Monday, February 27, 2006

I know, i know...

I know i said that the weekend was gonna be boring, but it wasn't all that bad.

I only watched Brokeback Mountain over the weekend. And please, if you don't have the stomach for gay sex scenes then you should give this show a pass.

To watch it, i had to drag out my super heavy old laptop to play the discs cos Abg F still doesnt want to cooperate with me. I think i shrieked and squealed everytime Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger came up on screen. I will never look at those two in the same light again!

After lunch and continuing with Disc B, i had to get ready for class. Yeah...class on a Saturdaaayyyy...alamak i tell you lemauuu lah.

Lecturer isn't gonna be around this week so i had to go for the makeup class. Semantics on a saturday is NO fun at all lemme tell you that. The class ran from 2pm to 5pm! Aaaarrggghhhh, i thought i was going to cry in the middle of the class.

After class i made plans with Teej my roomie to go swimming, i met her at the pool right after class. Couldnt wait to sink my toes in the cool water.

I did around 8 laps. Just to relieve all the stress. I even met one of my classmates from the afternn class i had earlier on. She also wanted to relieve the stress...3 hours of semantics, who wouldn't go bonkers.

My arms were killing me after that swimming session. I woke up all sore. And i had to go and represent the English dept in a race that the Comm Students Assoc. organized yday. And i had to wake up bloody early and not go back to sleep after subuh. Now that was the major killer.

I had to get to the venue by 7.30am. And i was running a little behind time. So i had to climb over the fence (which is only unlocked after 8am). After that little stunt, i skinned my palm. And i hadn't even raced yet.

The only teams that had arrived were the Elits Team. We were the only society that fielded TWO teams. while some didn't even field ANY teams at all. We waited and waited and waited some more, it took ages for the committee to set themselves up and we also had to wait for the other teams to arrive. Luckily they provided breakfast. If not i' d have gone really hungry.

Okay...nak masuk bab mentel jap eh

There was a group of guys that dressed very the singaporean like lahhh...hehehe like Suli kata, macam Abg² Lobang. Hehehehe....they dressed like after the race they were going to head down to Orchard Rd. Haizzz...i miss home.

Macam abg² slackers hehehehe

Tapi darah up jugak lah cos they were the last team to arrive, and even had the cheek to have breakfast, and came in first in the race.

Tapi best arh dpt tgk diorang heheheh...i loiiikkkeeee...tanyer lah Suli how i reacted hahahahah

I am so juvenile. Hhehehhe...the things that made us do during the race. Omg, catch fish in the river that runs through our campus, search through sand for a set of keys, blow in a tray of flour to get to our clues. And i really could go on but i wont. Right now my legs are like super killing me after running all around campus yesterday.

Luckily we didnt go home empty handed. We came in third. Even after the little fiasco of getting to the last checkpoint. Nice hamper of food that we shared with the Boys from the Elits team (B).

And i got a lovely surprise from my grandparents and my aunt and uncle! They all came down to UIA to spend the rest of the evening with me. We had dinner and i got to ride in my uncle's new Toyota Wish. Very spacious and comfy. I LOIKE.

They packed for me rambutans, and lauk lemak cili padi and coke. I can't even remember the last time i had a gassy drink.

All in all, yday was a wonderful day. I should've flirted with the boys...hahahah. Rite Suli?

What’s the use of the Photocopy machine?

I’m spending my Friday afternoon in the Library again trying to research for my Prose assignment for Br. Mazlan.

Progress has been slow but nevertheless, research is always fun rather than writing the actual paper itself. Procrastinating yet again.

Sometimes when im left alone to do write these term papers I somehow manage to get it done at the laaaasssssstt minute. And I have been given 28 days for this assignment (for which I have no class since the 13th of Feb. till the 12th of March) I am so lazy.

Today I’ve gotten down to the second social cause in the study of the social novel. I like this topic cos I get to reread my fave book. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan and the utterly boring book of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

I know many pple will argue with me to say that Mockingbird is a great book…but I have NEVER been able to actually read and comprehend the novel. It’s a wonder that I actually passed my Literature at the Ordinary Level with a decent grade. I guess that’s why I’ve ended up reading the novel again. But this time I can’t even borrow the book! Cos I haven’t returned a single book that I’ve borrowed from the library. I’m actually using Suli’s account to also borrow books for the assignment.

I simply forgot to bring the books that I don’t need for the research. Super selenger bachin.

So since I’ve used up the all the quota for book borrowing, I resorted to typing down the important notes I needed for the assignment. I think after half an hour, I realized that I could have spared myself the agony and the stupidity by simply PHOTOCOPYING the parts I needed.

-tu lah, mak hantar gi blajar kat university tapi otak tak gunakan ^slaps forehead^-

So now, I am going to photocopy the things that I need.

Btw Abg F is acting up. Dier nak tgk part B aje tapi part A dier tak nak accept dulu. Haiz…its gonna be a boring weekend.


Friday, February 24, 2006

If only we had a car...

Then we could drive around the whole night and have loads of laughs, just us...(till we cry)

Spent the most of last night lepak-ing with the girls. Laff and talk then laffed sum was so much fun that you guys really did deserve the Secret Recipe cake.

Suli needed to change her dollar notes and i had to withdraw my money and make new lenses for my pretty peepers. And Kho just wanted to tag along. So it was a menage-a-trois.

I love. love. love. spending time with my babes. Keeps my mind off things for a while. Especially the gerls back home.

*wish i were back to spend the weekend with you guys, but alas, semantics class beckons-on saturday might i add*

So we waited for the bus which never materialised after waiting for abt half an hour. Hailed a cab. Dropped us off at the usual spot. Had to go pee badly so i went to McD's and utilised the ladies there and then drew my cash and walked to Plaza Idaman for our cakes and exchange her dollars for ringgit.

Minor set back when we got to the money changer *which i always go to* was closed. Walked about a bit. And then realised we were looking at a money changer without realising it.

Not to mention that it was a really brilliant day and i could not stop myself from smiling.

Cos Nasir's mom kindly cooked for us Ayam Masak Merah and headed to KL just in time for lunch with all of us! How nice is THAT!? Thank you so much to the Johari family for coming to KL just to feed us! Hehehehe...

After gttg our dessert and getting the moolah, we all headed to the optician to get myself a new pair of contact lenses. Lemme tell you. The guy who served us was blardy cute. Very the up to our standards...hehhehehe...We flirted with him, we checked him out and had great balls of fun!

The flirting got our appetites up so when we headed jsut next door to have our dinner and her supper. 2 thosai masalas and one naan for the 3 of us. Yum...its as good as it is back home. And the thosai is BESAR. and set us back ONLY RM2...yummy and affordable.

i wish we had more time. so we could like lepak the whole night with teh-tariks and laughter to fill us up.

Thanks so much girls.

I am gonna remember last night forever.



Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Something fishy...

Its been a few days since ive blogged. I really miss this space of mine. Today i feel a bit senti-mentel okay so bear with me lah.

The fishy business...yes. Lets get down to it.

What do u do when someone actually calls u to tell you that they've changed their number? Yes. Normally pple just sms u their new number right? Noooo...not this person.

And this happened only earlier today. I'm a bit at a loss. Speechless for words lah. Not only that but 'B' also smsed to invite me to his class...meaning?

Is this the result of the dreams i had?

I just had to tempt fate didn't I?


Anyway, i had my registration today and i am proud to say that im a full fledged 3rd yr student!

I have 5 core courses and 1 minor. Plus the Co-curricular skill that i wanted! Swimming!

I want that swimming cert so badly. Not to mention a damn gd reason to get my lazy bum working.

I am finally taking Malaysian and Singaporean Lit. I heard we'll be discussing Alfian Saat! Coolness.

And Computer Applications in Language Studies. Brilliant!

Lots of gd stuff to look forward to. Unfortunately im nearing the end of my studies. I didnt noe that 3.5 years would end so quickly.

I don't feel like closing this chapter of my life. Its seen the best and worst moments of my life!

And who knew i'd ever end up in this instituition!? Allah really works wonders. And i don't think i've thanked him enough for this journey. Still working on it.

I am still a working progress.

I discover something new everyday. And although i claim to say that im bored, i don't think i ever have. I'm learning to appreciate life in a new light.

Suddenly the light has dawned on me.


Dr. Fazal Rahim, my Western News Networks lecturer was so passionate about his lecture today. I love his facial expressions and the way that he expresses his views. And today was no exception. Plus, we were talking about the issue of the Prophet (S.A.W) being caricatured. Now that was the best lecture i've had with him so far.

Freedom of expression bullshit. Don't believe everything pple/media say. Or do for that matter. Go screw yourself ferst and den tell me freedom of expression kay? And i mean that very literally.

I have yet to post the haiku that one of the lecturers wrote about this issue. I found it very beautiful. Will post it up once i get it aight?

By the way like my new pic? Hehehehehe....i think i look cute in this pic! :D

- i need moments of self-assuarance at times-

Anyway enough rambling. I have a quiz that i havent studied for and tons of editing to do for my semantics paper. I have a constant love/hate relationship with Dr. Subra. God help me. As long as he doesn't go overboard i'll respect him.

Ok. Im outt.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Loooong week.

Its been an immensely tiring week for me. Mengantuk...menguap...all of it lah.

Tgh pikiran pasal Prince of Egypt? Takderlah sgt...

I don't know. There's this stupid nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Smalam Kho said something to the effect of: to receive love you've got to give it. Then today Dr. Subra mentioned the Theory of Abundance. The circle of giving. Apparently, when there is a vacuum, nature will instantly fill it.

Give, its relatively simple. But sometimes you give and give and give and the person takes advantage of you. It isn't all fair issit?

Aaaarrgghhhh...this cesspool of emotions is eventually going to overwhelm me one day.

I'll worry about it later.

By the way, its finally the weekend. Although i do have one class tomorrow at 12pm. Haiyahhhh cancel je lahhhhh...

Today i can enjoy n watch vcds like every other thursday night. Will probably watch either Brokeback Mountain or Final Destination 3.

Yesterday me and Suli wanted to get that pair of Birkenstocks we saw last week. Tapi kedai nyer takderrrrrr....after one week of waiting and longing. Haiz...guess i'll have to wait and long some more.

This weekend im so smothered in work that i wont be coming back home. Thought of going back this week but there's an assignment due tuesday. If i go back i'll be sure that i wont be at home studying. Mesti mau merayap.

Craving: Kachang Phool. Sluurrrp. And my fave laksa. And murtabak. And my mom's macaroni soup. Do you suppose it has got anything to do with the fact that im fasting today? Guess so.

Nak balik next week but i've promised my grandparents that i'll probably pay them a visit. It will be nice to be back. At least there's family. I miss little Ika and Comel. I'm going to smother Ika with hugs i tell you. Been reminiscing about her silly little antics. head is pounding!

Less than 2 hours before i break my fast.

Need some TLC badly.

By the way, my Zen Neeon has gone completely bonkers on me. It refuses to charge when i plug it in and when i try to play it, only the CREATIVE logo is displayed on the screen.

Feds Up betul. No more in the mornings to keep me company and my fave Pump It by BEP.

I hope it isn't permanently spoilt.

I'll need to get it fixed pronto!

I can hear my assignments calling out to me.

Adios then for now.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hi, My name is Suhaili

This is what you get when line get crossed and there is endless static when trying to converse with someone even though they are right in front of you.

The tale goes like this:

There once was a guy, that had been all over the place. And i mean it quite literally. He was born in Libya, is a Malaysian citizen, so is his dad (but his dad is of Indonesian stock). His mom and sis though, are singaporean citizens. Yeah complicated oredi rite? But i am only just beginning.

He has just only warmed up to a few singaporean students here and we occasionally converse when we bump into him in the hallways.

Anyway, yesterday was a day to always think and laff back at.

I was talking to him outside the library mid-morning after i had deliberately missed class. Talked a while asn saw my friends Darwis and Adha walk into the library. Okay with the guys he has no problem with names but with the gerls, there is a bit of a problem.

He asked me: "Kau tunggu siaper?"

Reply: "Aku tengah tunggu untuk Shasha"

He says: "Siaper Shasha?"

I say: "Dier Darwis nyer gf lah. Ko tak tau? Selama ni kau panggil dier aper?"

And he replies: "Aku selama ni panggil dier 'OI' aje"

Hahahaha...i couldnt contain myself. That was only in the morning. So when i met him at the library again in the afternoon, i casually asked him:

"By the way do you know my name?"

And he *dengan muka selambe dier jawap*:

"Tau, nama kau Suhaili."

Me and my friend Nora just cracked up. And he looked at us dumbfoundedly. And i looked at him wondering whether he was serious. Apparently he was.

I said, "How could you not know my name? Macam gini sey kawan..."

*walk off*

He pulls on my bag and says: "Oi serious ke nama kau bukan Suhaili? Kau jangan tipu lah..."

and i pull out my wallet and show him my matriculation card which has my name printed on it in black and white.

And he grins sheepishly.

That simply had to be the best laugh i've had in ages.

Oh and Happy Belated V-Day or Friendship Day *watever you want to call it*

And p/s: I won't be home this weekend either. Or the week after that. So just msg me if you guys wanna contact me k? Ciao babes

I just got back my semantics paper from that very insensitive lecturer and I GOT AN A!!! Wahoooooooo! Alhamdullillah. All that unnecessary worrying...sheesh...Thank You God!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fed Up.

I have probably HAD it with this blog. I spent almost 45mins composing an entry last night and -poof- it disappeared. I was so pissed with the fact that the server was totally uncooperative and it really pissed me off last night.

I wasn't just ANY entry okay. It was an entry almost entirely in Malay. You know how rare it is for me to blog in malay?

I seriously don't feel like going for this 10am class today. I just wanna sit in the library, in front f the PC and just blog and bloghop and chat. I can't believe i actually woke up early to come to the library and blog. Sheesh...i am the most rajin person i tell you (in respect to doing things that are totally not important lah!)

I had a soul-searching chat with some of the gerls last night. We talked about boys, relationships yadda yadda yadda. Semua tgh stress in one area or another.

It was refreshing to talk about it. I guess it also helped me open up my mind a bit. Relax. Let my brain take a breather for a while before the madness seeps in again.

I thought i stood alone on some aspects but i was in fact very wrong. We're alike in many ways.

But still i can't let go totally and just release this flood of emotions that i've been holding back. I don't think i've told anyone in fact. I'll just have to let it sit in me and steam off a little longer. I dunno. Sometimes i still think i have a problem in settling in. Like i can't get along with anyone but the thing is, i get along famously with a few close friends. I really have no idea wat's bothering me these days.

Aaaaarrrggghhhhh its already 10.30! I am so the malas to go to classssss...

To go Or not to Go? If i stay here i can check out the news. *impt western news network lecturer might give a Pop Quiz on the news thats happening these days*

And i could start looking for books for my assignment.

So many choices so little time!



Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ooops He Did It Again.

Enuff with the insensitive remarks oredi lah. One day is fine by me. But this is twice in a week. Guess wat the lecturer said to the whole class today after our mid-term test?

"Everyone should score high marks except for one."

Then this one guy just HAD to ask who.

So the lecturer replied:

"Someone from a neighbouring country."

Wat the *beep*!!!!!!

Its bad enough being the only S'porean in the class. But he really didn't have grounds to single me out like that.

Now im seriously wondering if he's gonna penalise me.

I'm already tired after sitting for 3 consecutive papers today. Please arh don't screw up my day until like dat.

Sorry arh but gotta say [FUCK sia!]



Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Selenger to the MAX!
I have been so absent minded i tell you! I swear i thought i'd left my matriculation card in my wallet.

And lo and behold, when i reached the entrance to the library, IT WASN'T THERE!!! *fishsticks!*

I really had no choice BUT to go back to my room (which isn't a stone's throw away okay! and i had left my trusty handphone back in my room...darn it!) I basically had to trudge my way back up the hill that I just painstakingly came down from. *sia-sia aje bangun siang*

In the end, i really didnt have the time to go do watever i had to do. Reason being: the photocopy shop was still not open for biz yet! Aaaaarrrggghhhh!

And den today, my dear Dr. Subra suprised us (his semantics students) with a mid-term exam this thursday which brings the total tally for mid-sem tests this coming thurs to a total of THREE!


And! He just realised that im the only singaporean in class. Blardy hell. And he HAD to just single me out in front of the whole class and say:

"Hey, did you know that she's Singaporean?

-pauses & looks expectantly at the class & goes on-

"You should all kick her out. She's singaporean, msia's enemy."<br>

I know he meant all of it in good faith. But it still hurts. There are other students of different nationality in there also wat. Why must single me out like that. So embarassing.

I tell you my ears were burning when i left the class. Sheesh. Enough with the surprises already.

Another 3 more days till the end of the sch week. *Please hurry! My head's about to burst.*

Till then adieu.

By the way Suli if you happen to read this: If you have any worries talk to someone. Unburden yourself. k? I hate to see my friends sad! All the best with watever you have to do back in singapore this week k babe?


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Walk Like An Egyptian...

The weather has been really kind lately. Alhamdullillah. I haven't even been feeling depressed or anything. Not even a hint of PMS! Hehehhe...

I guess im still on that BSB high!

I still can't believe that i had the privelege of going to A BSB CONCERT!!!

The week has been really great.

The test that i didn't study for was in fact an open book test. Bless Dr. Umar.

And i got to see my egyptian crush. Heheheh...Right Suli, right right??

Hah...blissful i tell you. 2 days straight that i got to see him. It was quite accidental. Never even planned on meeting him there but it was pure happenstance.

Okaaaayyyy i sound like im high on helium and morphine.
I really cant help it. The weather's been positively gorgeous!
Really thankful for the good weather.
Speaking of good weather, I should really go do my laundry! Its like piling up and i've only been here like 4 days.

Oh btw, did i mention i got to see the gorgeous egyptian guy? Oh i did...hehehehe....Super Selenger
Before i make a lot of people throw up, i better move along.

More tests await me next week as usual. Registration for the next 2 semesters are coming soon. I've already done up my timetable. I have less than a year to go. I can't believe that im going to graduate soon!

Its certainly a really scarey thought. Liberating but scarey nevertheless.

Taking American history next sem. Just realised that i should have taken history as an elective subject. It would have helped me loads with literature. Anyways, it will be an audited subject but wat's more important is that im getting one of the BEST lecturers in UIA!
Prof. Dr. Bogdan Kopanski
Polish by birth but is an American citizen. The best part about taking this audited subject is that i wont have to sit for any test or even the final exam.
I loiiikkkeeee!
But the main concern is that Dr. Kopanski is a really brilliant lecturer. And after all the rave reviews that he's been getting, I really hope i get the subject.
His lectures are never boring cos he always brings videos for his students to watch!
My kinda lecturer i tell ya!

Tomorrow, one test awaits me.

Its driving me psycho. Especially the chapter on sign language.
Lets see whether i sign off from that test well.