Monday, December 11, 2006

I know, i know...

Me & the AI girlies

I owe like a gajillion photos.

There haven't been much photos here, well, cos blogger can be very un-cooperative.

As you all know.

But nevertheless.

I still lurp you many-many k Blogger?

Now i'll just let the photos do the talking...

The childhood friend getting married next week!

Our other halves.

The Baduts as Huda calls them.

My latest find: This chic looking bag frm Bugis St.

2007 i'm looking forward to...

With this brand spanking new planner which i bought at Berjaya Times' Square's Borders.

For a waaaayy tooo high price of RM49.90.

But it does look pretty.

The friend that got hitched last week: Congrats again Imran n Mysha

Me and the girlies again.

Oh well. There are OTHER photos from the digicam that i have yet to upload into the pc.

The Laptop is resting well inside me pink cupboard in the hostel.

The laptop needs its rest before i get to work and have my baby switched on at all hours.

Have your rest okay baby.

6 DAYS to HER big day.

And i'm the one all excited!