Friday, February 29, 2008

Boredom Central. has been a VERY slow day compared to the rest of the week.

And its not even a publishing week.

But the thought of meeting the girls later is really making me excited!

I've brought the camera along, so expect the next entry full of pics...hehe

But i do have to give my due thanks to Izhar, for making our (the gerls) outing possible!


Tak lama lagi Cikgu Huda and Ustz Izhar will be engaged!

Exciting, no?

But seriously Izhar, what IS with you and older women hahahaha.

InsyaAllah, they will be the next -after a whole slew of other IIUM-ians get hitched- to tie the knot. Amin.

Oh, and i received such a sweet and wonderful surprise this morning.

Greeting me on my table, was a handwritten note by my Director and GM, for doing a swell job so far.

Accompanied by $100 Philips voucher. Alhamdullillah!

Seriously though...i have NO idea WHAT to buy with the voucher.

I guess the voucher will go to "Voucher Queen" Mommy.

Maybe she can get a new cordless phone for use upstairs...just to give you an idea...

"Bring down the phone!!!!" is the wake up alarm whenever anyone (i.e. my sis/bro and myself) brings up the phone and forgets to bring it back downstairs

Which then results in a scramble to answer the phone UPSTAIRS when we can't find the cordless.
Not exactly sotto vocce i tell you.

Oh and the BEST news is...

I'm getting a chance to write for the paper!!!!

Well, product write-ups aren't really MY thing but its a START!

*breathless and starry-eyed*

Now what if i get too attached and can't leave?