Wednesday, February 25, 2004

American Idol tonight was just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! I thought the show was losing its vivacity after a disappointing show last week. Lets just face it...last week was just AWFUL. I was about to give up watching the show and then Lisa Leuschner gave me a surprise that helped me get through my all-nighter.

Everyone was just A-star quality...i especially loved LaToya London's version of a Mariah Carey hit. I thought she had the best voice although tht girl originally from Bulgaria if im not mistaken had a gem of a voice. Tonight, America has an even easier task of picking two finalists compared to picking a president i swear to god.

But enuf of the politics. Lets see who eventually gets thru...but @ least i can sleep easy knowing that there won't be any mistakes as compared to the 2nd episode of AI last week aka Matt Rogers (2nd mistake of the century after Bush was elected president)

So...till the next episode of American Idol 3, toodles

P.S.: I desperately hope that Najip Ali will be the answer to America's Simon Cowell in the Singapore version of the Idol installments. And anyone who wishes to enter Singapore Idol...dont make a fool of yourself like the way William Hung did...cos in Singapore, u're never gonna live it down (cos singapore is too small a place to run away from all that taunting; believe it or not,William Hung IS being taunted.)