Friday, March 03, 2006

Mary's Back!

Not that i havent been posting,okay, so i haven't been posting much this week lah.

I have been swamped like up to my neck in assignments and tests. I just had 3 tests this week and that MAJOR semantics assignment to hand in all before friday.

And Dr Fazal "kindly" gave us an assignment to do before the test. Aaaarrggghhhh.

And there's like so many things i have going on next week. ELits programme (for which i have to do concept paper by FRIDAY) and then there's ASSIIUM's mtg on Monday, programme the following day.

Help. help. help.

And i still have to wait 2 weeks before CREATIVE can replace my zen neeon. I need to have some music to chill. Apparently my neeon was snuffed out thanks to a hard disk failure.

-Dah lah Hard disk kosong. Heart disk pun kosong-

There was some exciting development this week. Not that extremely exciting.

The only exciting things that i happen to rant about these days is my progress in class. How extremely *exciting*.

Did i mention that im back in xinjiapo? showers for me!!!