Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Believe ME...

when i say that the mood is sombre, i really mean it. many pple still havent gotten over the shock of his loss. many of us are still coming to terms with the loss. but i always say a prayer for him and hope that Allah will forgive his sins and that he will be placed among the syuhada. amin.

so today, it was classes and classes and more classes. its the last week of classes before we close up for the examination period. i have vowed to go for every single class this week. i really don't want to miss anything out. hoping that lecturer's will be kind enuf to give us some hints.

Today i was feeling ultimately -mentel- or feeling extra girly today. i wore my black jubah with blue detailing and wore it with my long white scarf. the kind that arabs wear. this one was a bit decorative from the customary black that they wear though. anyways, i was felt like prettyfying...(maner lah tau kan? *winkz*)

plenty of guys here. but not THE one. get it?

and the next time i come online to msn. please pple. stop asking me the same darned questions. im sick of it. i can't take it. and dun bother me with unnecessary questions kapische?

im still in campus. i have been in campus since 10am this morning and i havent retired to my room. i had classes all the way till five and a meeting ensued at 5.30pm. and as usual the meeting dragged all the way till close to 8pm. and i am super hungry but im waiting for the babes to finish class before i have my dinner with them.

i cant wait till my parents come to kl this weekend!!! bloody excited. miss my parents and i miss my gparents too. i hope they can come along.

semantics is giving me a pain in the arse. dr subra wants to have an extra class next week. oh well. now i have to scrap my plans of gg back to singapore during the revision week. plus i have to attend my second cousin's wedding in n.sembilan. darn.
ouh and my new glasses and contact lenses are ready! i got them at a steal! the 6 mth contact lenses cost me like RM130 while the glasses cost me only RM40 (cos i bought the frames at a pasar malam in singapore. hehehe) i blardy love the glasses. i cant wait to wear them! haiz. but so lazy to collect lah. hehehe. okay tomorrow MUST go and collect my passport. i will scream at them if they havent got my passport done yet. honest. i will scream. really not in the mood to be all nice.

was online with my sis a while ago. she says that my parents have left for kampung. which means they'll be here soon! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. God i can't wait. Pls drive safely pa.