa so like it or not, i still had to sit for it.

Tricky questions. Especially the ones about divorce and the iddah period thingy. Always trust your first instinct. Haiz. Well i blew that question but nevermind. At least i learnt something.

Now. The best part of Saturday was that I bought myself a pair of new BOOTS!!! I could not resist myself from splurging. I desperately needed a new pair after the old one had a hole in it and not to mention there was a nail that punctured my heel. So yes. I justify my buy with that lame and pathetic claim.

I just have to gush. They were the prettiest pair of boots i have ever seen the moment i laid eyes on it. And they were in my size! Do you know how hard it is to get a pair of boots with my kinda feet! Thank you Vincci for having that sale at the most appropriate period! Wheeeeee! Will show you once i have the time to upload the pics. Not to mention a great big thank you to Aisyah Spec for the lovely pre-bday celebration. The pizza and sphagetti carbonara was sooooooo goood!

Now i don't have to worry about wat to wear on my feet for Eid this coming year. Hehehhe...this is what i call thinking in advance.

And i would just like to congratulate Sis. Sarhani and Br. Uthman on their impending solemnization this weekend. I'm sorry that i won't be able to make my way back to singapore that weekend. That's when i have my first paper. But not to worry, I will be there on the 2nd of April. I am so excited for the both of you! By the way Kak Sarhani is Singaporean and Uthman is from Sudan.

Its not the first cross-cultural marriage the singaporeans have had. we've had 2 singaporean sisters marrying (1) an algerian & (2) a bosnian. very international rite? Not to mention countless other people marrying the locals here.

Abdullah is a product of a malay and algerian marriage and he is super handsome. Pity i don't have a picture. And the sister that married the bosnian. The baby is drop-dead gorgeous!

Can't wait for *yours*!

Well the other thing that can't wait are the exams. Just to inform you, i will take a hiatus from the blog to concentrate on the FINALS. Just to inform my babes in singapore, this is my schedule:

25th March (Sat); 9am: Literary Genres: Novel & Short Story

31st March (Fri); 9am: Revelation as a Source of Knowledge

1st April (Sat); 9am: Western News Networks

3rd April(Mon); 3pm: Semantics

5th April (Wed); 9am: Psycholinguistics

8th April (Sat); 3pm: Islamic Literature

I'm sorry I won't be able to celebrate your birthday with you again this year Azimah. My humble apologies. Wait for your bdae prezzie k? And Zak, your pressie frm Last year is STILL with me. So sorry! Remind me k!

To all those that are having their birthdays during the examination period, just persevere k? Azimah, Sue Lee and Kho. Bless you guys. You're all the bestest friends i've ever had. All my friends here n across the causeway! I miss you loads babes!

By the way, i won't be coming home immediately when the exams end. I have a 3 day camp i have to attend. Just wait patiently lah k?

Well then, here's wishing me a "Happy 22nd Birthday" in advance to myself as well. As long as I have my loved ones im fine.

See ya soon people! Wish me all the best for the finals. And to all those out there having their finals, study hard so u can play harder during the break!


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Believe ME...

when i say that the mood is sombre, i really mean it. many pple still havent gotten over the shock of his loss. many of us are still coming to terms with the loss. but i always say a prayer for him and hope that Allah will forgive his sins and that he will be placed among the syuhada. amin.

so today, it was classes and classes and more classes. its the last week of classes before we close up for the examination period. i have vowed to go for every single class this week. i really don't want to miss anything out. hoping that lecturer's will be kind enuf to give us some hints.

Today i was feeling ultimately -mentel- or feeling extra girly today. i wore my black jubah with blue detailing and wore it with my long white scarf. the kind that arabs wear. this one was a bit decorative from the customary black that they wear though. anyways, i was felt like prettyfying...(maner lah tau kan? *winkz*)

plenty of guys here. but not THE one. get it?

and the next time i come online to msn. please pple. stop asking me the same darned questions. im sick of it. i can't take it. and dun bother me with unnecessary questions kapische?

im still in campus. i have been in campus since 10am this morning and i havent retired to my room. i had classes all the way till five and a meeting ensued at 5.30pm. and as usual the meeting dragged all the way till close to 8pm. and i am super hungry but im waiting for the babes to finish class before i have my dinner with them.

i cant wait till my parents come to kl this weekend!!! bloody excited. miss my parents and i miss my gparents too. i hope they can come along.

semantics is giving me a pain in the arse. dr subra wants to have an extra class next week. oh well. now i have to scrap my plans of gg back to singapore during the revision week. plus i have to attend my second cousin's wedding in n.sembilan. darn.
ouh and my new glasses and contact lenses are ready! i got them at a steal! the 6 mth contact lenses cost me like RM130 while the glasses cost me only RM40 (cos i bought the frames at a pasar malam in singapore. hehehe) i blardy love the glasses. i cant wait to wear them! haiz. but so lazy to collect lah. hehehe. okay tomorrow MUST go and collect my passport. i will scream at them if they havent got my passport done yet. honest. i will scream. really not in the mood to be all nice.

was online with my sis a while ago. she says that my parents have left for kampung. which means they'll be here soon! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. God i can't wait. Pls drive safely pa.


Monday, March 13, 2006

A Prayer for the Departed

Pls say al-Fatihah for the demise of our Br. Md Zahid bin Yahya.

Semoga roh nyer dicucuri Allah S.W.T dan diletakkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman. InsyaAllah.

His passing has overshadowed everything else that has happened last week. I'm glad that many of us got to see him before he left us.

My friends and i personally attended the funeral rites at his home yesterday in Bangi. I just cant say much. I just feel like a stone's been dropped in the pit of my stomach. My heart feels heavy. All our hearts feel heavy here. His passing is a great loss but we will cherish whatever moments that all of us have had with him.


Sorry lah kepada Aridewa ngan Kak Lis. I think even if you did invite me out i wouldnt have been able to make it. I was up to my neck in sch work and plenty of deadlines that i had to meet. But thank you very much for the thought. I appreciate it.

Sorry for being out of the blogging world for a solid one week. Its just been bz. Exams. Aaaarrghhh dreaded exams.

But on a serious note, this last weekend has a been truly one that has awakened me. Spiritually. This life is very temporary. You never know when you are going to return back to God. Sometimes the things that happen are things that we rarely expect and we really have to prepare ourselves constantly for death. And age has no bearing whatsoever.

The mood here is just sombre. We're all still grieving. Its hard for all of us but insyaAllah, we will go on.

Spare a little time to say a prayer for the departed.


Friday, March 03, 2006

Mary's Back!

Not that i havent been posting,okay, so i haven't been posting much this week lah.

I have been swamped like up to my neck in assignments and tests. I just had 3 tests this week and that MAJOR semantics assignment to hand in all before friday.

And Dr Fazal "kindly" gave us an assignment to do before the test. Aaaarrggghhhh.

And there's like so many things i have going on next week. ELits programme (for which i have to do concept paper by FRIDAY) and then there's ASSIIUM's mtg on Monday, programme the following day.

Help. help. help.

And i still have to wait 2 weeks before CREATIVE can replace my zen neeon. I need to have some music to chill. Apparently my neeon was snuffed out thanks to a hard disk failure.

-Dah lah Hard disk kosong. Heart disk pun kosong-

There was some exciting development this week. Not that extremely exciting.

The only exciting things that i happen to rant about these days is my progress in class. How extremely *exciting*.

Did i mention that im back in xinjiapo? showers for me!!!