Sunday, December 24, 2006

Another (Busy?) Weekend

I came home haggard on a saturday morning.

Yes. I reached home on a saturday morning.

That is so NOT my style.

But thankfully its a holiday tomorrow.

I'm just envious of people who don't have classes on fridays.
(They know who they are...blueeekkkzzzz)

So despite being tired, i made my way to my grandparents house in Siglap late yesterday evening.

Took a long bus ride from yishun. Roughly a 45min bus ride.

Surprised my grandparents and they were really pleased to see me back in when am i ever NOT in singapore on a weekend?

My grandfather told me that he's going to hold a big feast on the 13th january next year. He's celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. He personally requested me to be there...that means another valid reason to come back home.

After the cookies and nuts i devoured, the loving and most adoring bf of mine picked me up after his shift and we headed to yishun for supper.

While one of my best friends is happily cavorting in marital bliss, in Bali, i am here writhing away in pain, especially in my back.

Thanks to the first swimming session. I am so bent out of shape.

Wait till i get that kickboxing vcd i've been eyeing for months.

Till then.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Best Friend's Wedding

The bride & the bridesmaid.

Have i told you how much i missed blogging?

I've been so knackered that i can't even bring myself to the pc.

That's how tired i am.

Not to mention that i've already started my swimming classes.

Oh and the whole of this week i've had mishaps with the bus service to and from KL.

My bus that was supposed to send us to KL mysteriously went bust.

The moment it reached Pudu, the bus driver (who really needs to work on his acting skills) told us that the door was spoilt.

So we had to make our way back to UIA ourselves.

Luckily i managed to share a cab with some other people.

Then yesterday, i had a problem with the journey back to singapore.

My bus which was scheduled for 10.30pm was delayed by 3 friggin' hours.

So i finally boarded the bus (which was a tourist bus: i.e. the 2x2 seats or bus persiaran) at 1.15am.

By the time i reached singapore it was already 7am.

And i had to make my way back home by MYSELF after 8 months of being pampered. Haha. Serves me right.

I reached home close to 8am. And i fell straight to bed and rose from the dead at 1.15pm.

I was knackered.


Just enjoy the pics from the wedding.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Why not?

While im still on blogging mode.

And in singapore...hehehhe...

I know i didn't really mention it to many people especially the girls.

But it is a holiday back in KL, more like Selangor, today.

Yes it is the Sultan of Selangor's birthday and i decided to celebrate it by coming home.

In the words of my mother:

"Sultan punyer birthday, dier yang sebok nak celebrate."

To each his own ma.

Anyway, someone is about to turn 22 (FINALLY!)

So i decided to make haste and be the one to wish her a day in advance and to proclaim it to the world

On my blog, no less.

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY my best bud!

While you have just turned 22, i shall have to contemplate on my 23rd birthday.

Which is coming waaaayyy tooooo fast if you ask me.

By the way, the first week of classes were a bummer.

Not to mention the amount of grief i had to go through in registering for my classes.

Research methodology and World Literature was somehow high in demand this semester.

None of the lecturers or the administrators could foresee this problem so all the sections were practically OVERFLOWING with students.

Coming from a department where lecturer to student ratio is 1:10, you can imagine the amount of problems i had to go through. The begging, pleading and coming-down-on-one-knee act to get into the required course.

Almost did not make it to World Lit. He told me that he was sorry and that i had to wait for the next LONG semester.

FYI i graduate in the short semester which is NEXT semester.

And its my last LONG semester in IIU so why couldn't he make the exception? There were other people whom he could easily bump off but no...he told me to get someone to switch with me.

Eventually, when i did get someone to switch with me, he told me that i could actually join the class since the other section that he opened was roughly the same size as the earlier section.


So this semester, i'll be coming face to face with Prof. Quayum again. Although he isn't officially lecturing the classes and grading us, he will come around some time or other to give us lectures.

So no more case of the fainting student like last semester.

So what does it feel like to be a senior?

Especially since all the other seniors are gone.

Well, its not half bad. Its just that you have to watch what you say and do because you don't want people to accuse you of doing things where the younger students might follow.

Especially when people misconstrue a lot where i belong.

So this semester, i think i'll see a quieter me

Okay now you all know im lying...hohoho

Quieter maybe but i'll probably carry the same amount of zeal as i've always done before.

I am missing some Kak An and Kak Y. And all the other seniors that graduated a looong time ago.

Like Kak CT and Kak D.

It seems really quiet without the whole lot of them now.

Well then, its up to us to make a whole lot of hullabulloo this time round.

I hope i'll be missed this much when i'm not in IIU anymore.



I know, i know...

Me & the AI girlies

I owe like a gajillion photos.

There haven't been much photos here, well, cos blogger can be very un-cooperative.

As you all know.

But nevertheless.

I still lurp you many-many k Blogger?

Now i'll just let the photos do the talking...

The childhood friend getting married next week!

Our other halves.

The Baduts as Huda calls them.

My latest find: This chic looking bag frm Bugis St.

2007 i'm looking forward to...

With this brand spanking new planner which i bought at Berjaya Times' Square's Borders.

For a waaaayy tooo high price of RM49.90.

But it does look pretty.

The friend that got hitched last week: Congrats again Imran n Mysha

Me and the girlies again.

Oh well. There are OTHER photos from the digicam that i have yet to upload into the pc.

The Laptop is resting well inside me pink cupboard in the hostel.

The laptop needs its rest before i get to work and have my baby switched on at all hours.

Have your rest okay baby.

6 DAYS to HER big day.

And i'm the one all excited!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Back to School.

Yes. I've gone back.

Back to eating in polystrene boxes.

Loving every moment that i have become a senior.


Spare me.

I feel ancient.

Although i am looking forward to attending classes like world lit and discourse analysis.

Not so much of research methodology and the english for academic purposes.

More writing.

Well at least i am comforted by the fact that i can write well by the end of my studies InsyaAllah.

In the mean time.

Its onward to the library for my lit. texts.

I miss you baby.


Counting the days to next thursday.

Meanwhile. Let the mayhem begin.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I passed!

I got one A.

Alhamdullillah. I think that was the most critical paper i had to sit for and i proved that i have a critical eye.

Thank you Dr. Faridah! Lup u many-many!

Comp. App. okay lah. I guess i deserved the grade. But i feel i should have gotten the A.

Plus i had that non-sleeping episode for that paper.

And it was the only time that i didn't sleep properly.

See how anxious i was for the paper?

Sociolinguistics was great.

I want to thank Ruwaida for the brilliant work she did with the e-portfolio. I think that's what gave me the grade.

Although i was kinda upset with the grade i got for American Lit.

Okay i guess i was deserving of that B+ I slacked off a little on that paper.

Now what shall i ask of daddy and mummy?

I have worked hard haven't i?

So some monetary reward should do nicely...

Plus i desperately need a pair of new black pants and a few new tops.

A pair of cute shoes wouldn't hurt either.


Did i mention that i passed my Usul Fiqh also?

Dr. Sandra is one kind soul. She saved my ass. Literally.

So i have to continually work hard to improve that CGPA.

I saw an improvement.

An improvement of 0.063

That's how menial and meagre the increment has been.

Another semester to slave and slog my ass through.

Its been fun. And im going to miss it.

Especially the pasar malam Wednesdays and the Haji Tapah tom yam.

This entry is dedicated to my seniors Kak An and Kak Y.


Sunday, November 26, 2006


Drumroll please...

The results are going to be released on 28th of November

Oh grrreeeaaattt....

More waiting to do.

Page Cannot Be Opened.

Okay, i've been trying and trying for almost an hour.

And the page refuses to load.

What page?

Aiyah the dreaded results page lah what else.

*her {the 22 + 2.2-ed one} says:
dun kancheong la

Kancheong Queen, I am.

Ask anyone from secondary school and jc, they will tell you its true.

I am so Kancheong, it gave me the title 'Mother Hen' in JC.

Yeah lah, how not to.

Being class rep. to a bunch of pple who were rowdy and refused any form of authority made me into that 'Mother Hen'.

Back to the kancheong-ness.

I mean, how NOT to be kancheong you tell me.

This exam determines whether i'll go up to 4th year and this will determine everything.

God-willing, it will turn out the way its supposed to.

Oh and by the way, Congrats to a Mdm Sarah Sharmini Rajan-(hubby's name i do not know).

Sorry i couldn't make it to your wedding.

Raincheck yeah?


Thursday, November 23, 2006

2.2% End of Year Bonus for Civil Servants.

So anak-anak 'gahmen' ku....

More like kawan-kawan ku yg berkhidmat pada negara.

On top of the hols that you are having, plus pay, you still get a 2.2% bonus.

*sits and wails like a baby*

I will be sitting here waiting k?

Waiting for what you ask?

Waiting for kind souls to save my broke behind.


So Zak...please fulfill my wish hor.

A wish Secret Recipe, Swensens or Anatolia can only fulfill.

Shereen kalau nak join in lagik best...hohhoho


On another note:

No wonder my mother is getting her bedroom done up!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Water anyone?

At home again.



I can hear the people moaning.

What? She's sick again?


I came down with a bad fever on saturday.

I had chills and slept with a sweater, socks on my feet and a blanket and i was still chattering.

Then on sunday i had a terrible tummy ache.

And the flatulence ensued on monday.

Extremely SMELLY flatulence.

I almost got chased out of the house by my siblings last night.

I suspect food poisoning.


My uncle says i have a stomach made in taiwan.


Oh and today, my pipes sprung a leak.

So there's no water. And i have a ton of dishes waiting for me in the sink.

The aftermath of lunch.

So now dad's at the supply store looking for a mixer tap

-cos one side of the mixer tap kind melted on the inside thanks to years of wear and tear-

and the water can't be turned back on, else i'd like my house to go into the record books for being the first house in the world on the fourth floor to go underwater.

So, its back to the waiting game again.

Can i just say that this is one of the most boring breaks i've had in long while!?

Kho, can you bring your brother here so he can play with Adam and we can chill out together.

Anyone else wanna bring their siblings too???

Instead of DaddyDaycare, it'll be Sisters Inc.


Thursday, November 16, 2006


Yes lahhhh...exams are over!

And yes, its a 2 week hiatus from ingesting food from polystrene boxes.

*phew* what a relief!

I've missed home.

What better way to come home and have your little brother salam you and give you a hug!

I missed that monster.

Oh yes, of course i missed that OTHER monster.

My other-tembam half!

What better way but to pinch his cheeks! Hohohoho...

Yeah, so the first half of the exam was not so bad.

I was pretty sure i could answer most of the questions.

And then, i had to sit for the really, really, really hard Usul Fiqh paper.

Are you kidding?

The MCQs and true & false questions were the ones that stumped me.

And then there were the essay questions.

4 questions answer any 3.

I answered the one about the definitions on usul fiqh, the literal and the technical definitions as well as the hukm al-shar'i and the different branches of wajib.

Betcha didn't know there were many sub-divisions of wajib did you?

And after that, i really got stumped.

There were 2 more essay questions:

i) Maslahah mursalah

ii) Istishab

memanglah byk sgt MASALAH dengan dua soalan ni

After i exited the exam hall, there was a sigh of ultimate relief.

I barely answered the last essay question. No point in GORENG-ing something which you have barely any clue about.

So yeah....i was about to collapse in complete hysterics if not for Kho.

And then we giggled all the way back to her room.

What's done is done and cannot be undone.

So now i'll be crossing toes, legs, fingers, eyes and what ever else i can cross for the results.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunday, November 05, 2006

See U Soon...

See the dates that have been struck off?

A measly two examinations only done.

I still have days of waiting and longing to be home again.

To see my youngest brother (who passed his maths paper)

He's chuffed. Cos he's got a new carrom board.

The actual deal was for him to get 75 and above for his maths paper. he got a 72 instead.

But i guess mom relented cos he improved a lot.

All that shouting and screaming to get him to sit at the dining room table to do his maths revision actually did some good.

And then of course i want to savour the good home made food. Again. and again. and again.

I swear i will never get sick of home made food.

Eating out of polystrene boxes for the past 3 years has definitely done some good to the soul.

And of course to spend time with family, friends and the boyfriend.

And weddings!

A few weddings to attend to this December!

Can't wait!!!!!

Oh and congrats Kak D and Kak Faezah on your bundles of joy! (that will be received next year of course!)

Wish me luck for the rest of the papers k?

Send me your prayers!


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One down, five more to go.

I'm done with one paper.

Alhamdullillah, the questions were answerable.

I could do all the 5 questions posed (although we had to choose just four).

I still have 5 more subjects. I think i can pull through.

Lets pray and hope so.

This is just killing my mood for Eid.

On another note:

I got left behind again.

There never was a mould for me to fit in.

Guess you know why now huh.

Enjoy the rest of Eid.

I'll be back.

For sure.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Yeay yeay!

The pix are out!

Here's a teaser.

Apparently blogger is on strike.

So, NO teaser.


Click HERE for more pics.



Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Irked. With a Capital 'I'.

I know i shouldn't.

Why should i in the first place?

I guess 'cos i'm really hurt.

In case no one noticed the long deadlines
-granted that those were only for the month of september & october-

I have truly been busy.

And if i wasn't, i was tired.

Really tired.

I think the people that saw me the most were my room-mates,

-who i am truly grateful for cos they kept me sane-

and my BENL classmates.

And it really doesn't help when you live in seclusion on top of a hill.

And the rest are all staying close together.

I still don't understand why I have to explain myself.

Why am i taking offence then?

I guess i just want to appease myself.

So much for wanting to prove to my parents that i can balance my love life with school work.


But im glad everything worked out the way i wanted it to.

Now i'll just have to get the grades for Finals.

And possibly make the Dean's list this semester?


Allah is Most Gracious & Most Merciful



Thursday, October 19, 2006

Three Cheers!

Hurrah for me.

Notice all the striked off deadlines? free(temporarily)!

The sucky part is that i have to sit for exams in 2 weeks time.

In the midst of Eid.


And guess who's HOME!?


We had a chartered bus to pick us all up from campus. And straight into singapore.

And the bus was brand new!

Wonderful ain't it?

But early this morning when the bus pulled into the Johor checkpoint, i'd just woken up.

I was a bit blur like sotong.

So i grabbed what i thought was my passport and lo and behold, when i walked up the escalator,

-Yes pple, we had to walk up the escalator cos it wasn't working-

I noticed that i wasn't holding my passport but my WALLET.

I felt like a BADUT i.e. clown

Ran back to the bus which fortunately had not driven off yet. Thank God.

So yes, early in the morning at 4am i was behaving like a clown.

But im safely home.

With laptop, books, papers, baju raya, kasut raya all in tow.

Looks like we'll be Raya-ing with the haze next week.

Well then. I'll be off.

Ramadhan Mubarak...watever's left of it. Enjoy the last bits of Ramadhan while you can cos you never know when it's your last.



Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I lost my great grandfather to acute myocardial infection last thursday night. Alhamdullillah, dier pergi pada hari yg baik dan bulan yang baik juga.

I rushed back to n.sembilan to attend the funeral rites.

Everyone was there.

Its strange how we all wait until someone passes away or until disaster strikes to get together.

Its sad but unfortunately true.

Alhamdullillah, the late Jaafar bin Othman was laid to rest at tanah perkuburan in felda sendayan.

Semoga dia ditempatkan dengan orang² yg beriman. InsyaAllah.

I still remember the days when the house was still all wood.

How we (my cousin's and i) would visit my great grandparents @ sendayan.

We would run up and down the stairs of the old wooden house.

Play with mercun, bunga api and meriams come Ramadhan and the night of Syawal many² moons ago.

That was when my great grandma (my grandma's mum) was still alive.

Then we lost her one day, out of the blue while she was performg the subuh prayer.

Still with her forehead on the prayer mat

Alhamdullillah, i think i've been very blessed to have met my great grandparents, both my grandma's parents and my grandfather's mother.

Not many pple have that privelege of meeting them.

I was really sad to see him go. All his grandchildren especially.

And my grandma. Well after seeing her that day, i feel like she was getting a bit distraught.

I'm so worried about her.

So many lessons that i learnt that day at the funeral.


I'll be back soon after the wave of presentations and assignments die down.

waiting for the blogging mojo (copyright Zak) to come back


Monday, September 25, 2006

So little time.

Like the title says. So little time. But so many things to say and do.

I have only one brain and a pair of hands.

Sometimes i wonder if i could double the workload if i had more than a pair of hands and 2 brains.

But then again i'd look weird right?

Last weekend. Something that was anticipated finally happened.

I've finally met his parents.

And my initial thought was that: His mom hates me.


Cos she gave me a sour face when i went up to her give my salam.

But thankfully, it wasn't my doing.

It was unfortunately my bf's doing. They had a row earlier in the day and i was caught between the both of them.

I gave him an earful on the way to his house in JB with his parents.

And then...

I was left alone with the mom for about half an hour.

I thought to myself: "This is it. Its doomsday. She hates me."

And then when the bf left the house with his dad, she started to TALK to me! *grins*

She talked and regaled about the past, my bf and his stubborn streak and whatnot.

It was fun. I was laughing all the way.

And then when he returned. She put back her sour face back on.

I gave him another earful on our way back to Singapore.

So that was Friday.

On Saturday, the whole Sesth family rallied together, to finally paint the grimy walls.

First it was my dad, my sis, my bro, me and little adam (who has finally lost both his front teeth, so he will be toothless in the Raya photos this year.)

And then there were three.

It was up to my 15 yr old bro and my sis and me to finish up while the parental units went to my grandad's place to celebrate his birthday.

With SGD10 per person (in exchange for painting the walls), we painted and painted and painted until we could paint no more.

And literally fell into an exhausted heap in front of the television.

And we ordered pizza with that SGD30

That was gd pizza i tell you.

Especially after you had painted for more than 5 hours.

Sunday was a different story altogether.

It being the first day of Ramadhan, we had to finish off the last bits of painting and get ready for all my aunts, uncles and cousins to descend to my house for iftar.

It was the best iftar of all i have to say.

I miss those family gatherings very much. Especially since everyone is growing up so fast!

I have male cousins towering high over me making me feel like a little munchkin from munchkinland.

Oh well. Lets see whether i'll make my way back to singapore this weekend for another iftar with the family.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hectic² Week.

Like i said before. This week was going to be payback week.

And indeed it has been.

First. There was the mid-term that i barely studied for.

That wasn't as bad as the assignments that i had to hand in for the week.

It was still manageable.


Then i had to scramble to do the "chat" assignment.

Blardy hell. I had so much problems with it.

First was that i couldn't print the assignment. And then i had to hand in the assignment through email. The ONLY one in class that had that problem.

This stupid assignment made me look so bad.

And this class, it just keeps getting worse and worse.

She keeps piling on assignments. Every. Single. Week.

And she complains, saying that she has too many assignments to mark and she doesn't think that she can complete marking them on time.

If she has so many things to mark then why give us so many assignments. Correct or not?

Logical right?

Oh and there was the American literature assignment that i had to hand in yesterday.

Got only one page down on Wednesday night. Thursday night i had to make tracks and finish the whole thing up.

I remembered staring aimlessly at the computer screen not knowing what to write.

And the best thing was, the 7 thick and heavy books that i borrowed to help in the research was of NO use at all!!!!

Now i've got to lug all the books back to the library.

Dang it.

Oh and the email interview for the MSL assignment, she emailed us back only recently.

How now?

Should i still go ahead and print the email interview? Maybe i should.

Im up to my neck in problems.

Patience maryam, patience!


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I don't mean i got wasted though. But most of my break was. I only spent a total of two and a half day's up and about.

Went to Comex, met the bf to apologize over a stupid blowout we had on the 1st of sept, and then on sunday, i went for 2 weddings, one soccer match, a housewarming and then a quick zip down to JB to get some petrol down into baby Getz's hungry little (not so little actually) tummy.

And i was hacking badly on Sunday.

And i distinctively remember being sick the previous two months.

I've done nothing but swallow all these small little pills and nada. I still get sick.

Thanks to the little brother, i caught some nasty little bug and then fell tremendously ill starting monday, the 4th of september. It was only on the 6th of september that i went to the doctor. Needless to say, the doctor's were alarmed. Hospitalization was on the cards. And i simply didn't want to hear a single thing about going to the hospital and so i settled for 2 days worth of mc.

Which meant that i didn't go back to school on thursday, the 7th of september.

Made my way back to KL only on friday and then the rest is history.


Oklah, bleh tahan. Managed to pull through and get slightly better to watch the race, just in time. If not then burn lah the RM50 tix that the love bought for me.

I would LOVE to go again next year.

Got so much eye candy!

Ahakz, if only i were single again that day...(joking only k Sayang?)

So what did i do most of the time back home during the mid-semester break?


All swaddled in a sweater plus comforter and socks on my feet.

I was a sorry sight.

Even my mom let me sleep in.

I so did not enjoy the chalet at Aloha Loyang. Family was there. No bf though. Just family and tonnes of food.

Me? I could only manage a hotdog, a stick of fishballs, one measly bbq chicken, 5 sticks of satay & 2 kuih lopes. And 5 drinks.

Thats it.

It was pathetic.

I shouldn't have even left the house.

And mind you, NO assignments were done.

And so this week is definitely payback time. 1 midterm (thankfully over with) and 2 assignments, one more due this friday before im due home again for my medical appointment.

I pray this will be over soon.

Cos there's the saturday and sunday to look forward to!


Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Well Deserved Break?

Yahooooooo, its the mid-term break, oh well, even if it only lasts till the 6th of Sept, i am truly thankful for its presence.

I am behind on my schoolwork.

Yes, this time its very behind.

I mean the school work.

Not my behind.

I'm worn out, even though i don't have that many late afternoon classes at all this september i mean semester and the fact that i spend a lot of time in my room instead of the library.

I'm afraid that if i do go to the library, my eyes will wander and look at all the beautiful (and handsome) bounties that Allah has to offer.

So to curb these prying eyes, i am content to curl up in the cosiness of my colourful room.

Back to the issue of my schoolwork.

Yes, i sent in one assignment the day after the deadline, one that cost me 2 marks. I guess its well worth it unless i wanted to hand in a crap piece of assignment.

Everyone in the group was slacking. I think the pemalas attitude has caught up with everyone of us.

I now have my computer applications assignment to think about, american lit. (due on the 15th), my msian & singapore lit assignment due the same day as the comp. app. one which is the 7th.

i am scared to think/mention (about) any other deadline.

Not to mention the 2nd round of mid-terms that will take place after the break.

i. shudder. at. the. thought. of. it.

oh, and i just got back my first mid-term for my Usul-Fiqh

I was pleasantly surprised by the marks that i got.

maryam + great results for Usul Fiqh = UNBELIEVABLE!

and somehow, my father didn't seem that impressed. and here i thought her filial and dutiful daughter did him proud. im trying to prove that my r/ship won't get in the way of my studies here.

It only makes me wanna TRY HARDER.

yes, maryam is always wanting to please people. sometimes i can't say no. i can't say no when it comes to pleasing my parents. at least i think i try to say no.

argghhhh, im missing the boyfriend.

he wasn't in a talkative mood last night. after dinner that is.

he was so sleepy. luckily he didn't fall asleep at the wheel.

*note-to-self: make sure i don't go out till late if its a working day for him the following day.


remember i said i didn't want to mention anymore assignments?

i just remembered 2 more. >_<"

my error&contrastiveanalysis and computerapplications e-portfolio.

i. am. going. to. get. fried.

i need to put something up on the side bar.

something to constantly remind me of my (im)pending (doom)assignments.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Meet The Parents Session: 1

Yes, the inevitable has already happened.

The love has finally met the parents. He was no doubt a bundle of nerves.

I think i handled it well. I think he handled it well.

My father was the really chatty one.

He practically bombarded the love with 1001 questions.

I must say, he was really well prepared. Thank God.

The perks of having an experienced boyfriend in a meet-the-parents session

Not much comment after the whole event. But i am sure they're going to talk about it the next 3 days, now that my grandma is in town.

I wonder how that will turn out.

I am going to get my grandparents to come down to KL over the weekend. There's lots to do. So many activities this Convest '06.

I hope it wont be a disappointment like the previous year's fiesta.

Now, i better get back to work.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Headlines: PMS Strikes Again!

Enough about my red and white panties already.

I am in a sour mood, although i don't want it to get in the way of my studies this week.

Yes, for Maryam, studies come slowly, one pace at a time (or in this case one week at a time).

Thank you darling for putting up with my lousy mood.

I'm really sorry for not being my usual self. Really, thank you.

I think he's realised how I am so not myself when i have to deal with my moodswings.

I think it started on Saturday night when i was so flummoxed by the setting (read: East Coast) so you can imagine the hoardes of people that were in the area. Not to mention the 2nd wave of revellers that headed down to East Coast after the fireworks display over the weekend.

I think he realised how cranky i got and put me in my place before i became a monster.

The walk by the beach (in my baju kurung by the way cos i was from a wedding) did me some good. Alhamdullillah.

And then yesterday, i totally bawled in public okay. Hullo? Maryam tak pernah nangis in public!

I got told off for something i didn't do wrong. I just kept silent. Then when he tried to pujuk me i swear, i totally lost the plot. I thought i wanted to jual mahal a bit but then, hahaha, my not so pretty moods came up.

Needless to say, he was panicking.

"Eh don't cry, don't cry. Sorry Bie. Dah lah, orang tgkkan tu..."

At that point in time, i already had my palms covering my eyes and i was wracked with sobs.

Stupid PMS. Makes me look so bad.

So paisey okay? First time i cry like that in front of boyfriend some more.

Well, needless to say, guys get really scared and panicky when their girlfriends start to cry.

Believe me. Its tried & tested (unintentionally of course!)


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Day Cramps

This is Captain Selenger reporting for duty (yet again)

I am so gundu sometimes.

I swear i thought the short story assignment was due on thursday. I was so sure of it.

Until someone in class yesterday reminded Prof. Quayum about the assignment. Yes, then i had to run to the lab, finish one last paragraph and run upstairs to get it printed.

Luckily i spent over 3 hours on monday night typing most of the assignment.

Me and my complete dumb moments.

And last night i started with my swimming class. I think i H.A.V.E really cramped muscles. 15 mins of swimming laps is tiring. Especially since i've been out of it for so long.

But i must say, the girls in my swimming class are really friendly. Nice to know that about them. Makes class more enjoyable.

*Note to self: Remember to stretch the arms a little bit more unless you want to feel excruciating pain even when you're not doing anything.

And here i am typing this entry in the customary red and white colours.

Yes, yes. So patriotic right?

I dunno, but this year, i feel like some of the magic is lost.

This is the 2nd time round that im missing the parade on tv. Boo hoo.

And YES it makes a difference when you're in someone else's country, not to mention that you DON'T get a national holiday.

And you hate knowing that your boyfriend is still in bed sleeping away.

Really. It feels like injustice is being done here.

But anyway, i'll still be able to catch the re-run of the NDP on tv i guess. But its never the same.

But one thing im sure of is that i'll be watching the fireworks come saturday.

That's one thing im definitely sure of.

But lemme tell you a secret.

I'm even wearing red and white striped underpants. Hehehehehe


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekend Respite

Busy weekend. Very little studying. Especially with regards to my sociolinguistics mid-term that i sat for last night.

Most of the weekend was spent at home or with the love.

Most of the time it was me at home. Watching lots of tv.

Lots of it.

Then it was me and the love spending some quiet time at this little cosy eatery at Jalan Pahang, close to the Arab Street eating establishments.

This cosy litle nook called Al- Sheik's to be precise.

We sat upstairs where we dined in a cosy ambience of dimmed lights, red walls (reflecting the mediterranean/arab cuisine) and surrounded by plump cushions. It felt posh. But the prices were really affordable. Less than SGD30 for two people.

We both had fun just talking and talking, watching the people pass by below us and listening to the fireworks go off.

It was too romantic for words.

That was saturday. And that was the day that my parents got a new toyota delta.

They've downgraded from the Kia Carens to suit the family budget (thanks to rising oil prices & erp prices). So we're all going to have to squeeze into a sedan next time round the whole family decides to get together. Which i must say that there is always one or the other mising from the Sesth clan. It's either me or my sister. Go figure.

I am proud to welcome the new toyota delta into the family. (i have yet to take a ride in it)

Sunday, i attended OUR first wedding together. Its a big deal to me (although many might think its kachang)

It means that he's introducing me to all his friends. Which i must mention was never the case for any of my previous relationships.

Nerve wrecking i tell you.

After that, we headed to Jurong Point to shop for a vcd that Dianne asked me to look for, Army Daze, my favourit-est local movie.

Bumped into my sister and then we bumped into his sister. And eventually he sent me home where he went off for his soccer match later that evening.

I was at home doing some reading (or not).

And yes, i did type an entry the previous day which got wiped out mysteriously by blogger thank you very much.

And i was up last night to write my American lit assignment. All the way till 2am in the morning. And i had class at 8.30am.

One can only wonder how i manage to air-lift my lazy bum off the warm and cosy comforts of the bed.

Well, then, this Apple computer doesn't seem to want me to continue with my American lit short story assignment thanks to the lack of USB ports on this thing. So then, i'll take my leave. (my stomach is rumbling for breakfast)


Sunday, August 06, 2006

1.Do the following without complaint
2.Choose 6 bloggers to do this upon completion
3.Leave a tag on the 6 tagboards to announce she has been tagged.
4.Start your entry with "I've been tagged!" then do the following.



colour: Brown, Gold, Silver, Black, Red
food: Anything Mediterranean & Mom + Grandma's cooking
song: RnB, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock Ballads
movie: Braveheart
sport: Floorball & Futsal
season: Summer
ice cream flavour: Rasperry Ripple


mood: bored + tired
taste: craving something sweet
clothes: Baju kurung from the wedding I attended earlier today
desktop: A pic of the Love and Me
toe nail colour: au Natural
surroundings: the computer screen
annoyance: my brother knocking insistently at the door.
thoughts: Meeting the love later today to go to JB


best friend: Liza (back in Pri. Sch)
crush: Oh God thisis so embarrassing. Shahrizal (WPS, '93)
movie: The Little Princess
lie: hehe...too many
music: can't remember


cigarette: N.A
drink: orange squash
car ride: a little under 4 hours ago
crush: the infamous Prince Of Egypt
movie: The Ant Bully
phone call: the Love
cd played: Avril Lavigne's 2nd album

Have I Ever:

dated one of your best friends: No
broken the law: No.
A gd galbeen arrested: No
skinny-dipped: No
been on tv: Yes
kissed someone you dont know: No

5 things you are wearing:

my hair tie, contact lenses, baju kurung and my underthings
4 things you done today: shower, eat, go to a wedding, shop for vcd
3 things you can hear right now: the cars below, the tv downstairs and the fan whirring
1 thing you do when your bored: Daydream

6 ppl whom I want to do this thing: Suli, Kho, Umairah, Seri, Azimah, Zakiah.


Thursday, August 03, 2006


6 Years Ago (2000)

She feverishly studied for her O Levels everyday till October. Staying back in school for extra classes. History, literature, maths, physics. You name it.

Ten year series was very popular back then. One for every subject. Sometimes two.

Books dominated the little space on the naked table.

She would take off for Burger King with her other mates if school proved to be a pain that day.

Nothing could perk her up better than a Whopper.

White, green and grey amidst the other hues could be found in that eating establishment everyday. Some could be found up till closing time sometimes.

The O Levels came and went, results were collected and she wasn't disappointed. (Or so she thought)

5 Years Ago (2001)

A new chapter. Trying to forget the past. New surroundings. New friends. But she still stuck with the familiar.

Some left for the polytechnic, others opted to go to junior colleges and there was the minority that immediately went into the job market.

Demanding subjects, tutors that proved to be a pain in the neck for her.

She vaguely remembers the number of times that she was actually present in class.

2 years passed and she found herself sitting in the examination hall for the A Levels.


Well, that was another story altogether.

3 Years Ago (2003)

She found herself employed in the remotest part of the island. Ratio of men to women, 1:8.

Luckily, transportation was provided.

6 months came and went and no replies came.

Devastation engulfed her.

Not to mention her private life was in tatters.

Naive and trusting. The two characters in her life that would dominate her life for the next year or so.

Throwing herself into work didn't prove to be helpful. She was filled with void and would drown herself in the many hurtful memories.

A little sadistic maybe?

You be the judge.

2 Years Ago (2004)

Renewed hope. School was where she felt she really belonged. I imagine that she only thrived.

Although there was one craving that she could not feed.

Allah tests his subjects in many ways.

Ups and downs. Celebrations, examinations engulfed her.

It was the best and worst times of her life.

She still searched for solace. And sometimes in the most worrying manner.

Why she did so, I can't imagine.

One Year Ago (2005)

It proved to be her most trying times. Trying to strive for her goals and making the best of circumstances.

But i think she must have thought that she wasn't putting in her best effort.

Everyone feels that way don't they?

She often wondered why she put herself there. It was questionable to everyone. Even to her parents even if they didn't say it explicitly.

Soon, she realized that she was remaining true to herself. It was her only ounce of respect left in her soul.

July 2006

6 years elapsed and she saw herself grow up.

Naivety and trust were thrown away.

The sands of time proved that she was getting mature.

Lets hope so.

Cos everyone loves a happy ending don't they?


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heat Wave

Okay the electricity on my floor in my hostel is bonkers. Seriously!

Last night, the fans in our rooms and all the other rooms on our floor in fact kept going on and off. It seemed like a poltergeist was having some fun at our expense.

Lucky for all of us, last night was pretty cold. So to do without the fan was actually a blessing.

However, the sweltering heat has caught up.

And sitting in the room with no whirring fan is no fun at all.

I took a shower when i came back from class and i was perspiring soon after. I hope that the electricity will come back soon.

Oh, the bane of modern convenience.

Anyway, the weekend at my grandparent's was very relaxing. Although i did come down with a nasty bout of stomach cramps seeing that it was that-time-of-the-month.

My grandparents had neglected to tell me that they were renovating and expanding their kitchen. And truth be told, for a kampung house, i think they're kitchen is going to be pretty grand.

And might i add, they just came back from a holiday in Turkey!

So my doting grandparents picked me up (yes i was travelling solo since no one else could make it) from the Seremban Bus Terminus and my grandma suggested that we go to the newly renovated and refurbished A&W nearby.

I honestly felt like i was the only grandchild. old already still want to manja-manja. Chet! S.H.A.M.E.L.E.S.S.

So we had waffles with ice-cream, curly fries and a root beer float. Lovely.

We reached home close to 6.30pm. I headed right to my favourite room where the canopied bed awaited me. Come to think of it, i hadn't gone back for about 4 months or so.

Remember i said i wanted to snap many, many pictures?

That soon became non-existent at all, considering the mess at the back of the house and my lousy demeanour.

I only managed to snap pics of little Ika and her kakak, Comel.

Little Ika in her most adorable pose

Something is wrong with Blogger. What else is new right? So i guess you'll just have

make do with this one pic of Ika.

Once Blogger resumes normalcy, then i'll post pics of Comel.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Its been a long week...

Okay, so i didn't really get off to a good start this week. But i guess all's well now.

The love and me have come to compromise. Yes, the honeymoon is over and I'm going to have to work at it.

Compromise, that's what's gonna move us along.

So besides the relationship issues, there's been 2 assignments that were due this week. One on monday (the one which i TOTALLY forgot about the whole time i was in singapore) and then i rushed to complete it during the one hour break. I was hacking away at my laptop in the HS cafe.

Me and my complete selenger-ness

The second one, was the book review, the one that i was procrastinating on. I am terrible sometimes. But so far alhamdullillah, its been pretty manageable.

I already had a major presentation today. I thought me and Alia were going to nail it but unfortunately it blew up in our faces.

I guess that's what you get when you get a little over-confident.

Just a little okay.

I even sneaked a peek at Zak's lesson plan, but i guess i needed a little more help in that department.

So what happened during the presentation? She b.l.e.w us off. Okay maybe blew off was not the correct word to use but im still upset. She kept harping at it over and over again. I mean, cmon gimme a break, the first group didn't even H.A.V.E a lesson plan to begin with.

Needless to say i was kinda depressed after the lesson. And let me tell you, it does not help a single bit when you are PMS-ing.

So, i have 2 more assignments to hand in, in 2 weeks time. InsyaAllah it will be fine.

I have to mention that i got an interesting assignment by Prof. Quayum. He let us hand in 5 poems or a short story! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Of course im handing in a short story.

I S.U.C.K at poetry. If you could see the things i write. It makes no sense at all. So much for being the next John Donne. But if there were ever poetry that i could understand, it would be the metaphysical poetry. Excellent stuff.

So now there is the challenge of looking for a theme, the narrative, the characters that i plan to have in my short story. I hope all goes well. Pray for me.

Maryam the aspiring writer.

Sounds good.

This weekend i'll be spending some time with my maternal grandparents at N. Sembilan. It will be a wonderful change. Thank God.

I need some peace. No handphone ringing. Somewhere where no one can contact me (although i will still be talking to the parental units and the bf on the fixed line of course!)

So it'll be just me and the grandparents. And my lovely little Ika and Comel. I miss my two little "adopted" cousins!

This time im armed with a proper digicam so i'll snap away.


Monday, July 24, 2006

My favourite rule to break...

Rule number one: Never Procrastinate.

And often times its the first rule that i throw out the window.

Here i am, chained at my desk in my room, supposedly writing out a book review that's due for tomorrow, and i just lost it.

My second paragraph is crap, and i can't sit still.

I am going to throw myself out the window one of these days.

The love is mad at me for something that i really don't think i have anything to apologise for.

So why the hell do i feel so guilty?

The backstreet boys are crooning in my ear, and i watched like a whole 7 episodes of desperate housewives (season 2) on dvd. Thanks to Firah.

But somehow i feel crummy.

Did i tell you i went to the doctor's office over the weekend? I have a sore throat and a chesty cough. It sucks so bad to be under the weather.

And i feel like im coming down with a fever. My body feels a little warmer than usual. Even after my shower i had a couple of hours ago.


Oh, and to the jerk that made my weekend miserable, go to hell and rot there!

Why is it that he's out of life but still manages to make me miserable.

I wish i had gotten the chance to clobber his head.

Oh well.

Good times never last forever do they?

P/s: Happy Belated Birthday to Shahidah! The one who brought me and the love together. I wish you the best 22nd bday and i hope that whatever u wish for will come true! InsyaAllah!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Back where im supposed to be.

Its still a busy, busy week. What the hell was i thinking when i added all those courses!

I have to finish reading a novel by this week and write a book review this weekend for Malaysian & Singapore Literature. My first written assignment of the semester.

I have yet to check out the URL on the e-portfolio for the error & contrastive class and there's so much readings to be done!

Have mercy on me please.

I reached my hostel at 5am and had a class to attend at 9am. I'm surprised i was able to wake up that early.

Oh God i have an American Lit. class tomorrow. Readings, readings.

I am coming home this weekend. Yay!

I still can't believe im in this mess this semester.

Slowly but surely i guess.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

What The Hell...

I just watched Christina Aguilera perform her latest single "Ain't No Other Man But You".

I am blown away by just how powerful her voice is!

And she's so TINY! And i mean TINY! She's like an American size 2!

I wonder where she gets all that power to belt out a song like that!

She has just proven to me all over again how much i prefer her over Britney.

Britney can't sing for NUTS.

What she does best is...getting pregnant! Harhar.

I'll be going back tonight. Boo-hoo. I can't bear leaving the love now.

Now im having separation anxiety!

Can i come back next week??? Pls?


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Preview of pics

Nice pics arent they? Now, to get them into fotopages...

That'll probably take a little while too.


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Friday, July 14, 2006

Well Worth The Wait!

the Jules Rimet cup seen with Buffon and Cannavaro

Its been an exhilarating week so far. With classes in full swing. You won't believe the kind of packed schedule i'll be facing this semester. I'm almost sorry for having my bf to put up with me.

Pls excuse me for the lack of updates. I've been really bz with class and I am currently internet-less these days. Although that may all change by next week when i sign up for the wireless service in my hostel.

I am EXCITED to announce (albeit a bit late) that ITALY have snatched the world cup from right underneath the Frenchmen's noses. I'm not sorry for Zidane at all. He deserved it. If he really were a world class player, then he would have just let the comments slide. He could have just shoved Materazzi back. Even i would approve. But that head butt? What were you thinking? Honestly, i think he caused the French to be lacklustre right after his dismissal. Too bad really.

Who cares when ITALY have won!

Totti hamming it up with the Cup

I also lost my voice for screaming at the top of my lungs during that high intensity game. I still sound hoarse.

I have also fallen in love with my department all over again. I knew I've always wanted to do english lang. and lit. As you go up the ladder in due course, you get all the wise lecturers. The ones that are so passionate about what they are lecturing about. That even when you're bored, you end up sitting up straight in class and you're all ears.

I'm sad that im going to be graduating soon.

No more late night soccer with the girls. No more renting the car to learn how to drive in the empty parking lot. No more late nights studying hard with the roomies. No more maggi noodles (thank God!) and no more listening to great lecturers.

Well there is something to be happy about.

The incompetent administration!

Good riddance!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Fruitful Day

I spent most of the day at Swissotel @ Raffles today attending my very first charity event hosted by PPIS.

Kudos to the organizing committee for making it a very memorable experience for me. The food was great, the entertainment even more so!

Did i mention there was Taufik Batisah? I noe that he is so passe these days but i still need my local dose of "taufik-ism".

Rahimah Rahim (senior) was there performing as well and R. Ismail too (although many didn't bat an eyelid while he performed). The kids performances were ADORABLE. Kids, anyhow they perform also they will still look adorable. Bah!

I even got to revisit old memories back at the old PPIS Playfair centre

-waaaayyyyy back then-

when mdm nadhirah koyakutty was my nursery teacher. she has fond memories of my class cos it was the 1st batch of students that she ever taught there. not to mention that she kept in contact with my mom. so she remembers me! i cant believe that my nursery teacher remembers me. must be eons and yonks ago!

I managed to get pics of her and my sis' kindergarten teachers. haiz. wat fond memories.

Pics will have to wait. My USB cable is has suddenly gone MIA.

But let me assure u, there were plenty.

And did i mention that i got to shake hands with the president's wife and talk to mdm halimah yaakob? Ahakz, the political activist in me has suddenly stirred.

Dr. Maliki Osman was also there, and even obliged with a song which he sang together with his wife. So sporting!

Right now i better catch some sleep if im to watch the match between germany and portugal.

Oh can i just mention that i am soooooo happy that italy have reached the finals!? Forza Azzurri!


Friday, July 07, 2006

Less than 2 days

The countdown has inevitably begun again.

Do i really have to go back to school!?

I was having such a blast these past 3 weeks.

Gonna miss the family. My bed. The pc. The TELEVISION!

I never get enough of the tv.

Somehow, im kinda excited about writing assignments and holing myself in the library again.

I must be MAD!

Can't Wait for the Finals in Berlin! Gonna watch it with all the girls and have a PARTY!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Need I Say More?

I missed most of last night's match (unfortunately). The alarm i set went off but i slept through it.

I was awakened by the screams of GOAAAALLLL by my brother and father. Not to mention the other screams that followed by the tenants from the opposite block.

I woke up and screamed: Oh Shit!

Quickly went downstairs and i got to watch that fabulous goal by Del Piero. Top corner shot. Lehmann didn't have a chance!

Cannavaro did a wonderful job of intercepting that pass allowing Pirlo to follow up with a pass to Gilardino. His smart little tap to Del Piero gave Italy a convincing win against the German Giants.

All i can say is:

Can't wait for the Azzurri's to play in Berlin!


Saturday, July 01, 2006

As it stands...

After a dismal and disappointing performance at the last game with Australia, Italy have come back to show that they still have grit and are able to play the game without any dirty tricks.

Today's match just goes to show how fierce they want to win this year. I think so many pple have underestimated them that they have flown under the radar to reach the semi-finals.

My dark (italian) horses.

The match agst Ukraine, which is still underway as we speak, has shown that Italy are not JUST a highly defensive machine but are able to attack with panache.

Zambrotta came out of nowhere to put Italy on the scoreboard in the first half and worked hard to defend and extend their lead as well. This right-back came thundering all the way to the front and just struck gold. Amazing! Everyone didn't expect it really. His first World Cup goal which i bet he'll cherish forever.

Back in the second half, Italy had been looking to extend their lead and it couldnt have been more timely when they were awarded with a free kick taken by Totti and headed into the net by Luca Toni. Excellent stuff.I've been dying to see Toni score. He's just excellent in the previous matches, only to be luckless all those other times.

Later on in the second half, Toni scored again with a chance created by Zambrotta. These men are on fire tonight!

Worthy mentions go out to Pirlo, Cannavaro, Gattuso & Camoranesi ( the man with the most gorgeous hair in the World Cup to date!) and all the excellent saves made by Buffon. I don't think this would have been possible at all without his goalkeeping skills. He just proves to all the critics why he's the most expensive goalkeeper time and again.

So, all i have to say is:

Yeay, yeay...Italy menang! 3-0!


Nice or Not?

Love this collage.
I will post up the pics onto my fotopages.
Hopefully by tonight.

Photos are here

I will have a late night tonight.

Italy vs Ukraine later at 3am.
What a bugger.
So late.
Well...anything for my Azzurri.


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


There is ample reason to celebrate! The Italians have made it to the final eight.

A late goal thru a penalty converted by Francesco Totti *my darling*

Talk about arriving fashionably late!

Stunning kick.

Leaving me totally breathless and just exhilarated that they've made it!

Forza Azzurri!!!


Monday, June 26, 2006


Okay, so it isn't a zoo-athon but considering i went about like once every year since 2004, i think it warrants as something.

I was there only about a couple of months back and yesterday when i was there, a lot had changed. There were spanking brand new exhibits!

I had been dying to see the new giraffes on display. I remember seeing them last, many, many yonks ago. So i was pretty happy that i was there to see them again. They're now housed in the 'wild africa' section of the zoo next to the ibexes.

There were new enclosures for the sea otter and binturong. *the sea otters actually posed for photographs. They were extremely obliging!*

Tapirs and babirusa were also on display in their own spot. The jaguars were happily frolicking in the water and Inuka the polar bear was doing her morning laps in the big, cold bath tub of hers.

I finally got to see an elephant show, with big matron Kumali, the matriarch of the elephant family at the mandai zoo, as star of the show. Her pink pigmentation makes her look all the more adorable.

Many of the big cats were all in lazy mode, except for the jaguars. The rest were having a mid-morning siesta aka NAP! Lazy bums. I guess they've been working way too hard at the Night Safari.

Omar the White Tiger was not looking very happy as he paced back and forth over his 2 other sleeping female companions in the late afternoon.

While the animals lunched, we had OURs at KFC in KidsWorld. My brother had his fill and quickly bounced out of sight as he delightfully climbed, slid and jumped all over the playground, leaving me and the love scarfing down the crispy chicken. Walking around the zoo is really tiring you know?

We bounced back with renewed energy (except the fact that the boyfriend was feeling under the weather and was sneezing away) and headed over to Animal World. We touched some Asses and i mean donkeys here. I think they have a new addition to the ass family meaning that the asses are widening! Ho ho ho

And the love makes very good imitations of a horse neighing. My brother tried copying it and it sounded more like 'kuda semput'.

We saw some black n white spotted cows (not like the ones me n my family are used to seeing back at the kampung, all brown and skinny) which were HUGE. I think they look like huge refrigerators.

I forgot to mention that there's also a new orchid garden with so many pretty, big, blooming, purple and pink orchids! I couldnt resist and stopped to take a photograph. The photographing sessions somewhat released the little photographer in my youngest brother and he took many beautiful shots of me n the love.

He continued snapping away till we got to the hamadyras babboons. My all time favourite animal enclosure. I think we sat there for a good 20 mins. I felt like i was watching a soap opera with many different stories on show.

We walked back all the way to the entrance and took a tram ride and the little one had his eyes all droopy. Lets just say he had a lot of fun and was wiped out.

Me, i was drained! But i came home, freshened up and left home again, this time to sentosa. Just to take a drive around the island (and accompany the bf for an interview at the transportation office)

No pics though. Nothing much to see since many places had barriers erected. So we went for dinner at Adam Rd. Yummy nasi lemak and ice kachang graced our hungry tummies.

Sunday well spent i say. Wish i could have gone with my family. I haven't exactly been spending time with the family since dad's working on shift and doesn't coincide with my mom's 5-day work week. So yeah, bummer. And right now, since school's started, i'm all alone at home now. Double bummer.

Pics soon to be posted up once i've transferred them.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sad days...



Statement to our fans from the Backstreet Boys regarding Kevin Richardson departure from the group:

"Earlier this year, after much soul searching, Kevin Richardson came to us and told us that he had decided to leave the group and pursue other interests. He gave his blessing to continue the music without him.We have no intention of replacing Kevin, and the door will always be open for him to return to the Backstreet Boys. We wish him the all the best in his future endeavors.This weekend we are returning to the studio to begin the follow-up to Never Gone, and will see you later this year with a new album."

Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and AJ McLean

Statement from Kevin Richardson

"After 13 years of what can only be described as a dream come true, I have decided that it is time to leave the Backstreet Boys. It was a very tough decision for me but one that was necessary in order to move on with the next chapter of my life. Howard, Brian, Alex and Nick will always be my little brothers and have my utmost love and support. I would like to thank the Backstreet fans for all the beautiful memories we have shared together and look forward to including you in the next phase of my life. I wish my brothers continued success and look forward to their new album."



Can i just say that i am super duper sad?

Why!? Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Friday, June 23, 2006

Gimme, gimme...

Its almost a week since i've gotten home. Almost is the key word.

I'm enjoying the holidays. Lots of time spent with the love so far. Still can't meet up with the girls cos 2 of them are busily prepping for sch which is due to re-open next week.

I've been accompanying him on his lunch breaks and we meet again for dinner. Since tuesday.

Sometimes its a bit stifling. But i guess different pple have different ways to show how much they care for you.

Now that im back home, i can actually watch ALL the matches of the world cup but alas, it is SOOOOOO BOOOOORRRRIIINNNNGGGG without the girls. No more taking down the names of all the cute players and having late night munchies with 15mins during half-time to revise for Finals.

I miss you girls lah! It will be one of those moments that i will cherish forever! But at least i'll know that i still have a year to make more memories! InsyaAllah. We should all get together to watch one of the matches together. Time permitting of course.

Hope to see you girls again soon!!!! Miss ya!

By the way, the Azzurri won 2-0 against the Czech Rep. which means that they'll be going on to the second round! Hurrah!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Football Frenzy

After the england match the other night, i stayed on to watch the following 2 matches. I even tried posting an entry that night, but the pc was feeling a tad grumpy, so my entry never got published.

Anyway it was nice to see the s'porean referee take the field. Something to calm my nerves before coming back to singapore.

I so totally loved watching the italian match!

totti my italian hunny was there! he still looks so absolutely GORGEOUS!

i could say the same for cannavaro. glad to see that he's holding the captaincy now that maldini is gone.

did u see their goals!!!!????

so far, italy has had the most convincing win. *im so happy!!!*

and i dun understand why anyone would wanna support england. wat a waste of airtime watching them play. so much theatrics. i kinda got bored by the end of the first half!

im glad brazil only won by a pathetic one goal -smirks-

lets pray we see a different team carrying the wc trophy aye?

*and pls let it not be s.korea* - im still holding that grudge from the last wc-

btw, i need to study for my paper tomorrow!!!!



Sunday, June 11, 2006


Expect eyebags of a different kind. Not the kind that stays up to study (especially with exams next wed & thurs respectively) but the eyebags that spell football fever.

I have shacked up with the peeps from the neighbouring hostel (aka Asma' & Gang or otherwise known as the TF Clan) to watch soccer. As of yesterday i have become the absolute football fanatic...cheering on teams where i barely knew the players. Kinda like an entree to the Italy matches.

Yesterday's match was great...but not as great as the match that just concluded (Sweden vs Trinidad & Tobago). That match was a heartstopper! It was worth all the sleeping time that i've sacrificed. T&T put up the most amazing display of skill that really won my attention. Not to mention you had a really great goalkeeper. That Hislop was just amazing. He seemed really calm under all that pressure that came from an attacking Swedish team that was hungry for goals the minute the whistle blew.

Another reason to watch the match was that we (Singaporean) got to watch our very own Shamsul Maidin as refree for the match! I couldn't have been any prouder. :D

Tomorrow i have to go back to my room, do some actual and serious studying. No more playing!

And to my dear Suhaili Bte Saad, thank you for letting me sleep in your bed this past 2 days! I have enjoyed your company tremendously! Love you so much! *Nanti balik bilik aku buatkan maggi tomyam PAMA eh?*

To the love, I don't know whether you will read this or not but I LOVE YOU & I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

I am now in the CyberCafe waiting for the next match to begin at 3am (Argentina vs Cote d' Ivoire) Its very tiring you know to wait and watch for the next match. And im hungry. I didnt exactly eat a proper dinner. Canteen closed early thanks to the early fans of Akademi Fantasia wanting to eat dinner while watching that variety show. Now the stomach is grumbling. Errgghhh!

Nora, you must be enjoying yourself at your workplace sambil tgk bola kan? Miss you so much lah. Biler nak datang singapore niiiii!!!!!!

To all my other soccer kaki's: Qhuzaimah, Aisyah Spec, Seri, Qadar, Ilham, Shasha....thanks for making me feel at home yeah! Love you guys!

I'm out.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Night Class

Okay, i confess. I am so bored in class right now that i am FORCED to blog.

Okay. Lame excuse i know. But i really can't help it. I'm done with all my presentations and tests and all that stuff.

Right now im in my E. Lit 3 class listening to another person drone on and on about colonialism and post-colonialism.

Haiz...i so miss HOME right now. I would give my right arm to just have a night out at Syed Restaurant right in front of my block to enjoy the tasty prata and the teh tarik. Not to mention the great ambiance and great service. Yes. I am a "kedai kopi" type of girl. My M'sian room mates can't fathom how i enjoy hanging out at Haji Tapah (mamak stall)

I need so much to be home. I can't believe that i've actually been here for about 3 weeks! In the short sem! I'm amazed myself!

Finals are next week!!!

I can't believe that finals here again.

And i haven't started revising.

And i still have the heart to go and watch soccer this weekend...and why shouldnt i? It only comes once every 4 years! World Cup baby!

Forza Italia!

I unfortunately didn't get to watch the extra scenes after the credits rolled after X-Men III...this means i'll have to catch it the MOVIES!

The grandparents are back from their turkish holiday. I am awaiting my turkish delight...i hope there are some other goodies as well *crosses fingers*

I am hungry right now.

Even after that yummy plate of kuay teow pattaya. Sooooooo seeedddaaaapppp!

And i am hungry for something...and i don't know what it is...burger maybe?

Its this damn boring class that's making me hungry...

Ciao for now.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Virginal Experience...

My dears, do not think prurient thoughts. Its just reflective of my first-ever visit to Berjaya Times Square (after studying in KL for 3 yrs). And i thought Mid-Valley Megamall was huge! Gosh...there were endless floors of shopping. But unfortunately they didnt really do it for me. There wasn't much variety and come to think of it, me and the love only hit like 7 floors.

Yes, the love was here in KL over the weekend to see how i was doing. Rather, i felt that he needed to just see me in the flesh.The past two weeks were kinda rough on the both of us, seeing that it was our first 2 weeks apart.

Another 2 weeks and he'll be here again to get me and then we'll be back in good 'ol Singapore for a 3 week break. Bless him.

So what did i do over the weekend? Besides NOT touching my books, i headed to the cinemas twice over the weekend to watch Tipah Tertipu (Saturday) and X-Men III (Sunday; courtesy of the Love's sis).

I think it was a good break for me in particular, after having to deal with the incompetent staff of the Finance Department here on campus. Can you imagine having to go to that office for five days in a row just to get my account balance, and till today they havent got it done yet. Aaaaarrrrggggggghhhhh!

And i get the brunt of having to deal with my mom! Eeeeerrrrrggghhhhh. Its enough to make me blast the office. Just now as it is, i was already raising my voice at the -incompetent- lady, who, mind you had no sense of urgency watsoever. I left by kicking the door.I love getting attention dontcha know? aaaaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhh!

Besides the stupid pple i've had to deal with, mid terms weren't exactly great. Lecturers are a killer this sem. Both me and Kho are in a rut. We'll just have to buck up for the finals then.

One more presentation and then we'll all be set for finals.

Two papers. 3 weeks of bliss back home.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Definitive Guide to “The Da Vinci Code” – the movie

I know there are some of you out there that haven’t been able to catch the movie yet.

I suggest to those that haven’t read the book to go and watch the movie before you actually read the book.

Why you may ask?

Well its ‘cos the book version and the movie version often don’t run along the same lines.

Okay, the movie did maintain the plot at the beginning but eventually towards the end, I was swamped with a resounding “HUH? Where in the world did that come from?”
For those that have read the book and watched the movie, you’ll get what I mean.

I can’t really blame Ron Howard.

Dan Brown played the greater part in producing the screenplay for the movie. So please don’t go and get all huffy with Mr. Ron Howard. He’s a fabulous director. And I think he did a fabulous job.

Okay, as a literature student who often has to rely on movies to support our understanding of the novel, the movie often turns out to be a disappointment. You will have to eventually turn back to the book. Cos the movie turns out to be (sometimes) a great wash out.

This movie is great for history buffs. Especially religious history buffs. I’ve been fascinated with this genre since the first time I ever caught Charlton Heston in “Ben-Hur”. I have no idea how many times I’ve watched “Ben-Hur” already.

Point being, history buffs, go catch it.

Okay, back to my take on the movie version of “The Da Vinci Code”.

The movie helped to give me a greater understanding to the parts of the book that I couldn’t understand. Like how Bezu Fache was involved in the whole scheme of things. Well then again some people might like to disagree with me. But then again, how you interpret the movie is entirely up to the individual, yes?

But I digress.

Movies are a great way to help you give visual aid to certain parts of the book that you weren’t able to imagine in your mind. Like the part where Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu got off the plane in the hangar at London.

But most importantly, what the movie failed to capture was the intensity of the lead character Robert Langdon. I don’t think Tom Hanks fulfilled the role. Somehow there was something big that was lacking in his performance as Professor Robert Langdon.

Audrey Tautou gave a passable performance. Nothing to WOW about.

To me, the characters that gave passion in their roles was the guy who played Silas (can’t remember his name now) and of course Ian McKellen as Sir Leigh Teabing. He really acts like the crazed Grail enthusiast he’s supposed to be.

And is it me or is the guy that acts as Silas, (who was naked at one point in the movie) is always naked in the movie that he acts in? I don’t mean Firewall where he acted alongside Harrison Ford but the other movie where he starred in together with Heath Ledger. What’s it called? A Knight’s Tale, yes that’s the one!

If you would kindly remember, he played Geoffrey Chaucer in that movie and was first introduced to us as the guy who was butt naked walking the middle of the dirt road. He was extremely hilarious in that movie and in this movie, my God! Excellent delivery of Silas! I couldn’t have been more revolted when he fastened the cilice on his thigh and whipped himself. I couldn’t imagine a better actor to fill his shoes.

So don’t watch movies just based on the plot itself. Characters are also part of the movie so enjoy their performance. Because movies are just an extension of acting on stage.

I remember many months ago when I first caught the trailer to the movie, I couldn’t conceal my disappointment when Tom Hanks was cast to be the lead role. But I cast away all the doubts before watching the movie and still I wasn’t moved by his delivery. It was lukewarm. Truly. I wanted to be moved like the time I watched “Braveheart”. Tom Hanks should just stick to his romantic comedy genre.

Overall, I guess the movie deserves just a 3 out of 5 rating.

When will the next “Braveheart-like” movie come out I wonder?