Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Definitive Guide to “The Da Vinci Code” – the movie

I know there are some of you out there that haven’t been able to catch the movie yet.

I suggest to those that haven’t read the book to go and watch the movie before you actually read the book.

Why you may ask?

Well its ‘cos the book version and the movie version often don’t run along the same lines.

Okay, the movie did maintain the plot at the beginning but eventually towards the end, I was swamped with a resounding “HUH? Where in the world did that come from?”
For those that have read the book and watched the movie, you’ll get what I mean.

I can’t really blame Ron Howard.

Dan Brown played the greater part in producing the screenplay for the movie. So please don’t go and get all huffy with Mr. Ron Howard. He’s a fabulous director. And I think he did a fabulous job.

Okay, as a literature student who often has to rely on movies to support our understanding of the novel, the movie often turns out to be a disappointment. You will have to eventually turn back to the book. Cos the movie turns out to be (sometimes) a great wash out.

This movie is great for history buffs. Especially religious history buffs. I’ve been fascinated with this genre since the first time I ever caught Charlton Heston in “Ben-Hur”. I have no idea how many times I’ve watched “Ben-Hur” already.

Point being, history buffs, go catch it.

Okay, back to my take on the movie version of “The Da Vinci Code”.

The movie helped to give me a greater understanding to the parts of the book that I couldn’t understand. Like how Bezu Fache was involved in the whole scheme of things. Well then again some people might like to disagree with me. But then again, how you interpret the movie is entirely up to the individual, yes?

But I digress.

Movies are a great way to help you give visual aid to certain parts of the book that you weren’t able to imagine in your mind. Like the part where Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu got off the plane in the hangar at London.

But most importantly, what the movie failed to capture was the intensity of the lead character Robert Langdon. I don’t think Tom Hanks fulfilled the role. Somehow there was something big that was lacking in his performance as Professor Robert Langdon.

Audrey Tautou gave a passable performance. Nothing to WOW about.

To me, the characters that gave passion in their roles was the guy who played Silas (can’t remember his name now) and of course Ian McKellen as Sir Leigh Teabing. He really acts like the crazed Grail enthusiast he’s supposed to be.

And is it me or is the guy that acts as Silas, (who was naked at one point in the movie) is always naked in the movie that he acts in? I don’t mean Firewall where he acted alongside Harrison Ford but the other movie where he starred in together with Heath Ledger. What’s it called? A Knight’s Tale, yes that’s the one!

If you would kindly remember, he played Geoffrey Chaucer in that movie and was first introduced to us as the guy who was butt naked walking the middle of the dirt road. He was extremely hilarious in that movie and in this movie, my God! Excellent delivery of Silas! I couldn’t have been more revolted when he fastened the cilice on his thigh and whipped himself. I couldn’t imagine a better actor to fill his shoes.

So don’t watch movies just based on the plot itself. Characters are also part of the movie so enjoy their performance. Because movies are just an extension of acting on stage.

I remember many months ago when I first caught the trailer to the movie, I couldn’t conceal my disappointment when Tom Hanks was cast to be the lead role. But I cast away all the doubts before watching the movie and still I wasn’t moved by his delivery. It was lukewarm. Truly. I wanted to be moved like the time I watched “Braveheart”. Tom Hanks should just stick to his romantic comedy genre.

Overall, I guess the movie deserves just a 3 out of 5 rating.

When will the next “Braveheart-like” movie come out I wonder?


Saturday, May 27, 2006

So very the "malas" with a capital 'M'

Now that im 7 posts away till 300, i seriously have no idea wat to write about.

But then again, if i follow my "stream of conciousness" i believe i will churn out a whole lotta junk.

Okay first up is my lack of a life here on campus. God. Its kinda slow. Even with the tests and the mid-terms. And presentations. Aqidah presentation all done with. I'm only left with the Finals...YEAH!

Now there's the interview on post-colonialism literature that i have to do with a lecturer of our choice and then do a presentation. and i still have to meet the group mates. Might i add i really detest grp-work but then again, i can't run away from it can i?

There's a quiz on E. Lit 3 next thursday...and i still havent read "Waiting For Godot". Wat am i talking about, i havent even completed "A Passage To India", crap.

The love is coming to KL again next week! Separation anxiety has rubbed off me and passed on to him. I am extremely calm for some reason. Somehow, it worries me but only slightly. InsyaAllah.

Oh god, my toes are freezing. Its only the feet. My toes are numb!

Anyways, pple, i love you!

I just hope pple still come in here to read. Even when this super malas gerl cant lift her ass to the computer terminals.


Friday, May 19, 2006

8 more posts till the big 300!!!

Its been ages since i've been online. The crappy multimedia lab isnt really cooperative the past few weeks. But now since im back in the comforts of my own home, i am going to blog like nobody's business.

Sorry for the delays and stuff. Its just that my schedule is a bit whacked so im kinda lazy to leave the room waaaaayyy too early before class gets on. Islamic Aqidah on tuesdays and thursdays start at 2pm and end at 5pm and then there's E. Lit 3 with kak Mei (who seriously gives killer questions for mid-terms yesterday) on mondays wednesdays and thursdays at 5pm till 7pm.

So you see, its really hard for me to drag myself up to even get awake in the morning. So its really hard to see me online these next few weeks, unless of course its the weekend.

The Aqidah quiz went well. Alhamdullillah. I scored a 7 out of 10. Gosh. Considering i barely studied, and i did the quiz in like less than 15mins and spent 20 mins the following lesson gritting my teeth when she said that she would be handing out the test sheets back.

Phew. So that is over and done with.

Now i have to worry about another quiz and midterm next week PLUS presentation. InsyaAllah, everything will be fine.

Another thing that happened earlier this week (Wed. to be exact) was the AGM for ASSIIUM. And yes! I am no longer in the following exco. Sheesh...i didnt know it took sooooo much hard work. Right now i have the peeps frm the current exco on my desktop. You guys have truly made it an experience worth remembering. Thank you so much!

thanks a bunch guys!

Anyways, last week was bliss! I spent 3 days with the love at KL. We went everywhere. We hit Petaling Street thrice and Chow Kit twice and i still havent made my officiation to Berjaya Times Square yet! Next time okay?

We got ourselves many new things. He was the ultimate shopper i tell you. He bought like 2 pairs of jeans, 2 watches, 2 shirts that i picked out for him (okay mush fest i know!) Nak lawan towkay like that.

I got a Coach purse and sling bag (very the Kakak-kakak you know) hehehe and a pair of jeans which i love love love! I love the wash of the denim. Its so chic! Not to mention a knock-off of a GUESS watch closely resembling my sister's original one. But wat the heck, i got it for RM25! Thanks to the Love for his excellent bargaining skills! <3>

And before i forget, i just wanna wish all the newly elected members of the 06/07 EXCO a hearty congratulations and don't let us down!

Ouh...i'll be catching The DaVinci Code later today with Mr. M after our customary Friday dinners together. Cant Wait!

Happy One Month to Us.

Happy anniversary to Shasha and Darwis my favourite couple of all time! You guys show me that its all still possible and worthwhile. Even though i might not say it out loud hehehhe...

And there are just 8 more posts till i hit 300!!!

I sure didn't think i could keep on writing this long! To those that just started blogging, keep at it! Its all worthwhile!

P/s: Congrats to Zak on becoming a brand new aunt to Euan Harith! (gorgeous name by the way) Cant wait to meet the cutie! Send my love to your sis!


Monday, May 08, 2006


The weekend was great. I spent time with the luv on saturday. Spent an outrageous number of hours on the phone with the babe Huda and one more marathon session on the phone with Taufiq. Both my peeps are going thru tough times. I pray that they will see through it with flying colours, InsyaAllah.

Me, im okay. Just feel like i havent come back down to reality yet. It seems so fast! I cant believe i am where i am right now sometimes. I guess my prayers have been answered and i have God to thank for that. All the times i had to go through just banging my head on the wall. I guess God does listen when we really listen to ourselves first.

I was presented with a hp (from the Nokia Amore collection) last 2 weeks before i left for KL and then on friday i was surprised with a bunny plush toy.

You should have seen the look on his face when i said i didnt like bunnies. (The live ones of course, cos they smell like pee all the time)

Ahakz...but i do love the plush toy! Thanks so much luv!

Will paatiently wait till u arrive on friday mrng k?

Meanwhile, i hv to start cracking and get the books open to study for 2 tests next week!!!!

But till then...shopping on friday & saturday with you-know-who!!!

Congrats to Shereen on finishing her course in NUS! See you when you get back from Bangkok!


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Progress Packaged

Hehehe...yes...money spent...a lot of money spent. There is still the shopping at petaling street the following week wif...yes,"the boyfriend".

It still weirds me out to say the word "boyfriend".

Okay yeah...anyway this cmg week i will have to go back and do my oh-so-democratic-duty to vote. *if not my head will land on a platter*

Why did Dr. Tony Tan have to resign so soon! I'm suddenly so NOT gung-ho to vote liao...

Yes im back in KL again. Very tired. Not enough sleep and the seat was pretty uncomfortable.

I've got to prep for a presentation this 23rd May. So tomorrow will see me going to the library at 10am. Thank God its only for an hour.

Strangely enough i kinda miss Him.

Emotional attachment is starting to kick in.

I hope i don't go into mush overload.

Yesterday saw US both flushed with embarassment as everyone seemed intent on looking at both of us and making cooing noises and making fun of Me in particular. Don't worry guys, you will get to meet the other half soon.

I just wanna say a quick thanks to shahidah (Aiss) for making it possible for the both of us to be together. If not for you, we wouldnt be together now.

I was actually apprehensive of telling my parents that i was seeing someone seriously at this point of time. Cos ive always known the stance they've had wif me and having boyfriends.

So yeah. i felt sixteen all over again when i had to broach the topic with my dad.

At least they're both okay with it and they're supportive(?) i guess.

Im praying that this one will work out.