Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Late Entry
My humble apologies for the late entry.
Swamped with work.
-24th January 2006-

I've had an emotional Monday. None of the monday blues.
and tuesday is shaping up to be a wonderful day too!
I'm going to make my way down to the indoor stadium hours before the concert even starts.
I can't wait!!!
I left home at 1.45pm. Hoping to get to Kallang by 2.45 at least. Thankfully i did meet some of the folks at Kallang MRT stn.
Took bus service number 11 and soon arrived safely at the stadium.
When we arrived, it was just us. The CORE die-hard fans.
Others started trickling in at 3.45pm
I myself couldnt believe that i was at the venue 5hours in advance.
I just had to catch the Boys during their soundcheck session.
I believe that i was really and truly blessed that day.
I actually got in by a simple and mere stroke of luck.
Just showed L my friend's VIP tix and got the tag!
My friends shrieked in joy when i showed them that i managed to get in!
I was ecstatic.
Marcus (BSB's long time bodyguard) was at the door minding the fans.
I got shouted at for running into the stadium. Heheheh...sorry lah Marcus. Excited lah!
The ferst person i saw or rather heard was Nick strumming and playing some chords on his guitar.
Then i saw all the 5 boys in full view!
Kevin was centre stage, tapping away on the keys of the piano.
Howie was stage right, looking at all of us.
AJ was next to to him and fiddling with his snow cap.
Brian was next to Nick who was stage left.
Brian is gorgeous!
And so was everyone else, save for Nick.
Sorry. But Paris really took out a lot on Nick.
Poor boy.
Enjoy the pics!
They even sang 2 songs for us. The only song i remember them singing though was Weird World. And to all the critics that think that they can't sing. You better eat your words cos they were spectacular.
Vocally beautiful.
I actually remember the tears in my eyes.
After the soundcheck, we hung out just outside the stadium just willing the time to fly by faster so that we could enter for the concert.
Then Marcus and another one of the bodyguards made their rounds around the concert venue and we took some pics with him. I actually got my pic taken with him.
Then VJ Colby from MTV walked past, i actually called him and said hi.
Hehehe...kene label mentel after that.
Got myself on MTV. Pop Inc. Never even watched the episode. Too knackered.
Then came concert time.
Timeless. Breathless. Spectacular. Amazing.
That's all i can muster.
I can't even write it down.
Its just pure emotion which i can't seem to convey with words.
I remember swaying, dancing and singing to ALL their songs.
I truly miss them now.
I hope they don't take another 10 yrs to come back.
A big thank you to Firah. Without you i don't think i could have had such a wonderful experience.
Thanks to all the other girls i met and the friendships that were forged.
Before i sign off.
I just wanted to say:

Backstreet's Back 'Alright'!
-Brian style!-


Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Decade Of Waiting

10 years of waiting and its all over in just a mere three days.
I wish it were longer.
Pls don't take another 10 yrs to come back to this fair isle.
23rd January 2006
The day has finally arrived. The boys will actually be landing in Singapore's Changi Airport after a long absence to perform at Singapore's Indoor Stadium tomorrow night!
I had to go do the recce and food tasting before I could actually head down to the airport to greet them.
Busy with seminar duties and all.
Food tasting was good. Hopefully it will benefit all the hungry tummies on Saturday afternoon.
All was done by 3pm. By then i had already panicked cos i heard that the Boys were going to land at 4.30pm. At the rate we were waiting for the bus, i would definitely not make it on time.
But i told myself nevermind, no need to rush.
I still have to get my camera from home.
Anyway i could still catch a glimpse of them at the hotel.
Grabbed camera, headed out again and thankfully it didnt take long for 858 to materialise.
Bless the transportation system here.
I got to the airport in one piece and i didnt have to wait as long as the others who had been there since 2pm.
Apparently their flight had been delayed.
I even had some time to compose myself before the Boys actually came.
They sure didnt disappoint.
i SAW them.Finally.
They're gorgeous.
Even more so in person.
Unfortunately we (me & the other gerls) didn't get into the transit area.
So we had to make do with the view from the viewing gallery.
After a really mad dash to the arrival belt, we set up our stuff and waited from them to emerge.
And they did. In all their glory.
Although it was quite a quick exit, i still managed to garner Kevin's attention and he turned to smile and wave.
He's such an obliging one that one.
I won't say what happened for the remainder of the day.
Cos im still upset i didnt get to take pics with them.
Good enuf i saw them at such close range!
Can't wait for the concert!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Rated: The Best Day Of My Life (So Far)

I cannot believe what an adrenaline filled day it has been!
I can't believe its actually happening!
I got to see BSB in the flesh!
And Kevin waved and smiled at me!
Oh god he is so damn GORGEOUS!
And so is Brian and Howie.
They look like they haven't aged a bit!
And AJ!
he's the bomb!
-Read: I can't wait for the concert tomorrow!!!!-
Less than 24 hours to go!
I will tantalise you with pics later on k?
Love ya all!
Hope the week goes on like this!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Feeling *Blah*

Rasa macam nak baling je badan ku dari tingkap.

Kerja semakin bertimbun.

Tgh pikirkan cam maner lah nak study utk mid-terms + complete term paper + my involvement with the Singapore Seminar.

Macam nak nangis tapi air mata nyer tak nak kluar.

Its like this very terrible sense of dread which keeps building up in me.

Was supposed to have at least one paper this week but apparently my lecturer has gone M.I.A since last week.

I was looking forward to take some tests this week so that i can enjoy the BSB concert in peace.

Wishful thinking.


Biler nak gi class, lecturer tak dtg ataupun dier dah bagi assignments so we are left to do the work by ourselves.

And he's a great lecturer and i have never minded going to his 8am class. He's the best lah! Suka nah gi class dier. Dier sanggup main charades lagik just to clue us in to what he's saying. Add that to his already booming voice and you've got a ball of a class. Sanggup aku sacrifice tak nak balik on thursday just for him.

Br. Mazlan you da bomb lah!

Dah lah...bagi pulak Suli chance pakai pc. *PC kat library byk tgh servicing!* bodoh kan! haprak nyer library staff. urrgghhh!!


Friday, January 13, 2006

EidulAdha 2006

It was a sombre -okay maybe im exaggerating- morning...the sound of the takbir ringing throughout the whole valley in the early morn with the sun streaming through my window was something to really behold.

I love Eid. And this one was no exception. It means family, food and fun...all about the family i say.

However this Eid was a little different. I spent it with close friends. Sans the usual Eid fare. And instead of watching sheep, we watched cows -or what was left of it i guess- and fish.

Yes a strange combination this year. Something to remember 2006 by.

The morning Eid prayers was attended by all *mostly the foreign students* and the day was definitely greeted with much fervour. I got to see little arab, african, thai children all in their respective attires. I even saw TWO small african boys garbed in a pilot's attire! With the saudi crest on their pilot caps. It was defintely something different from what i was used to.

Of course the singaporean students weren't left out. Dressed to the nines in our glam-glam baju kurungs and jubah's or abaya's with special scarves JUST for the day. We snapped pictures as soon as the prayers were over - insyaAllah i'll have them up when time permits and when the servers don't go wonky on me- Joined by the ever so affable Uthman from Eritrea, we set off for breakfast.

Unfortunately, breakfast was the downer of the day. We were served NOT with lontong or lemang and rendang but instead we each received a polystrene pack which contained 2 idli(s), 4 pieces of extremely salty fries and one hotdog cut into half. That was it. Honest.

The looks on our faces were simply PRICELESS. Okaylah, i mean how much do exactly expect when you pay RM2 for a whole day's worth of food right? Even one of my compatriot's mom said, "Makan aje lah"

So we ate. But really, were were hungry. When they say its a day of sacrifice, it literally means sacrifice. Minus the breakfast fiasco, we were served up a pretty sumptuous lunch. Nasi bukhari - something like nasi minyak- with mutton stew and fried chicken. That was definitely the best thing i had the whole day.

After breakfast we went to see the ritual slaughter. This time instead of the usual sheep we got cows. But we got to the venue pretty late and my 11.30am all the cows were slaughtered. So all we got to see were the men cutting up the meat for distribution. It was quite an educational experience. They skinned the cow and laid out the hide to make like a mat for them to divide up the parts of the cow. They used an AXE! to cut open the ribs. It sounded like a woodsman chopping up wood. I know it sounds really gory but it was on a certain level spiritual for me.

After which my friends and I all went to lepak at my room and take a short nap. We were all pretty knackered after a really early start to the day. After the nap, we all got ready for lunch n made tracks to the economics faculty canteen. After zuhr, we all went to KLCC's new attraction, the Aquaria. No big deal lah, its like Sentosa's Underwater World -orang tgk kambing kiter tgk ikan- we looked at fish till we were all seasick. I mean literally nauseous. Who wouldn't be when the reinforced glass was super thick to magnify the appearance of the fish and to keep us all safe frm the sharks. I saw at least 5. Huge ones. Reef sharks etc, etc. Not only was the glass thick but it was curved. Haiyoh. It took me at least an hour to NOT to feel nauseous again.

Those were pretty much the highlights of the day.

Of course we took pictures. Lots. Nice ones. Really memorble ones. Especially the one in front of the Admin. Building with IIUM on the wall and the gigantic stone steps. With the trademark 'cyber' pose with the Indonesian students. Really nice.

Not forgetting the pic we took at the roundabout. Hehehe...thanks to the practically deserted campus, we got to hog the roads all to ourselves. All the minah menjeng poses. Haiz. I know im going to miss all these when i start my working life. Better enjoy EVERY single minute.

I love you gerls! Shasha, Kho, Aisyah Spec (or is it contacts now?), Suli Som Sawit, Ilham, Kak Sarhani, you guys have definitely coloured my life! TForever!

Yang tau aper makna nyer senyap-senyap je lah eh...hurhur CENSORED you!


Saturday, January 07, 2006

One more long weekend...

Its the third long weekend again for me. Right after the Christmas and New Year's break there's Hari Raya Haji.

And guess what people, I'm not in singapore. Im spending the 5 day break right here in KL. Yup.

Anyway i've already stopped tutoring on weekends. I'm trying my best to stay here. Become a real student away from home. So im testing it out this very very long weekend.

I've already started on the movie marathon yesterday. So today i guess will be a day to try and start all my assignments and readings. And do my laundry (or so i thought)

Its been a really really dark and cloudy day. So i didnt even attempt to do the laundry. Tomorrow i guess. Early morning. After subuh. Or not i won't have any baju for the rest of the week.

So i'm spending hari raya haji away from home for the VERY FIRST time. I'm not even going to balik kampung. There's just to much pending work here. I need to get it off my chest.

So what am i going to be doing on the 10th of January? After AidilAdha prayers, attend a breakfast spread the International Students Office (ISO) will be preparing for us. After that a trip down to the Aquaria at KLCC. All meals provided by the ISO that day. So nampaknyer makan besar lah kiter semua.

Quite a number of singaporean students are staying in KL this time round. so i know im not alone. at least i don't feel that tug to go home.

The thing that irked the hell outta me is that my Parenting class yesterday was cancelled and so will the next session next friday (Ustzh amek cuti raya haji! wheeeeee) and ALL my monday classes have been cancelled. If i knew this before hand. I would have made plans to go back earlier on. Geez. 5 days.

Oh well. There aren't anymore tickets anyway. So just sit still young lady.

Btw, my wireless subscription expired already. And i think it was quite a waste. the connection in the beginning was really good and then it just started to go downhill. the connection was excellent but i couldnt even get a single page to be loaded up. it has been the thorn in my side for the past few weeks. That's why i've been M.I.A for so long.

I guess i'll just stick to the library and the computer labs lah.

Okay...i need to reply to some really impt emails.

Next time then.