Saturday, February 14, 2004

Saturday, February 14, 2004


Location: Singapore

Yes yes i know i know...i said i wasnt coming back this weekend. I was just waiting for an excuse to come back khekehkeh. My friends in my Malay class were all astonished to find that my bag wasn't packed like it normally is on Friday mornings. They were all asking..."Are you sure you're not going back today? It's Valentines Day tomorrow...*giggle giggle giggle*

So after a bit of persuasion from one of my guy friends (who was kinda intent on going home too) we both ended up taking the 23:30 bus from the bus depot at KL. We spent most of the time talking on the bus. Talking about our pasts and getting to know one another since we were both from the same batch and we were gonna spend the next 3-4 years together in the same instituition.

What i found out: He's nice company...reminds me of the guys i hang out with like Muizz, Hisham and Zul. It's nice to know there are guys like these still around. Zak noes wat i mean...

So after reaching Singapore at a ghastly time of 4.30am, i got home at approximately 5.10am (thanks to my dad who picked me up). I got home and to my surprise i found my mom who was up at that hour preparing Nasi Lemak...yummy. My mom saw me and said :"Don't you have anything to do other than coming back to Singapore every weekend?" khekhekeh My insides were all giggling but i just shrugged gave her my sleepy face and then went to bed...

I set my alarm for morning prayers but never heard it at all and slept through till bout 12 noon!!! What a riot! My dad didn't even make noise. I was lucky my mom was in school attending some course so there was no nagging and I got to sleep at my heart's content! Yipee!

I took a leisurely time to get out of bed which was a whole half hour later...had lunch and then took a shower hehehehe. What a day for me to slack.After that i took some time to study for my finals next week! I've never been so hardworking before kahkahkha...

A final piece of shocking news: I did so badly for my arabic test this time!!!! From a record of 90% to a shocking 63%. Now i have to make it up in my finals. Ugh such distressing news. And what's more, after my Malay teacher went through the Malay paper, i think im gonna do so terribly.

Well anyway, till next week (Monday i suppose)

The Mistress of Verbosity,