Friday, December 28, 2007

By Accident.

I went out again yesterday.

With Azimah this time.

I've been out like 4 consecutive days with 4 different groups of people.

And i'm truly knocked out knackered.

When i was out with Kak An, i "accidentally" purchased a new bag.

It's a dark teal bag inspired by Fendi's new collection, the one with the big buckle on the front.

Kak An knocked down the price for me by almost a whole $10 bux so how could i not purchase it? Right?

Then i went out with Azimah yesterday to get her mom's b'day pressie @my aunt's shop, discount some more.

After that was settled, WE went to Marks & Spencer cos i'd been eyeing this pair of black jeans there for a while.

That was a purchase that was planned.

Then Azimah insisted on going back to Wisma Atria to Cotton Body to get the cute little pair of pyjamas that she spied with her little eye.

And i got dragged into another buying frenzy.

Really, this post-XMAS sale shopping is getting out of hand.

I bought 2 tops at Cotton On & a pair of pyjamas ($15 only!!! U.P. $29)!!!


I must go into rehab.

Or therapy at least.

Not retail therapy of course.

Wish there were a 12 step program for shopaholics here in singapore.

So, in the last 2 days that i shopped, I bought $70 worth of merchandise already.

Not counting the stuff that i bought in KL okay.

Speaking of which.

The short KL trip that we had was a blast.

We throughly enjoyed the hotel.

We got upgrades to our rooms, from a deluxe to a Club room at Hotel I*stana.

The toilet was huge!

Imagine our excitement.

We got into the room and this bathroom was AS big as the room itself.

We had bathrobes and lots and lots of fluffy towels.

2 vanity sinks.

I almost didn't want to leave the room but the stomach was churning and growling.

So where else did i bring my girls?

To Chili's of course!!

6 months of not eating Chili's hokay?
They were ecstatic upon seeing their plates of food.
*sampai tak habes makan!*

Thankfully, my plate was manageable and not too big of a portion.
So i ended up being the only person to polish off the food.

The monterey chicken was gooood! The veggies were not overdone, just right and the mashed potatoes...ummmm what can i say?


We stayed for a whole 5 hours in KLCC, shopping at Watsons (where i spent a whopping RM88 alone on toiletries), Diesel and PDI and G2000.

Azimah outdid herself.
In KLCC alone, bag dier dah beranak jadi dua haha.

After that we went to Petaling Street.

*tourist habes kitorang*

Umi got herself a pair of sexy shades and myself a Gucci bag.
The following day, we went to Masjid India.

Shopping mayhem ensued AGAIN!
We bought kain songket. Not the full kind.

For everyone of us.

Kind of like our 10 year anniversary as friends gifts.

So everyone has a designated colour.

Can't wait for them to come over tomorrow to my place where we'll be distributing them over a steamboat lunch and lazy saturday afternoon watching dvd's and playing boardgames...bliss!

Umi outdid Azimah this time by buying kain for her family members and a bag for herself.

I hope we'll make this a yearly affair. *smiles*

The more the merrier!