Friday, December 07, 2007

This girl.

This girl is smiling/crying all the way to the bank.

Cos i went shopping AGAIN yesterday with my mom and aunts.

U guys must be furrowing ur brows and asking why the hell i'd go out shopping with them right?

Gg out with them always has its perks.

Like the fact that they will foot ur lunch/dinner bill hahaha.

But there is also another perk.

Gg out shopping with them also entitles you to another 10% off on top of the 30% discount offered at Island Shop.

So what did i do yesterday?

I topped up my wardrobe AGAIN by getting a nice long white tunic and the softest brown cotton pants at Island shop (and doing further damage to my bank account no doubt).

I'll be collecting my new booty on saturday *thanks to the $300-a-day limit that my aunt put on her citibank card heheh*

Plus, i'll be getting just ONE more purchase frm M&S.

The nicest pair of faded grey stonewashed denims (gg for $39 using my aunt's Robinson's card).

I'm dead set about NOT spending more than like $50 for any article of clothing.

Because i'm frugal like that (NOT).


Anyway, the next time you call me on my mobile, I'll be saying:

"Hello, B*ig F*ish Publishing, Maryam speaking."

I got the job! *smiles all around*


Will update soon about the interview, heh.

And my very nice boss!