Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The new academic year is looming right in my face.

I got my class placements.

Exciting but at the same time SCARY.

2 sec. one express classes for english, 2 sec one normal academic classes for lit and...

ONE sec two normal technical english class.

So help me God.

i have NEVER taught a normal technical class.

i am excited about the prospect.

im just nervous about getting slaughtered in class.

must remember not to let my nerves get the better of me so they won't smell my fear.

Pray for me people!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blog Edition 1.0: Meet Louis and Avatar the Movie in 3D

My Louis made an appearance on the 23rd of Dec! =D

I waited with bated breath...

And here he is in all his glory.

i swear this was $$ well spent. saved a fortune on this 'cos i got my aunt to get it for me @ Champs Elsysee, Paris.

I think i saved about $400SGD

i took a pic of the locks for Kha

the card and the receipt. so pretty. the box and paper bag were equally pretty!
and it was SNOWING in paris when my aunt went to the boutique so i think this bag is pretty special.

Then on Xmas eve, the 3 couples went on a TRIPLE date. a triple threat i call it.
we're noisy (bikes AND people included)
and we don't seem to know how to NOT meet up with one another once a week.

i miss them a whole bunch if i don't see them once a week.

yes. i am emotionally attached to them already.

we all caught Avatar in 3D. I thought the storyline was ok. too much CGI. not quite a big fan of CGI. it was a little bollywood for me.

I think Hurt Locker was the BEST movie me and Ayie watched this whole year.

more pics of us.

while SOMEONE took a smoking break, the 3 girls with Yas as the photographer attempted to take shots of us jumping.

Some successful while others weren't.

I on the other hand, after about 5 jumps or so, lost my balance and fell backwards, flat on my ASS in front of a dozen or so pple.

I think i scared the shit out of my friends.

Not so much as humiliated but tickled as I already knew i was gg to fall anyway.

So i lay on my back and continued my giggling fit while Yas took the picture of me lying on the ground laughing hard.

Ended the night with some nice hot teh tarik Gajah and rojak mamak.

And this picture sums up all the emotions =)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review: Bukit Putus New Highway

Probably only Kha knows what i'm talking about.

That's if she even remembers. heh.

Ok...on with the story.

Went back to my kampung on sunday mrng to pick my brother up.

(He's spent one month at my grandparent's place)

On the way to my kampung, there is this long winding narrow road, narrower than the road that goes to Genting.

It's called Bukit Putus.

It is not for the faint hearted.

At every sharp turn, 13 if im not mistaken, you look down over a ravine.

A deep, deep ravine.

It takes half an hour to get from the bottom to the top and back down the other side.

And that's if you're lucky enough not to trail behind a heavy laden truck.

Which in that case takes more than half an hour.


There is a new road!

I laud the M*alaysian government for cutting through the forest (although it does not seem too eco-friendly) and paving a new highway to get through the pass.

It only takes FIVE minutes!!!

Why am i so excited???

'Cos for as long as i can remember, Bukit Putus has been a bane in my existence.

I hated having to pass through the winding and narrow road be it by car OR bus.

Yes i've taken a bus from Seremban to get to my grandparent's place.


And it used to cause me motion sickness all the time.

Very bad motion sickness.


I even drove up the road.

Excellent driving.

Though i would like to drive driving on Bukit Putus one day *gulps*

All pics of my 2 day trip back to my kampung will be up!

New rooms added to my grandparents house.

I MUST bring my friends to my kampung one day.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


To one of my closest friends, Zakiah Samani and her husband Hafiz who has been part of the group of AI girls since 2001!

Halal certified now heh.

I am truly happy and honoured to be part of your big day and was glad to help out during your photoshoot at the botanic gardens.

Loved the venue you guys chose!

The girls and the bride and groom sans Shereen and Shahidah.

From left to right: Umi, Azura, Azimah, Myself, Bride + Groom and Marliana

Photo taken outside Zak's place @ Blk 602. Lovely weather!

Not forgetting Fahrul Dzaki, my secondary school classmate and friend on his solemnization with Nurasyikin!

So happy we managed to catch you in time before you left to change your outfit.

To both couples:

Congratulations to both on your big day!
Marriage is an important responsibility and duty which you both have fulfilled.
Take care of your other halves and carry out your responsibilities with God in mind,
For He has brought both of you together.

I pray that both couples will experience matrimonial bliss till Jannah.


This is only the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

May God Bless you Both.


We will be united soon my love...


The Makeup Junkie.


Countdown: 7 days!
BoldLicensed to...Drive!

About 2 weeks ago i took my driving test and i PASSED!

I am thankful i had a fierce instructor who only demanded my best performance every time i went for a driving lesson at B*ukit B*atok driving center.

Every lesson was a test and he never said much unless i made errors and how i should correct them.

And for that i am grateful to Mr. L*um!

I've been driving frequently especially since my parents have been away for Haj.

And today i drove all the way to O*rchard Rd with my sister (no supervision!)

and successfully parked at F*ar East Plaza.

Its a mean feat for me personally.

And i'm glad i've been able to do it!

And today i went shopping.

Was meant to do some top secret shopping but...


Ended up buying...

2 tops at M.ango and 2 books from B*orders today and a watch.
(Time Travellers Wife i bought yesterday, which makes it THREE books in 2 days!)

One of the books being this 2006 Nobel Literature Prize winner, O*rhan P*amuk (Turkey)

Titled The Museum of Innocence (translated by M*aureen Freely).

And another book by W*endy Wallace, Daughters of Dust.

Going to read it ASAP!

Will update on my best friend's wedding soon!


The Makeup Junkie.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Month of Celebrations!

There were a lot of things that have been going on for the past few week.

Been really busy with bridesmaid duties and my dumb induction courses.

But i have been able to plan the hen party for one of my bestest friends, Zakiah!

We had a Korean themed (okay maybe just in terms of food and entertainment) party =)

note the colours of the South Korean flag!

the bride to be and her bridesmaids!

our hen party hamper! GREAT job done by Azimah.
We spent the whole of Monday (2 weeks ago) shopping for her hen party presents.

A big thank you must be paid to Kak Fik for playing along with our plans!
Heart u many2!

our naughty gift for Zak!

look at how excited she is? haha

our 2nd naughty gift for her to use along with the red pack we got for her hehe

Then another happy wedding happened last week!

Congrats to the both of you. I had fun snapping those photos.

the bride and her beautiful dress.

and my favourite photo of all