Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Selenger to the MAX!
I have been so absent minded i tell you! I swear i thought i'd left my matriculation card in my wallet.

And lo and behold, when i reached the entrance to the library, IT WASN'T THERE!!! *fishsticks!*

I really had no choice BUT to go back to my room (which isn't a stone's throw away okay! and i had left my trusty handphone back in my room...darn it!) I basically had to trudge my way back up the hill that I just painstakingly came down from. *sia-sia aje bangun siang*

In the end, i really didnt have the time to go do watever i had to do. Reason being: the photocopy shop was still not open for biz yet! Aaaaarrrggghhhh!

And den today, my dear Dr. Subra suprised us (his semantics students) with a mid-term exam this thursday which brings the total tally for mid-sem tests this coming thurs to a total of THREE!


And! He just realised that im the only singaporean in class. Blardy hell. And he HAD to just single me out in front of the whole class and say:

"Hey, did you know that she's Singaporean?

-pauses & looks expectantly at the class & goes on-

"You should all kick her out. She's singaporean, msia's enemy."<br>

I know he meant all of it in good faith. But it still hurts. There are other students of different nationality in there also wat. Why must single me out like that. So embarassing.

I tell you my ears were burning when i left the class. Sheesh. Enough with the surprises already.

Another 3 more days till the end of the sch week. *Please hurry! My head's about to burst.*

Till then adieu.

By the way Suli if you happen to read this: If you have any worries talk to someone. Unburden yourself. k? I hate to see my friends sad! All the best with watever you have to do back in singapore this week k babe?