Friday, February 29, 2008

Boredom Central. has been a VERY slow day compared to the rest of the week.

And its not even a publishing week.

But the thought of meeting the girls later is really making me excited!

I've brought the camera along, so expect the next entry full of pics...hehe

But i do have to give my due thanks to Izhar, for making our (the gerls) outing possible!


Tak lama lagi Cikgu Huda and Ustz Izhar will be engaged!

Exciting, no?

But seriously Izhar, what IS with you and older women hahahaha.

InsyaAllah, they will be the next -after a whole slew of other IIUM-ians get hitched- to tie the knot. Amin.

Oh, and i received such a sweet and wonderful surprise this morning.

Greeting me on my table, was a handwritten note by my Director and GM, for doing a swell job so far.

Accompanied by $100 Philips voucher. Alhamdullillah!

Seriously though...i have NO idea WHAT to buy with the voucher.

I guess the voucher will go to "Voucher Queen" Mommy.

Maybe she can get a new cordless phone for use upstairs...just to give you an idea...

"Bring down the phone!!!!" is the wake up alarm whenever anyone (i.e. my sis/bro and myself) brings up the phone and forgets to bring it back downstairs

Which then results in a scramble to answer the phone UPSTAIRS when we can't find the cordless.
Not exactly sotto vocce i tell you.

Oh and the BEST news is...

I'm getting a chance to write for the paper!!!!

Well, product write-ups aren't really MY thing but its a START!

*breathless and starry-eyed*

Now what if i get too attached and can't leave?


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Skeletons in THEIR Closets...

I'm sure those of you that are 98.7fm fans already know this.

You know, the game that they play every thursday mrng on the D*an and Y*oung show, Tell Me a Secret.

This week, they played this game to pick a winner for the Incubus concert happening next week.

The kinds of salacious and juicy secrets that came out was REALLY astounding.

I mean, cmon pple, are you guys really THAT CHEAP!

One woman confessed on national radio to having a relationship with ANOTHER woman (this woman also has a bf), for the past five years while she was in a relationship with her bf for the past 8 years!

Another person confessed to sleeping with the boss, while in a relationship and called out the wrong name while climaxing.

Well...someone's gonna get fired i tell you.

The most mind-numbing one for me was this Anonymous caller (female) that shared with the entire singapore population listening in to 98.7fm.

She said that she had a baby at 16 and gave up the baby for adoption and now she's engaged and just recently found out that her father ISN'T her biological father.

And so she has to look for her biological father to get married. So now the WHOLE of singapore knows she's malay.

She just dug up so many skeletons. For the whole singapore to know.

D*an and Y*oung, what were you thinking when you came up with this game?

I personally don't find it very nice.

What's the point of something being a secret then?

Mengaibkan diri sendiri as well as other pple.

But then who am i to judge right?

That's just my personal opinion.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

True Story...

Its been a trying week.


With my sales manager behaving like a woman who is menopausal and having PMS.

You know...sometimes i can't tell which is which.

I hate the way he does his work.

All things MUST go his way or else....*you figure out the rest lah*

His way of doing things is like a barging bulldozer.

He never stops to think.

And it annoys the SHIT out of me.

Cos i will have to bear the brunt of it.

Plus to make things worse, the design guy on my editorial team screwed up and put the wrong ad up in the last issue of our paper.

Somehow, i feel like im going to feel the heat later at the meeting.

Even if i didn't screw up.


That's the way it goes.

And its been 3 weeks since the interview and i've yet to hear from them.

I already gave them a call and emailed them to find out the status.

So insyaAllah...really soon.

And now, how's this for laughs.

I went to the toilet to take my ablution for as'r prayers and while i was doing the actions...

I noticed that i had on my slippers but different ones on each foot.


One purple coloured thong and another one black with faux diamond/crystal studs.

What a sight! back to worrying.


Friday, February 22, 2008


For the people that weren't in the know, i have been down with several afflictions.

It all started last Friday.

Migraine. Then fever.

After that, i was pretty much okay over the weekend.

Went karaoke-ing with the AI babes, made a silly fool out of ourselves at CashBox and we definitely entertained our one and only spectator, Hafiz-tunang-kepada-Zakiah.

My Cik Zakiah (the resident che'gu) and Cik Umi (our resident...hheelllooooo Nurse!) even went all out and sang Gurindam Jiwa!

I laffed and laffed till i cried okay.

Even that tickled Hafiz silly.

Okay, sidetracked, sorry.

So after all the fun and merry making, I had to drag myself out of my warm and comfy bed to meet the UIA BARB gerls for Amera's wedding.

That aside, i guess it was all the running around, going to work, tutoring and making plans to meet the girls that really made me tired.

I simply get sick when i DON'T have enough sleep.

So on Monday, things took a turn for the worse.

I already took some medication the night before but i was still sniffling in the morning.

I was sneezing and sniffling in the cold office the whole day.

Yet...i still went to tutor.

After that, needless to say, i was OUT on Tuesday.

I was on MC, lazed at home, eating porridge, sleeping.

Then tutored at night. (I dunno why i torture myself sometimes)

I was only feeling MUCH better yesterday, alhamdullillah....

Only to be blindsided by this pain in my head that just continuously throbbed.

Migraine again...only much worse.

I could feel my neck tensing. Nausea.

Cancelled tuition AGAIN.

*at this point i had already vomited in my mouth a little, which gives you a picture of how bad the pain is*

I called my Dad to get him to pick me up, lest i fall into some ditch on my way out of the office.

Finally after reaching home, at around 7.20pm after picking my mom up, (3 hours of blinding pain in my skull) only did i get to have some migraine medication.

I don't think i should have taken the Synflex...too strong.

But no Ponstan so had to make do with my mother's variety of migraine pills.

*Yes pple, migraine is hereditary!*

I cannot imagine it getting worse.

Cos my mum is currently using Valium to get rid of the very² bad migraines.


I never really suffered so much from migraines when i was in Uni.

It really began AFTER i left school.

So yes...i've been a light.

Every night before 12 midnight.

*I only work this hard cos i really wanna go for a well-deserved holiday...har-har*


P/S: Still no word yet....arrggh! I'm sooooo tired of waiting.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Word on the Street...

The word on the street is that we (well majority of the Singaporean citizens that is) will be getting some cash payout.

Anything to do with money is good with me.

The other word on the street is that there's a particular feeling of lightness *grin* floating in a FEW of us (i.e. Suli & maybe myself "p)

This lightness...caused by some inexplicable feeling that's coursing through OUR *my* veins at least...

Hahahaha....i think i might've started another controversy for Suli...(though NOT TRUE pple!)

I'm just going on a HUNCH here.

And another word on the street is that the gossip just gets better in the millenium.

I'm talking about Gossip Girls people!

I'm already on the 13th episode.

Okay i know most of you might've finished the 2nd season even...gimme a break, i barely even watch tv these days.

But, EVERY episode is the same...

It gets a little boring though at times.

Why? Cos every episode is about SOME party or another.

Like what the sister said: Its superficial.


No wonder there was a writer's strike.

There isn't much to write about when you're in the States.

Cliche'd yes...

Bordering on boredom.

But i'll keep watching it to *hopefully* retract what i just said.

Till then...



Tuesday, February 12, 2008


They just added a NEW TOUR DATE!

The 27th!!!! Of this mth!!!

At Sunway! KL!


*ok, more like: why NOW!!!!!!*

clearly this is no longer a phase.

Its a love affair!

Who cares now that Kevin isn't around?

I want to see them!



Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just Because.

I really wanted to blog this morning.

But i was just sooo damn lazy.

I think its all thanks to the SUPER long CNY hols.

And my company won't be operating tomorrow either! Yahooo!

So its an extra looooonnng break for me!

Will be gg to Chong Pang tomrrow with Umi to make my new glasses.

No, my old glasses aren't broken, i just wanted something more "checher" like.


But that doesn't mean that i've gotten "IT" yet hokay?

Wish me luck pple.

Next week.


Anyway...where do I start?

What about the first day of the Lunar New Year?

We had another potluck session, me and the BFFs.

I brought macaroni goreng, umi and azura pitched in with Pizza Hut and Shahidah painstakingly fried chicken and sotong balls *which i REALLY liked*

Then zak and shereen came bearing dessert!

Choc and oatmeal cookies and ice-cream respectively!

I loike!

After the pigging out, we proceeded with the VCD watching.

First it was Romeo&Juliet (the Baz Lurhman version), which we all didn't have the patience for watching.

Then it was 10 Things I Hate About You.

In memoriam of Heath Ledger.

It was sooo sad.

But we soon resumed our giggly session by checking out my Facebook!


Not yet...i won't say JUST yet.

Its still early days...

Lets just call him Mr. M

*Zak...shush now!* hehehe...

Had breakfast at my aunt's on friday and then spent the rest of the day at home watching mindless tv.

Then on Saturday, i had a DATE!

Yes...with Mr. M.

And noooo he's not imaginary okay. He's for real.


We watched "The KiteRunner" and then headed off to Fish & Co. for dinner where we ended up stuffed silly.

Then we just sat under the open skies and talked.

*cue dreamy look on face*

Back to reality now...

The rest of you that are reading this, please i urge you to go watch "Kiterunner".

I was gripped from the beginning.

Thankfully i haven't read the book because i know my expectations will be far higher.

I wanted to cry, but the thought of having my mascara run down my face on a first date really didn't appeal to me.

*i ran out of waterproof mascara unfortunately*

so yes...i had an amazing first date 'cos:

1) there were no expectations whatsoever. (cos i shoved them all right out at the door)

2)we were relaxed and so comfortable with each other

3) and we weren't "malu-malu" with each other, we just said whatever we wanted to say.

So i'm just going with the flow.

Lets just see how this one goes okay.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Get Over It...

The grey has lifted and alhamdullillah, the blue skies will reign over insyaAllah.

Its been a tough seven months trying to sever ties with the Ex but now, there is a distraction that will end it.

The distraction has come in the form of _________________


I'm not going to make it THAT easy for u.

When the time is ripe.

In time...all will be revealed.

But what's certain is that 2008 is really shaping up to be one of the most progressive in my life!

Syukur alhamdullillah.

and Mr. M, thanks for your timely appearance.

It has truly been a wonderful week!


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Due to Popular Demand

Suli, thanks for URGING me to blog again.
I might have forgotten how.
But the absence was 'cos there was so much to say but i didn't noe WHAT to write!
Plus, i wanted to divulge some stuff on the blog but for fear that the boss would STUMBLE upon it.
So yeah. That's why the lack of updates.
But finally, today there's something WORTH blogging about.
I've fallen in LOVE with....
i love the suspense... don't you? *hehehe*
lets just say i now have a Rangga also Suli hehehe...
and we got to know from Facebook!
Credits to Umi (tak sia-sia you look so hawt in Facebook kan!?) hehehe
Lets just say: my grey skies have slowly lifted
and im SMILING so much that the facial muscles HURT!
Thanks girls for the CNY makan-makan. hehe
I love you all so much!
And the uia babes, weiiiii when are we meeting?!!!?