Friday, February 24, 2006

If only we had a car...

Then we could drive around the whole night and have loads of laughs, just us...(till we cry)

Spent the most of last night lepak-ing with the girls. Laff and talk then laffed sum was so much fun that you guys really did deserve the Secret Recipe cake.

Suli needed to change her dollar notes and i had to withdraw my money and make new lenses for my pretty peepers. And Kho just wanted to tag along. So it was a menage-a-trois.

I love. love. love. spending time with my babes. Keeps my mind off things for a while. Especially the gerls back home.

*wish i were back to spend the weekend with you guys, but alas, semantics class beckons-on saturday might i add*

So we waited for the bus which never materialised after waiting for abt half an hour. Hailed a cab. Dropped us off at the usual spot. Had to go pee badly so i went to McD's and utilised the ladies there and then drew my cash and walked to Plaza Idaman for our cakes and exchange her dollars for ringgit.

Minor set back when we got to the money changer *which i always go to* was closed. Walked about a bit. And then realised we were looking at a money changer without realising it.

Not to mention that it was a really brilliant day and i could not stop myself from smiling.

Cos Nasir's mom kindly cooked for us Ayam Masak Merah and headed to KL just in time for lunch with all of us! How nice is THAT!? Thank you so much to the Johari family for coming to KL just to feed us! Hehehehe...

After gttg our dessert and getting the moolah, we all headed to the optician to get myself a new pair of contact lenses. Lemme tell you. The guy who served us was blardy cute. Very the up to our standards...hehhehehe...We flirted with him, we checked him out and had great balls of fun!

The flirting got our appetites up so when we headed jsut next door to have our dinner and her supper. 2 thosai masalas and one naan for the 3 of us. Yum...its as good as it is back home. And the thosai is BESAR. and set us back ONLY RM2...yummy and affordable.

i wish we had more time. so we could like lepak the whole night with teh-tariks and laughter to fill us up.

Thanks so much girls.

I am gonna remember last night forever.