Saturday, May 27, 2006

So very the "malas" with a capital 'M'

Now that im 7 posts away till 300, i seriously have no idea wat to write about.

But then again, if i follow my "stream of conciousness" i believe i will churn out a whole lotta junk.

Okay first up is my lack of a life here on campus. God. Its kinda slow. Even with the tests and the mid-terms. And presentations. Aqidah presentation all done with. I'm only left with the Finals...YEAH!

Now there's the interview on post-colonialism literature that i have to do with a lecturer of our choice and then do a presentation. and i still have to meet the group mates. Might i add i really detest grp-work but then again, i can't run away from it can i?

There's a quiz on E. Lit 3 next thursday...and i still havent read "Waiting For Godot". Wat am i talking about, i havent even completed "A Passage To India", crap.

The love is coming to KL again next week! Separation anxiety has rubbed off me and passed on to him. I am extremely calm for some reason. Somehow, it worries me but only slightly. InsyaAllah.

Oh god, my toes are freezing. Its only the feet. My toes are numb!

Anyways, pple, i love you!

I just hope pple still come in here to read. Even when this super malas gerl cant lift her ass to the computer terminals.