Tuesday, February 17, 2004

It's Me Again...Unfortunately

I know i said that you guys were gonna see the last of me a couple of hours ago but I couldnt help it. The pc just beckoned in the library and anyways its rare that I even go to the library to go and use the internet. So im taking full advantage of this day.

Anyway I read my sis's blog...damn she can write siak...Sometimes I think mine is soooooo mundane!!!! Even my cousin's blog seems to fare better than mine. Anyway enuf about them...

I am actually contemplating oncoming home again this weekend. If my grandparents who reside here in M'sia find out again, they'll have a fit! I seem to miss home a lot. Not just miss my boyfriend but i miss everything. It's hard when your normal life gets wrenched out and then you have to start all over again in a new environment. It's not fair at all but who said that life was fair anyway.

I know all of you must think that I come home just to see my boyfriend but i don't really get to see much of him @ all when I 'm back home. It's either he's working or he has commitments with his family. I myself know that family means a lot to most people. So i'd rather not pick a fight with him on petty little things like that. I just save it for the big things heheehe.

So the million dollar question is...(actually is more like the RM$22.80 qn) should i or should i not go back home to Singapore this weekend. I mean there are like 10 days from the 21st of Feb to my next exam so i mean why not...and its also a chance for me to get rid of some of the stuff that i dont need cos i need to evacuate from my dorm room before the 7th March sine that is the last day of my paper = followed by 3 weeks of holiday...hooray! (excuses, excuses i know...but must make them vaild so that my grandparents and parents can say nothing about it to me hawhaw!)

So should i or shouldnt i.....