Friday, February 27, 2004

whopeee my date went very very well...we both had a great time. caught up on a lot of things after almost a 3 week hiatus frm each other. it was fun! dinner was hilarious...kehekhekekh made me laff till my face ached.
I miss him already.
I am crazy about him! He is the first thing i think about when i wake up and the last thing i think of before i doze off into slumberland.
Now that im away in KL studying i feel like i havent been the best gf to him cos i dont have the luxury to be with him when he needs me and vice versa.
But nevertheless he's a call and an sms away.
Its been 7 months with him and im still a sceptic @ heart. I dont want to pin my hopes on him and then get my heart broken all over again. Its tuff to pick up the pieces and continue with my normal lifestyle.

But taking this one day at a time and enjoying the fruits of our labour of love.
I had a rough bus ride home. I got motion sickness and i felt like throwing up in the bus. And the best part of all, the guy sitting in front of me smelt icky and made me want to throw up even more.
I swear i could feel my face turning all green and all the half digested contents in my stomach were going to "rise to the occasion".

Thank god i manage to make it home in one piece and still alive and kicking but i still feel a bit sick. Maybe a good's night rest will take care of it.

Anyway, i'll check in again after my friendly match with my juniors (floorball friendly tht is; im still a nut about tht game)

Toodles and goodnight!

Thursday, February 26, 2004

well like i said the night before...only the best survived this time round in AI. and as usual my prediction was right LaToya made it and im not disappointed tht Amy made it. im just surprised Leah Labelle didnt get in the top 3. Jon was not an unworthy opponent though.

Im just wondering who will be next on the chopping board....AI seems to get interesting every single time....
So while we await those in the next round...lets just say a silent prayer so that we dont get another repeat telecast like that of grp 2....

Kudos to the two that made it thru...u guys were truly deserving and better luck next year to those who didnt make it (especially to Leah)

Till the next airing of AI (although i might not be around to report it cos i'll be back in KL taking my 2 final papers.)
See ya soon peeps!


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

American Idol tonight was just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! I thought the show was losing its vivacity after a disappointing show last week. Lets just face it...last week was just AWFUL. I was about to give up watching the show and then Lisa Leuschner gave me a surprise that helped me get through my all-nighter.

Everyone was just A-star quality...i especially loved LaToya London's version of a Mariah Carey hit. I thought she had the best voice although tht girl originally from Bulgaria if im not mistaken had a gem of a voice. Tonight, America has an even easier task of picking two finalists compared to picking a president i swear to god.

But enuf of the politics. Lets see who eventually gets thru...but @ least i can sleep easy knowing that there won't be any mistakes as compared to the 2nd episode of AI last week aka Matt Rogers (2nd mistake of the century after Bush was elected president)

So...till the next episode of American Idol 3, toodles

P.S.: I desperately hope that Najip Ali will be the answer to America's Simon Cowell in the Singapore version of the Idol installments. And anyone who wishes to enter Singapore Idol...dont make a fool of yourself like the way William Hung did...cos in Singapore, u're never gonna live it down (cos singapore is too small a place to run away from all that taunting; believe it or not,William Hung IS being taunted.)
sorry bout the boo-boo i made the previous day. i think ive been in KL too long tht my brain's a bit fried from all tht hot sun. American Idol is scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night not last night (sorry for the inconvenience caused.)
Anyway...enjoy AI3 tonight and i really hope that it'll be better than grp 2 cos tht was a complete and total utter failure! I hope tht there's some gd showmanship tonight.
Enjoy your evening and whatever u do,
Dont drink and drive........


Study study study

Got to the library only @ 3pm (+++) kehkeheke and all i ever managed to get done was to copy down the important concepts in the required chapters...i seriously need to do some serious reading tonight especially on those chapters that were stressed on. Man, i've never been this hardworking before (with the exception when i was back in secondary sch. In JC i was a complete slacker!

We're going out for dinner tonight! Wohoooooooo! Yummyyyyy! Can't wait. Haven't gone out for dinner as a family for a longg time. Miss those times. Anyway... i think i did manage to get some of those concepts into my brain....lets see how long tht'll hold in my brain.


New Day New Agenda

Hey hey...its a brand new day today...... throat still feels sore...was coughing for the most of last night...havent finished my chores yet and im due to be @ the library soon! Arrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! Im screwed!
Me and my college pal are gonna go to the library and we're hopefully gonna try to get some studying done...gotta get this sociology done so i can move on to mass comm.
I've only got to Deviance and ive still got about 4 more chapters to cover...wat else is there? Religion, environment, applied and basic sociology...hmmm cant think of the other chapter.
Anyway i have got to make a move now or i'll never make it to the library on time...


Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I know you might think the song is lame or whatever but until i get the song i want published on my blog i'll keep this song until i get sick of it kehkehekehkhe
Cheers mateys!

Survey schmurvey

If you want to play too, copy and paste it into your journal and bold what we have in common. Change anything we don’t share into something about you.

01. I've sailed in the Pacific Ocean.
02. I've smoked pot legally.
03. I’m terrible about making and receiving telephone calls.
04. I’m also horrible about writing/replying to email in a timely manner.
05. I like big dogs. Really, really big ones.
06. I have been to Canada!
07. I don't like to shop (exception: used record stores)
08. I like chocolate milk.
09. I loathe being talked to like a small child who doesn't know better.
10. I sang and danced in chorus and ensemble in high school.
11. I get sick of hearing the same old cliches over and over from everyone.
12. I hate waiting.
13. I hate being ignored.

14. I swam in the Gulf of Mexico.
15. I pick at my fingernails when I'm bored or anxious.
16. Disney movies usually make me cry.
17. I like British accents.
18. I like yoga.
19. I love the beach.
20. I want to go to Hawaii. I’d also like to go to Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico...
21. I’m all for gay rights.
22. Pop music frightens me.
23. I love to sleep because I love dreaming.
24. I'm slightly hydrophobic.
25. I was born on Valentines Day.
26. My eyes are green.
27. I only tell people I love them if I mean it (whether it be friendship or more)
28. I'm obsessed with Johnny Depp movies.
29. I correct people's grammar and spellling. (only sometimes)
30. And like to read.
31. Ani Difranco is my favorite female musician.
32. I like to be organised but never manage it.
33. I find it easier to work to deadlines than set my own schedule.
34. I like classic rock. (ie., Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors...)
35. I like sarcasm.
36. I like scary movies.
37. I am pretty healthy.

38. I thought the Blair Witch was real when I first saw it. (eek!)
39. I prefer independent muscians.
40. I like seeing live bands.
41. I would prefer a home made gift to something store bought.
42. I want more tattoos.
43. I'm an auntie.
44. I’m grateful for having the friends that I do.
45. I am NOT a morning person.
46. I get VERY cranky when I'm cold.
47. As much as I hate winter... I love New England.
48. I like clumsiness in other people... it's cute.
49. I wanna be a Mom someday.
50. I prefer brunettes.
51. I want more money.

52. I spend what little money i have at an alarming rate.
53. My real name is not Charlii.
54. I am not goth.
55. I secretly hated high school.
56. I am cold and detached on the surface.
57. women will forever remain a fascinating mystery to me.
58. I don’t like white chocolate.
59. I like girl rock songs (dressy bessy, le tigre, etc).
60. I like to write.
61. Someday I'd like to go dog-sledding in Alaska or wherever they do that. (even though I HATE the cold... this is something I've always wanted to do.)
62. I like movies.
63. I am NOT a cat person. (but only 'cuz they make sneeze)
64. I’m attracted to girls with glasses.
65. When people (friends) blatantly lie to me, it makes me feel that they think I'm stupid.
66. I should exercise more than I do.
67. I prefer face to face conversations rather than phoning.
68. I don’t like watching sports.
69. I might fly off the handle about something you would shrug off... but shug off most things you fly off the handle about.
70. I'm very understanding... sometimes TOO understanding and it causes people to treat me like shit.
71. I've been hearing, "fix your attitude" ever since I was a little girl. (I still haven't because I don't see there's really anything to "fix".)
72. I'm very anal about silly things. (like what size my fork is... I refuse to use a "big" fork.)
73. I don't like it when the shower curtain is open.
74. I don’t enjoy sitting in traffic.
75. Spring is my favorite season.
76. I don't like politics.
77. I have the kind of beauty that moves.
78. I daydream too much.
79. I love cheese balls!
80. I have swam (swum? swimmed?) in the ocean.
81. I've been stung by a jellyfish because of it.
82. I love food.
83. I never make a promise unless I know I can keep it.
84. Some people I instantly click with, whilst others I just can’t get on with.
85. I have been horseback riding.
86. I prefer the morbidly depressed to the ecstatically joyous.
87. I am constantly dehydrated.
88. I like grilled vegetables.
89. I am most content in a sunny climate.
90. I’m so fucking bored right now.

91. I am not a judgemental person.
92. I hate poop.
93. Consistent is not a word in my personal vocabulary.
94. I’ve knowingly done illegal things. I’ll leave it at that.
95. I like to wear the color black.
96. I am spiritual.
97. I think some fat women are beautiful.

98. I am very rarely satisfied with anything that I create.
99. I want to play soccer again.
100. I am probably not the person you think I am. Unless you know me. Then that’s exactly who I am. But I’ll probably still surprise you from time to time. (it will be all the time)

Burst my bubble

Hey guys its me.....
Yeah unfortunately my date got cancelled and now im gonna be stuck at home for the rest of the evening. (that isnt exactly such a bad thing cos i'll be able to watch American Idol!) But really i would have loved to see my sayang today!

I hate being so far away from home, from family, from boyfriend, from my close friends...(Yeah i know KL isnt that far away) It's been a semester studying in KL and i know i should get over it will be sooner than i think and i'll soon be a senior in school and i'll soon graduate and then off working....

I just cant seem to get over just scared...scared of changes...i hate change even though im adaptable. One thing im terrified of is that my boyfriend will leave me, the next will be i'll suddenly lose my old friends and yeah that's pretty much it....

Someone please help me get over this!

Okay Weekend

I had an okay weekend overall...just wish my boyfriend was a bit livelier. I blame it on the damn foot! But we had a good time nonetheless. Romantic! Hadn't gone on a date for so long that i immediately felt rejuvenated. Meanwhile, im gonna see him again later today! Wohoooo! *overjoyed*

No studying usual kehekekhekh. But seriously, if im gonna go on like this, i wont be on the dean's list in the coming semester's as planned. Come on...rough it out a bit...just 2 more subjects and none of it the following semester....

Hmm...lemme see...oh yes..i went back to my alma mater earlier this evening. Had a great workout session. I really felt out of shape. Puffing after a bit or running around. More like 15 mins of non-stop running. But it felt really good. The guys have gotten so good. The training session was phenomenal! I've missed the game so much and it was great being able to hit the ball around and be in my element once more. It was soooo coool! Anyways, i'll be back for a 2nd session of training in school again this saturday and im predicting its gonna be a hell of a day! (But i have to make sure that ive studied!)

So toodles gang.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Mistaken Identity!!!!

Recap on American Idol 3: Matt Rogers

This man should feel ashamed of himself...he should not go to sleep every single night because he was one of the most terrible singers in the whole Group 2 on American Idol. Well...wat can I say...most people from America are screwed up...can't even make a clearcut decision....were they tone deaf??????? OR did they just pretend not to hear?

What is wrong people????Personally I would really love to see Lisa Leuschner back on screen on the Wildcard show....i swear if they don't bring her back...I'll write a complaint to
Remind me will you?

P.S.: My boyfriend wants to meet me tomorrow!!!!!! Whopeeeeee!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Back Yet For the Umpteenth Time

Yes...u guessed it right....I'm back in Singapore. I'm damn tired. That damn bus took so long to reach the halfway mark! And i thought i was gonna get roasted in the bus cos it was soooo blooooddy freaking hot! I couldnt even feel the air-conditioning!
My face feels so dry yet oily at the same time...have no idea why at all. To top it all off, when i asked my dad to pick me up...he eventually did after an hour of waiting.My dad got stuck in a jam and i was getting cranky and tired....Ugh....everything felt wrong today.....
And its been 3 weeks since ive seen my honey....why is it taking so long for us to reach a resolution to this problem???!!!! When am i ever gonna see him again.......

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

It's Me Again...Unfortunately

I know i said that you guys were gonna see the last of me a couple of hours ago but I couldnt help it. The pc just beckoned in the library and anyways its rare that I even go to the library to go and use the internet. So im taking full advantage of this day.

Anyway I read my sis's blog...damn she can write siak...Sometimes I think mine is soooooo mundane!!!! Even my cousin's blog seems to fare better than mine. Anyway enuf about them...

I am actually contemplating oncoming home again this weekend. If my grandparents who reside here in M'sia find out again, they'll have a fit! I seem to miss home a lot. Not just miss my boyfriend but i miss everything. It's hard when your normal life gets wrenched out and then you have to start all over again in a new environment. It's not fair at all but who said that life was fair anyway.

I know all of you must think that I come home just to see my boyfriend but i don't really get to see much of him @ all when I 'm back home. It's either he's working or he has commitments with his family. I myself know that family means a lot to most people. So i'd rather not pick a fight with him on petty little things like that. I just save it for the big things heheehe.

So the million dollar question is...(actually is more like the RM$22.80 qn) should i or should i not go back home to Singapore this weekend. I mean there are like 10 days from the 21st of Feb to my next exam so i mean why not...and its also a chance for me to get rid of some of the stuff that i dont need cos i need to evacuate from my dorm room before the 7th March sine that is the last day of my paper = followed by 3 weeks of holiday...hooray! (excuses, excuses i know...but must make them vaild so that my grandparents and parents can say nothing about it to me hawhaw!)

So should i or shouldnt i.....


Yet Another Quiz...

I am like forever doing these quizzes when in fact I'm supposed to be studying...hawhaw...I promise this will be the last time you will see of me this week cos i'll be too bz cramming for the exams.
That's all from me this week. Hope you guys have a great weekend ahead.
Just tag me @ my board ok?entrancing
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your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
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Look See Here!

Look @ the latest quiz i took! Kkhekhekhekeh....i am woman; hear me ROAR!!!Goddess
You are a goddess!

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
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It's Back To School Again

Well then, after a restless bus ride (and not to mention a sleepless one) the whole of early Monday morning, i eventually did miss my 10 am class and finally woke up at 13:05!!!! When i glanced at my watch i was like, huh its already one in the afternoon????!!!!!

I wasn't surprised that i woke up soooo late. Anyway it was such an eventful morning kehekhekh. Well after getting off the chartered bus that brought us all the way back to campus, i was the only one who alighted at my stop becos one of my seniors didnt go home for the weekend and the other who went home wasnt due back till like monday or tuesday morning.

So after alighting, i was hoping, as usual that i wouldnt bump into anything undesirable after a story that my seniors told me that would leave all your hairs standing on end. I walked up to the gate that was the nearest to where i was alighted and guess what? The bloody gate was freaking locked! The gate which usually isnt locked for the students who come home in the wee hours of the morning was unfortunately blocked when it just so happens that its my turn to use it. Furthermore, the security guard's office that flanked the front of the hostel was dark and it didnt look like there was anyone around.

More panicked than scared i called one of my roommates to get help. Unfortunately she was too sleepy to come down and get me so she suggested that i should go up to our hostel's main gate which is about 500m away. After trudging up the slope to my main gate, i kept on worrying about my safety. And to my surprise when i got to the was locked too!!!! Ugh...i was so frustrated and angry more than anything else.

But i knocked some common sense into myself and told myself to calm down and i looked back at the gate again. The gate was opened a bit but padlocked with a chain around it. So i tried putting and my body through the gate and hey presto! I was through. Khekehkehe thank god im not so big.

Geez after that incident, im just wondering what other things could happen to me in this university in the future. So look out for more adventures from me...
your Verbose Mistress.

Till then, adios


Sunday, February 15, 2004

Which Inner Barbie Are You?

Go on...take the quiz! Find out which Barbie u are kehekhekehke.......

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What is Your Inner Barbie Doll?
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Currently listening to: Sarai "Ladies" followed by Fatman Scoobe "Be Faithful"

This song is so happening!
I've been so deprived of the radio (even though i do have access to it). I love listening to dance tracks and just dancing away like nobody's business. Its just a gd way to chill out. I also like most of the tracks from the movie 'Save The Last Dance'.

Speaking of movies, I can't wait for the movie 'Honey' to come out. I have this feeling its gonna turn out like 'Save The Last Dance'.Nvertheless, its gonna be a must watch movie for me...Im such a sucker for these type of movies...

In the next blogging episode.....
U can expect me to shoot of something mundane like this again kehkehkehekeh

See ya!
Sunday, 15th February 2004
Location: Home, Singapore

Tramp Bear
Tramp Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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Help me God! I am so not this dysfunctional carebear! Kkhekhekeh but it kinda cute and kinky dontcha think kehekhekhekeh....
Take care all my lovies!

The Mistress Of Verbosity

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Saturday, February 14, 2004


Location: Singapore

Yes yes i know i know...i said i wasnt coming back this weekend. I was just waiting for an excuse to come back khekehkeh. My friends in my Malay class were all astonished to find that my bag wasn't packed like it normally is on Friday mornings. They were all asking..."Are you sure you're not going back today? It's Valentines Day tomorrow...*giggle giggle giggle*

So after a bit of persuasion from one of my guy friends (who was kinda intent on going home too) we both ended up taking the 23:30 bus from the bus depot at KL. We spent most of the time talking on the bus. Talking about our pasts and getting to know one another since we were both from the same batch and we were gonna spend the next 3-4 years together in the same instituition.

What i found out: He's nice company...reminds me of the guys i hang out with like Muizz, Hisham and Zul. It's nice to know there are guys like these still around. Zak noes wat i mean...

So after reaching Singapore at a ghastly time of 4.30am, i got home at approximately 5.10am (thanks to my dad who picked me up). I got home and to my surprise i found my mom who was up at that hour preparing Nasi Lemak...yummy. My mom saw me and said :"Don't you have anything to do other than coming back to Singapore every weekend?" khekhekeh My insides were all giggling but i just shrugged gave her my sleepy face and then went to bed...

I set my alarm for morning prayers but never heard it at all and slept through till bout 12 noon!!! What a riot! My dad didn't even make noise. I was lucky my mom was in school attending some course so there was no nagging and I got to sleep at my heart's content! Yipee!

I took a leisurely time to get out of bed which was a whole half hour later...had lunch and then took a shower hehehehe. What a day for me to slack.After that i took some time to study for my finals next week! I've never been so hardworking before kahkahkha...

A final piece of shocking news: I did so badly for my arabic test this time!!!! From a record of 90% to a shocking 63%. Now i have to make it up in my finals. Ugh such distressing news. And what's more, after my Malay teacher went through the Malay paper, i think im gonna do so terribly.

Well anyway, till next week (Monday i suppose)

The Mistress of Verbosity,


Monday, February 02, 2004


12th Feb, 13:30

Location: Campus , Gombak Selangor

Booooo hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Exams are like so around the corner! Ugh and i have a test tomorrow. Its a malay language test but i swear its so much tougher than english even though its supposed to be my native tongue.

I am so not going back to Singapore this weekend cos i am super and mightily pissed that i dont get to spend enuf quality time with my honey. Everytime i want to go out with him he's like so busy with everything else! Everything else but me!!!!!!!!! I'm glad he doesn't know about this Blog cos i feel so good, venting my frustrations out on this site.

Anyway i cant stay long here cos i have an Arabic class later at 2pm KL time and that's about 15 mins frm now.

More about this past week: Been feeling so moody and upset cos i was unable to spend time with my honey and its affected me so much that my frens said that i wasn't looking as cheerful as before and even when my mom called me last night and even she commented that i sounded kinda sick. I'm losing my appetite (well that's a good thing in my book cos i think ive been eating a bit too much!) and overall i feel kinda sickly.

I forgot to bring my mobile phone today and im sure my boyfriend must have sms'ed me by now. Ugh never mind. I'll just get back to it later

Agenda for the rest of the day, try not to take a nap later this afternoon to complete my sociology assignment and then followed by cramming for my Malay language test tomorrow. Hey its a big deal!!!! 20% of my final grade u know!

After having such and emotional week, with last night being the highlight of it all (it was the Graduating party for the graduating Singaporean seniors; which wa sa tearful event nonetheless), i'd say that this week has been very eventful and very sad, filled with a rollercoaster of emotions.

Well then, thats all for this edition of Blurb of The Day (maybe i shld change it to Blurb Of The Week since i come here and update my blog rarely)

Yours truly, the Verbose Mistress


Saturday, January 31, 2004


Location: Home, Singapore

Got back home from KL (yet again khekehkehkeh) last night and boy was i tired yesterday. I was kept pretty busy the whole week thanks to that presentation for my Malay class that was due yesterday. Getting that presentation was taking soooo much of my precious sleeping time.


I had just one class which ended close to noon and then i proceeded to the canteen at the Human Sciences [HS] faculty (where all the Singaporean students congregate incidentally) had my lunch and then went back to my room to get some reading done for my next class the next day. To no avail, i practically wasted away the whole Monday afternoon reading a novel instead of doing my readings (naughty me!)

After performing my later afternoon prayers, i then took my shower then left for the HS canteen again for a discussion. Got back late and almost got busted for nearly missing the curfew @ my hostel.


Many classes today. Mass comm; Sociology and not forgetting my Arabic class. That was a very tiring day. Came back to my room and took a short nap before heading off to a talk organized by some of my seniors of the Association for Singapore Students of the International Islamic University of Malaysia (ASSIUM)

I enjoyed that talk. It was all about the Muslims in Europe. Sprinkled with humour and the slight Morrocan accented speech of our guest speaker...most of us ended up in stitches by the end of his talk.

Got back late again and went to bed pretty much exhausted!


Just an Arabic class today. Was extremely exhausted cos i slept late the night before. My class started at ten so i managed to get in some extra shut eye after my morning prayers. Yet another long day and also another discussion for the planning of the presentation. By that time i was pretty much sick and tired (not to mention stressed up) trying to prepare for the presentation on friday.


3 classes again! Ughhhhh. This mundane week is getting to me. By this time i was already looking forward to going home on friday. Presentation is tomorrow! Argghhhhh and we havent printed the assignment yet and we havent finished doing the slides! Metting up again tonight for the final touch- ups and also to get the rest of the presentation finished.

Called Najib to pick us up so he could send me and Huzaifah back but he completely forgot! Ugh...tired and feeling really cold and alone...i trudged back to my hostel tired and only got to bed at 2AM!!!!!! Hadn't packed at all and i was pretty pissed and just getting pretty grumpy.


Finally got to bed and almost missed morning up late, packed, took a shower, got ready and then arrived a few minutes late for class. Finally got the presentation over and done with and I'm going home today!

Took a feeder bus to the train station then alighted at PASAR SENI...walked to the bus depot and stopped on the way to get some brunch (although it was past brunch time, only i hadnt taken any lunch or breakfast at all). Bought a whopper at Burger King, boarded the bus at the depot and finally was on my way home.

Reached home close to 8pm.....but it was worth it cos i managed to get some sleep in the bus...

There, a short condensed version of watever happened lately....cant write anymore or i'll be late for my lunch date with my girlfriend!


Monday, January 26, 2004

Time: 12:11

Location: Gombak, Selangor IIUM Campus

Haiz...its me again...Khekhekhekh...yes amouge i am turning 20 this year. However i feel sooooo olllddd! Maybe i'm exaggerating. But I am agin back on campus trying to regain back my ability to think after that long Chinese New Year break. Somehow or rather i don't feel as if im studying cos im almost back in Singapore every other weekend.

My weekend i'd have to say can be summarised in one word: HELLISH

Thanks to my boyfriend who almost completely did not acknowledge my existence cos he was having too much fun with his family. Okay i must admit that sometimes im a bit of a spoilt brat but hey, i have my reasons for being as such.

I grew up too fast i say. My parents had another baby 4 yrs after i was born and i wasnt coddled and pampered as much i would have like them to do as they are doing with my youngest brother right now. Being the first and eldest grandchild on both my paternal and maternal side also didnt help. All the pressures of doing well in national examinations and setting the bar for all my younger brothers and sisters and my countless cousins still gets to me till today.

Being the first in the 3rd generation of my family to go to university also puts added pressure on me. So believe me when my boyfriend said that he wasnt able to meet me that weekend, i was almost going to go hysterical.

But thank God im not that rash as i am before so i just kept my cool and you know...reasoned with myself that hey, he needs to spend time with his family too.

But sometimes its not just that u see. I can trust my boyfriend just fine. Its just that i cant trust myself cos my imgination gets out of hand sometimes. Well after what happened with my EX, im not surprised that this happened to me after all.

But anyway, the pain and the heartache of not being able to see your loved one when u are away in a foreign land (although its not that far i know) really, really gets to you. You dont just get homesick, but u get lovesick as well.

A long distance relationship takes work. Lots and lots of work. It takes patience, a lot of love, trust (and girls pls trust yourself) and do have a lot of faith. Cos without that vital ingredient of faith, the relationship will never work out.

Above all, maintain that healthy and happy attitude so u dont get so homesick or lovesick okay?

With that i bid u adieu....(fyi: we already got back to good terms after a slight verbal thrashing over the mobile phone on my way back to KL).