Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Roundup.

2007 has been both the best and the worst year for me.

2007 saw me crying to bits.

As well as rejoicing and laughing after my 3.5 years of slogging it out in university.

Its been a contradictory year for me.

I wish some things wouldn't have panned out the way it did.

But this is the way the Almighty planned for me.

I may have made the plans but I need to be consistently reminded that they might not happen even with the utmost care and preparation.

I can tell you that this year has definitely tested me to my limits.

How i managed to come out of my final semester at IIUM unscathed was a miracle in itself.

I thought after all the drama that ensued i would have flunked Arabic quite badly.

But Alhamdullillah that was not the case.

Arabic could have actually served as my *penawar* while i struggled with my tumultuous personal life.

2007 also showed me its true colours.

Who are the friends that i should keep close by especially.

Those who care and those who don't.

Clearly, those that disappeared off the radar don't care.

Simple as that.

4 more months till i turn 24.


So soon?!

No use dreading it cos its going to hit me full force.


I'm also miffed and acutely aware (& incensed!) that i know now truly that its no longer about what I want.

Its more of what THEY want, and what SHE wants.

I still feel annoyed and hurt and a lot of resentment over the whole course of this year.

Especially towards one person in my life.

I just can't wait for this year to be over with so i can start the New Year with my brand new job and insyaAllah, more to look forward to in 2008.



Friday, December 28, 2007

By Accident.

I went out again yesterday.

With Azimah this time.

I've been out like 4 consecutive days with 4 different groups of people.

And i'm truly knocked out knackered.

When i was out with Kak An, i "accidentally" purchased a new bag.

It's a dark teal bag inspired by Fendi's new collection, the one with the big buckle on the front.

Kak An knocked down the price for me by almost a whole $10 bux so how could i not purchase it? Right?

Then i went out with Azimah yesterday to get her mom's b'day pressie @my aunt's shop, discount some more.

After that was settled, WE went to Marks & Spencer cos i'd been eyeing this pair of black jeans there for a while.

That was a purchase that was planned.

Then Azimah insisted on going back to Wisma Atria to Cotton Body to get the cute little pair of pyjamas that she spied with her little eye.

And i got dragged into another buying frenzy.

Really, this post-XMAS sale shopping is getting out of hand.

I bought 2 tops at Cotton On & a pair of pyjamas ($15 only!!! U.P. $29)!!!


I must go into rehab.

Or therapy at least.

Not retail therapy of course.

Wish there were a 12 step program for shopaholics here in singapore.

So, in the last 2 days that i shopped, I bought $70 worth of merchandise already.

Not counting the stuff that i bought in KL okay.

Speaking of which.

The short KL trip that we had was a blast.

We throughly enjoyed the hotel.

We got upgrades to our rooms, from a deluxe to a Club room at Hotel I*stana.

The toilet was huge!

Imagine our excitement.

We got into the room and this bathroom was AS big as the room itself.

We had bathrobes and lots and lots of fluffy towels.

2 vanity sinks.

I almost didn't want to leave the room but the stomach was churning and growling.

So where else did i bring my girls?

To Chili's of course!!

6 months of not eating Chili's hokay?
They were ecstatic upon seeing their plates of food.
*sampai tak habes makan!*

Thankfully, my plate was manageable and not too big of a portion.
So i ended up being the only person to polish off the food.

The monterey chicken was gooood! The veggies were not overdone, just right and the mashed potatoes...ummmm what can i say?


We stayed for a whole 5 hours in KLCC, shopping at Watsons (where i spent a whopping RM88 alone on toiletries), Diesel and PDI and G2000.

Azimah outdid herself.
In KLCC alone, bag dier dah beranak jadi dua haha.

After that we went to Petaling Street.

*tourist habes kitorang*

Umi got herself a pair of sexy shades and myself a Gucci bag.
The following day, we went to Masjid India.

Shopping mayhem ensued AGAIN!
We bought kain songket. Not the full kind.

For everyone of us.

Kind of like our 10 year anniversary as friends gifts.

So everyone has a designated colour.

Can't wait for them to come over tomorrow to my place where we'll be distributing them over a steamboat lunch and lazy saturday afternoon watching dvd's and playing boardgames...bliss!

Umi outdid Azimah this time by buying kain for her family members and a bag for herself.

I hope we'll make this a yearly affair. *smiles*

The more the merrier!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Colours.

Cast and crew? Check!

VIPH *very impt. Honour!*? Check!

Happy, happy colours? Check!

From East Coast to City Hall, Parliament Lane to the Supreme Court.

It suddenly felt like a Learning Journey. hehe.

To the adorables and the one that couldnt make it:


My sunshines that chase my stormy weather.

May Allah protect our friendship and bring us many more years together.

-HS Crew 2004-2006-


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am still fuming.
Fuming with the injustice that was served to all the residents here at yishun st 22.
I am fuming at the idiot whose ****ing car alarm went off in the middle of the night and only went off at about 9am just now.
I felt like going down to deface the asshole's car and disarm the very ANNOYING car alarm.

*kepala hotak dier arh! frus tau tak dpt tido nyenyak!*

And the best part was that the car alarm didn't just go on and on.
It paused for like 10 seconds and started blaring.
Over & over & over again.
I may be sleeping but i am VERY sensitive towards sounds and lights when im asleep.
To that *basta* whose inconsiderate-ness spoiled my day:

"I am so gg to call the police the next time it happens."

*mengacau keamanan dan ketenteraman hidup aku je!*


Monday, December 17, 2007


Hady stole the show!

I'm still reeling from the shock!

I honestly cant imagine how He's feeling.

Well whatever it is...

Hady! You made Singapore proud!

*thank gawd my 3 votes weren't wasted*

But actually half the time i thought that Mike had the competition in the bag.

The judges must be eating their words now heheheh.

But like they say, winner takes all honey!

Congrats again Hady Mirza! Our first Asian Idol!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Partied Out.

Yesterday was a good day.

A good day for a birthday party that is.

And i must say, it was the best birthday bash i've been to in a while.

It felt really posh and VIP-like.

Check out the RockStar Studios the next time you want a jamming session or in this case a birthday party with a twist.

This is no ordinary jamming studio.


Its got a stage and the room was all decked out in this cool maroon hue completed with maroon drapes behind the drum set.

Complemented by the black sofas and marble-topped tables (with a bar counter too!) and parquet flooring.

-the bar with its own separate seating-

It was the perfect setting to celebrate my good friend Kak Su's birthday.

-guest & Bday gerl!-

Being manager to a couple of rock bands in the local rock scene (if my memory serves right), it was only fitting to have a few bands perform for this special night.

KnightWings, Opurzit Youth & 4gifted were one of the few bands that played yesterday night.

So, entertainment wise, everything was covered.

The food combination was also spectacular.

Simple finger food (mini popiah rolls, choc eclairs stuffed with the creamiest filling and cream puffs) teamed with beehoon goreng and pizza, it couldn't have been more perfect.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

-tons of birthday booty!-

And who knew there was a Rocker in me all along?

I even dressed the part hahah.

Black tudung paired with grey babydoll-ish top with black longsleeved shirt and my jeans.

I even wore my lash falsies *becos tgh feeling mentel* and lots of kohl eyeliner.

The venue, food and entertainment was a perfect combination.

I couldn't ask anything more for a spectacular party.

But wait! There's more!.

Kak Su's friend was having their solemnization ceremony on the same day and decided to drop in on the festivities which led it to being a 2-in-1 combo for all the guests.

They even came in all their wedding finery.

*it also makes for something special in their wedding video lemme tell you!*

The sporting groom even got on stage to sing for his new bride

(Lagu dari kumpulan Lefthanded beb!), complete with the baju kurung and songket.

So the night became even merrier!

-b'day gerl with her 2 nieces and Brother-

-the FROZEN ice-cream cake-

Yes, I unfortunately didn't get to eat the cake. Boo hooo...

-baby tido pun hisap jari RAWK you!-

Pics will be up soon.

And thanks again Kak Su for the most amazing Saturday night i've had in AGES!

*beaming with happiness*


Friday, December 14, 2007



Who doesn't have a friendster acct these days.

This is soooo frustrating!

*Just needed to vent*


Thursday, December 13, 2007


Clearly everyone is confused and getting a bit wound up about my state of affairs.


Let me the clear the air.

#3 is NOT the 3rd crush of this month.

There are only currently 2.

And no Suli, this ISN'T the one that you know about. Hehehehe

I know it seems a bit much right?

But what's a single girl to do but fill her idle mind with fantasies of the opposite sex.


*cocks head in a coquettish manner*

But the earlier crush i had seems to be fading.

So i might just be left with ONE.

One BIG crush on #3.

Let me relish the thought of #3 by myself for a while.

As it is, i have no intention of giving out details on my blog.

Because, like i've said before, Singapore is too small.

Our own social circles might cross between each other.

And i don't want to embarass myself greatly because WE might just cross paths soon enough.

Right now, im still deciding on whether to go on the 31st. Cos its gonna last all day and all night!!!

Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, i hope i've put a lot of your minds to rest.

You don't have to do a strenuous workout on ur brain to figure it out k?

Now get back to your homework/work people!



p/s: Did i mention that i spent the whole of last weekend at the Asia Pacific Floorball Championships? Arrrghhhh! So much eye candy!
This is what is probably prompting me to pick that stick up again.
Which reminds me, i need a new blade and grip!
My grip is crumbling and ratty!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


My absence can be justified by the sore back that i am having.

I don't know what possessed me to join their training session.

I mean the median age of all the players was 17!!!!

I must have hit my head with my stick.

But i am paying for it now.

I have a sore back. Very sore.

I am still considering playing again.

Gosh its been a long time.

Hey but who know's, maybe if i get myself involved again i might bump into #3 again!


Ahahkz. I'm gg boy-crazy for real.

I'm just waiting for the 31st.

Hopefully HE will be there.

I must be driving everyone CRAZY haha.

Nvm, some things are better kept to myself.



Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh Boy.

I've been very religious about updating all of a sudden.

I dunno why.

Blogging for me comes in spurts. hehe.

Anyway, i just had to come online because i have a confession to make.

I am going boy crazy.

I know if Suli's reading this she'll be like grinning from ear to ear.

So will Kho.

My bestie Huda will think im off my rocker.

Nora will laugh. Ahakz.


neway bende ni semua ikut musim. teeheehee.

Yes people.

I now have a new object of affection.

He's not so tall, he's good-looking (in my eyes of course), athletic *swoons*.

I told you i'm going boy-crazy.

Don't say i didn't warn you.

And i've developed a liking for the no.3.

Of course i can't tell you who and where i met him because S'pore is too small :D

So let me just keep you all in suspense.

But the downside is; i won't be able to see him after tomorrow.


Oh well, that's what infatuations are for.

They're only there for the short term hehehe.

Just pray that i'll bump into him again someday will you? ;)


Friday, December 07, 2007

This girl.

This girl is smiling/crying all the way to the bank.

Cos i went shopping AGAIN yesterday with my mom and aunts.

U guys must be furrowing ur brows and asking why the hell i'd go out shopping with them right?

Gg out with them always has its perks.

Like the fact that they will foot ur lunch/dinner bill hahaha.

But there is also another perk.

Gg out shopping with them also entitles you to another 10% off on top of the 30% discount offered at Island Shop.

So what did i do yesterday?

I topped up my wardrobe AGAIN by getting a nice long white tunic and the softest brown cotton pants at Island shop (and doing further damage to my bank account no doubt).

I'll be collecting my new booty on saturday *thanks to the $300-a-day limit that my aunt put on her citibank card heheh*

Plus, i'll be getting just ONE more purchase frm M&S.

The nicest pair of faded grey stonewashed denims (gg for $39 using my aunt's Robinson's card).

I'm dead set about NOT spending more than like $50 for any article of clothing.

Because i'm frugal like that (NOT).


Anyway, the next time you call me on my mobile, I'll be saying:

"Hello, B*ig F*ish Publishing, Maryam speaking."

I got the job! *smiles all around*


Will update soon about the interview, heh.

And my very nice boss!


Thursday, December 06, 2007

It all falls down.

It has been pouring and pouring and pouring.


Its soooo cooolldddd.

And my nerves are starting to get to me.

Yes i do have that interview at 2pm today.

Gawd, its nerrrrvvveee-wrecking.

To calm my nerves yesterday, i went a little overboard with my shopping.

A little is an understatement actually.

I bought my lash falsies (cos im lazy to put on mascara oredi hehe), lots of clothes frm this shop at Wisma (Cotton On), my facial wash, my absolute necessity; kohl eyeliner, shoes (for the interview), and a nice new belt.

I think i blew more than a 100 bucks yesterday.

Oh well, at this rate im not gg to spend much in KL hehe.

Not that i've really shopped that much in KL before.

This excludes DVDs and VCDs k pple.

Well next week i'll probably be working part-time again.


At least that means that the bank account won't dry up frm all the excess shopping.

And i definitely can't wait for 2moro.

I mean, when was the last time YOU went to the Science Centre pple?

So pls excuse the nerves and the excitement.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm Laughing!

Not only did i get mystery sms last night.

But i have a date tonight.

Not mr-mystery-sms guy...noooo.

Can i just get you to wonder a little longer?

I can safely say i'm slowly getting over him.

I promised myself: No more phone calls or smses.

What's important is that i'm going on a DATE tonight!

Bee Movie it is lah. *i know, i am sooooo basi right?*


*crosses fingers and toes for a confirmation!*

Label reads: Easily Excitable.

*dreamy sigh*

call me a fool.

i think i've got a CRUSH.

*the last one being Mr. Prince of Egypt aka the guy that almost toppled the tong sampah*

that was AGES ago.

heheh *senyum mentel* malam-malam pun sanggup dier sms.

i shall go to bed a happy lass.

good nyte!



Sunday, December 02, 2007

Of Eskimo Pies & the Keeper of Secrets

Eskimo Pie, a year after their Asian Beats win.

After a few smses frm Suli, we managed to finally get our butts down to PS to watch
Abg Ard perform.
The last time i saw him perform was 2 years ago at Suntec for the Anugerah Planet Muzik.
It was so nice to see him again! And Abg, your malay songs rock my socks more than your english ones heheh.
Almost didn't make it for the gig though AND i thought i was really late.
Turns out, when i reached the venue at ard 6.30ish, they had just begun to play.
So i didn't miss a beat.
*Isabella done Linkin Park style??? Abg you fooled me & Suli through and through!*
So after that, me and her *the very angry and confused one* took a little walk around PS to go look for some school supplies seein that she needs some for her FINAL semester at IIUM, u go gerl!
Then we headed over to Starbucks for some starbucking moments.
And of all the people i bumped into was my sister's ex.
Aish u are so cute! You haven't changed a single bit and i love that! Ahakz. Happily protecting VIPs now he is :D

Me & Suli went off *seeing that she had to pack for her 8.30am bus tomorrow* and...
We were greeted by a "surprise".
Clearly, someone thinks that i cannot be trusted and so i was smsed.
Could not help BUT feel slightly insulted *yet strangely amused and a tad bit disappointed too*
Oh well, i shall become your keeper of secrets but don't be surprised.
We parted ways and i came down with the most excruciating pounding of fists in my frontal lobe.
Thank gawd the Solpadeine worked its magic an here i am finishing this blog entry.
On other fronts, i am missing the uia gerls. A lot. I think this is what they call withdrawal symptoms.
Oh, and i have to give a big shoutout to my bestie Huda who listened to my frustrations and being patient with me and helping me out.
I wouldn't have gotten that interview without u babe.
Thanks a million :D