Saturday, January 07, 2006

One more long weekend...

Its the third long weekend again for me. Right after the Christmas and New Year's break there's Hari Raya Haji.

And guess what people, I'm not in singapore. Im spending the 5 day break right here in KL. Yup.

Anyway i've already stopped tutoring on weekends. I'm trying my best to stay here. Become a real student away from home. So im testing it out this very very long weekend.

I've already started on the movie marathon yesterday. So today i guess will be a day to try and start all my assignments and readings. And do my laundry (or so i thought)

Its been a really really dark and cloudy day. So i didnt even attempt to do the laundry. Tomorrow i guess. Early morning. After subuh. Or not i won't have any baju for the rest of the week.

So i'm spending hari raya haji away from home for the VERY FIRST time. I'm not even going to balik kampung. There's just to much pending work here. I need to get it off my chest.

So what am i going to be doing on the 10th of January? After AidilAdha prayers, attend a breakfast spread the International Students Office (ISO) will be preparing for us. After that a trip down to the Aquaria at KLCC. All meals provided by the ISO that day. So nampaknyer makan besar lah kiter semua.

Quite a number of singaporean students are staying in KL this time round. so i know im not alone. at least i don't feel that tug to go home.

The thing that irked the hell outta me is that my Parenting class yesterday was cancelled and so will the next session next friday (Ustzh amek cuti raya haji! wheeeeee) and ALL my monday classes have been cancelled. If i knew this before hand. I would have made plans to go back earlier on. Geez. 5 days.

Oh well. There aren't anymore tickets anyway. So just sit still young lady.

Btw, my wireless subscription expired already. And i think it was quite a waste. the connection in the beginning was really good and then it just started to go downhill. the connection was excellent but i couldnt even get a single page to be loaded up. it has been the thorn in my side for the past few weeks. That's why i've been M.I.A for so long.

I guess i'll just stick to the library and the computer labs lah.

Okay...i need to reply to some really impt emails.

Next time then.