Tuesday, February 17, 2004

It's Back To School Again

Well then, after a restless bus ride (and not to mention a sleepless one) the whole of early Monday morning, i eventually did miss my 10 am class and finally woke up at 13:05!!!! When i glanced at my watch i was like, huh its already one in the afternoon????!!!!!

I wasn't surprised that i woke up soooo late. Anyway it was such an eventful morning kehekhekh. Well after getting off the chartered bus that brought us all the way back to campus, i was the only one who alighted at my stop becos one of my seniors didnt go home for the weekend and the other who went home wasnt due back till like monday or tuesday morning.

So after alighting, i was hoping, as usual that i wouldnt bump into anything undesirable after a story that my seniors told me that would leave all your hairs standing on end. I walked up to the gate that was the nearest to where i was alighted and guess what? The bloody gate was freaking locked! The gate which usually isnt locked for the students who come home in the wee hours of the morning was unfortunately blocked when it just so happens that its my turn to use it. Furthermore, the security guard's office that flanked the front of the hostel was dark and it didnt look like there was anyone around.

More panicked than scared i called one of my roommates to get help. Unfortunately she was too sleepy to come down and get me so she suggested that i should go up to our hostel's main gate which is about 500m away. After trudging up the slope to my main gate, i kept on worrying about my safety. And to my surprise when i got to the gate....it was locked too!!!! Ugh...i was so frustrated and angry more than anything else.

But i knocked some common sense into myself and told myself to calm down and i looked back at the gate again. The gate was opened a bit but padlocked with a chain around it. So i tried putting and my body through the gate and hey presto! I was through. Khekehkehe thank god im not so big.

Geez after that incident, im just wondering what other things could happen to me in this university in the future. So look out for more adventures from me...
your Verbose Mistress.

Till then, adios