Sunday, December 16, 2007

Partied Out.

Yesterday was a good day.

A good day for a birthday party that is.

And i must say, it was the best birthday bash i've been to in a while.

It felt really posh and VIP-like.

Check out the RockStar Studios the next time you want a jamming session or in this case a birthday party with a twist.

This is no ordinary jamming studio.


Its got a stage and the room was all decked out in this cool maroon hue completed with maroon drapes behind the drum set.

Complemented by the black sofas and marble-topped tables (with a bar counter too!) and parquet flooring.

-the bar with its own separate seating-

It was the perfect setting to celebrate my good friend Kak Su's birthday.

-guest & Bday gerl!-

Being manager to a couple of rock bands in the local rock scene (if my memory serves right), it was only fitting to have a few bands perform for this special night.

KnightWings, Opurzit Youth & 4gifted were one of the few bands that played yesterday night.

So, entertainment wise, everything was covered.

The food combination was also spectacular.

Simple finger food (mini popiah rolls, choc eclairs stuffed with the creamiest filling and cream puffs) teamed with beehoon goreng and pizza, it couldn't have been more perfect.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

-tons of birthday booty!-

And who knew there was a Rocker in me all along?

I even dressed the part hahah.

Black tudung paired with grey babydoll-ish top with black longsleeved shirt and my jeans.

I even wore my lash falsies *becos tgh feeling mentel* and lots of kohl eyeliner.

The venue, food and entertainment was a perfect combination.

I couldn't ask anything more for a spectacular party.

But wait! There's more!.

Kak Su's friend was having their solemnization ceremony on the same day and decided to drop in on the festivities which led it to being a 2-in-1 combo for all the guests.

They even came in all their wedding finery.

*it also makes for something special in their wedding video lemme tell you!*

The sporting groom even got on stage to sing for his new bride

(Lagu dari kumpulan Lefthanded beb!), complete with the baju kurung and songket.

So the night became even merrier!

-b'day gerl with her 2 nieces and Brother-

-the FROZEN ice-cream cake-

Yes, I unfortunately didn't get to eat the cake. Boo hooo...

-baby tido pun hisap jari RAWK you!-

Pics will be up soon.

And thanks again Kak Su for the most amazing Saturday night i've had in AGES!

*beaming with happiness*