Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just Because.

I really wanted to blog this morning.

But i was just sooo damn lazy.

I think its all thanks to the SUPER long CNY hols.

And my company won't be operating tomorrow either! Yahooo!

So its an extra looooonnng break for me!

Will be gg to Chong Pang tomrrow with Umi to make my new glasses.

No, my old glasses aren't broken, i just wanted something more "checher" like.


But that doesn't mean that i've gotten "IT" yet hokay?

Wish me luck pple.

Next week.


Anyway...where do I start?

What about the first day of the Lunar New Year?

We had another potluck session, me and the BFFs.

I brought macaroni goreng, umi and azura pitched in with Pizza Hut and Shahidah painstakingly fried chicken and sotong balls *which i REALLY liked*

Then zak and shereen came bearing dessert!

Choc and oatmeal cookies and ice-cream respectively!

I loike!

After the pigging out, we proceeded with the VCD watching.

First it was Romeo&Juliet (the Baz Lurhman version), which we all didn't have the patience for watching.

Then it was 10 Things I Hate About You.

In memoriam of Heath Ledger.

It was sooo sad.

But we soon resumed our giggly session by checking out my Facebook!


Not yet...i won't say JUST yet.

Its still early days...

Lets just call him Mr. M

*Zak...shush now!* hehehe...

Had breakfast at my aunt's on friday and then spent the rest of the day at home watching mindless tv.

Then on Saturday, i had a DATE!

Yes...with Mr. M.

And noooo he's not imaginary okay. He's for real.


We watched "The KiteRunner" and then headed off to Fish & Co. for dinner where we ended up stuffed silly.

Then we just sat under the open skies and talked.

*cue dreamy look on face*

Back to reality now...

The rest of you that are reading this, please i urge you to go watch "Kiterunner".

I was gripped from the beginning.

Thankfully i haven't read the book because i know my expectations will be far higher.

I wanted to cry, but the thought of having my mascara run down my face on a first date really didn't appeal to me.

*i ran out of waterproof mascara unfortunately*

so yes...i had an amazing first date 'cos:

1) there were no expectations whatsoever. (cos i shoved them all right out at the door)

2)we were relaxed and so comfortable with each other

3) and we weren't "malu-malu" with each other, we just said whatever we wanted to say.

So i'm just going with the flow.

Lets just see how this one goes okay.