Saturday, August 18, 2007

What Have We Here?

My thoughts just meandered their way here...


4 more days...

Its 4 days till i leave for KL.

For a break between the tuition-ing.

Thank God.

Speaking of tuition, i received my payment on thursday and proceeded to put the money into the bank account.

And that particular night, the depositing machine decided to swallow up my money. The machine read: Transaction Error. Your money has been kept in the machine for safety purposes.


Yes. And i had to call the bank to find out where my money went.

The customer service officer told me that this unfortunate incident that i had placed myself in was to be put in investigation.

But all is well now.

I got an sms frm the bank saying that they credited the money back into my account already. Thank God.

So? Shall i splurge on that pretty tan brown leather bag i saw at Ink at J8?

Decisions, decisions hehe.

The past week has actually been rather kind.

With the exception of the unfortunate incident with the depositing machine on thursday that is.

I bumped into Qhuzaimah at CausewayPoint on wednesday and she invited me to join her and seri for dinner at Pizza Hut! It was a special treat from her. :D

Thank You Zaimah!

Then yesterday, i had an impromptu dinner with zak, azimah and hafiz.

We even played some games.

That was the icing on the cake.

From "The first thing that i'm thinking of" to Fuzzy Wuzzy and BangBang.

I had no doubt that we were the loudest lot of people at TehTarik last night.

I can't wait for our 1st September date!

You guys always make me smile.

That's why people say that "Old is Gold"

One of the few people that know how to really make me laugh and unwind.

Thanks guys.

The tears have subsided, finally.

But im sure that it was just PMS and not me.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy 42nd Birthday!

I miss you guys!

U know who you are! :D

I think its all the reminiscing of all the National Day's that i've missed over the past 3 years.

I still remember the Home Away From Home program we had during my time as EXCO.

That gorgeous cake. :D

Suli, stay tough okay? If i can go through a lot of heartache and pain the last sem, im pretty confident that u can make it through with flying colours too.

Take a look at this site. I'm somewhere in the front row.

On another note, I love my AI peeps too!

You guys still rock my socks lah!

Thanks Sree for sending me all the way back to my block, i was absolutely touched!

It still goes to show that there are still nice guys around.

And also to my dear Aisyah Spec, CONGRATS! I'm so happy for u!

Salam manis to all my friends at KL...another 2 weeks to go till i see u all.


Saturday, August 04, 2007


I 've not blogged so long that i might have forgotten how to.

The point is,

I'm just too lazy to switch on the laptop OR i simply haven't got the energy to blog.

But then today is a special day.

Its special cos i met up with the babes (and one guy) haha.

We went to Pitstop cafe and had the BESTest time EVER.

Trust me when i say that it was the bestest time ever.

I laffed till tears streamed out of my eyes and even my head throbbed after laffing SO MUCH.

Our source of entertainment,

mindless card games that had us screaming like banshees and fingers that got hurt by pressing a bell.

And i spilled my drink.

That's how rowdy it got.

We played SmartAss (and i mean that quite literally), Ugly Dollie (or was it doll), some counting game where we had to match the same fruits till the number 5 and some sound making game.

Oh. my. God.

It was so hilarious!

I can't believe how much fun we had!

Azimah was really really funny.

Whenever i keep replaying that scene in my head i just want to burst out laffing.

I wished that we had actually recorded the whole session.

*grinning like an insane idiot*

Mindless games i like.

We've already planned to make another outing to Pitstop soon. InsyaAllah.

To all my UIA frens, lets go when u're having your mid-term break.

You will definitely enjoy the atmosphere!

To my girls (and Hafiz): I loved the time we spent together! Thank God for friends like you! It really makes my day and sends all the dark clouds away.

Initially earlier this week, i was feeling really depressed and i was crying till i fell asleep.

Feelings of worthlessness and unworthiness seemed to just creep back into me.

Thankfully, the clouds have lifted.

Thank you to ALL my friends.

Thanks Nora kerana melayankan i last night! :D I miss our late night chats and gossip!

I hope next wednesday will materialise, cos i really would love to meet the AI crew, Devilic Angels and the rest.

7 years on and im already reminiscing.

Belum lagi 10 tahun grad dari sec sch.

Anyway, i should go to bed now.

Diana's wedding tomorrow...

That's gonna be another AI reunion in itself.

Not bad for a more-than-a-week-long hiatus.

Till then.