Thursday, February 28, 2008

Skeletons in THEIR Closets...

I'm sure those of you that are 98.7fm fans already know this.

You know, the game that they play every thursday mrng on the D*an and Y*oung show, Tell Me a Secret.

This week, they played this game to pick a winner for the Incubus concert happening next week.

The kinds of salacious and juicy secrets that came out was REALLY astounding.

I mean, cmon pple, are you guys really THAT CHEAP!

One woman confessed on national radio to having a relationship with ANOTHER woman (this woman also has a bf), for the past five years while she was in a relationship with her bf for the past 8 years!

Another person confessed to sleeping with the boss, while in a relationship and called out the wrong name while climaxing.

Well...someone's gonna get fired i tell you.

The most mind-numbing one for me was this Anonymous caller (female) that shared with the entire singapore population listening in to 98.7fm.

She said that she had a baby at 16 and gave up the baby for adoption and now she's engaged and just recently found out that her father ISN'T her biological father.

And so she has to look for her biological father to get married. So now the WHOLE of singapore knows she's malay.

She just dug up so many skeletons. For the whole singapore to know.

D*an and Y*oung, what were you thinking when you came up with this game?

I personally don't find it very nice.

What's the point of something being a secret then?

Mengaibkan diri sendiri as well as other pple.

But then who am i to judge right?

That's just my personal opinion.