Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Actually I ____________
(dunno wat to write/im bored)

Its already the second week of hols. And the week is coming to a close already. Some milestones of this hols were:

1. managed to get a tutoring stint at yew tee (yeahhhh i hear the sound "kachingggg" already)

2. tutored the wits out of my brother

3. spent way too much time on the pc (heheh)

4. spent some money on _________ (i loike!)

5. Free lunch courtesy of Shasha (thanks again babe!)

Not bad lah for a three week vacation. Haiz...wish it were longer. Just a bit. Need to visit grandpa soon too. His leg is swollen cos of gout. My grandpa looks older than he shld be. Haiz. Its that bad leg of his. I pray tht he'll still have his health. Amin.

Watched Kal Ho Naa Ho wif my gerlfrens at Shereen's place. Such a nice time wif the gerls. Just lepaking and pigging out on cookies and ice-cream as well as just all the little gerl talk. Shereen i can't believe you told ur mom that! hehhe im so mortified. So paisey to go ur house! hehehhehe no harm done though k? hehehe...

Pity zak couldnt join us. Next time k!

So amacam? This friday kiter gi rumah sha plak...Eye 10! Yehaaaaaa...Pas tu sunday kiter gi Mak's hhehehehe...i loikkkeeeeee!

Tomorrow...i plan to...rot @home.


Saturday, June 25, 2005 has been...

Ok im not going to now u dont have to miss me that much k?

Like it ever made a difference to you.

My evenings are now laden with guilt. I still remember how i unmistakenly and unknowingly messed everything up.

Like the sign on msn messenger reads: i've got the midas touch of disaster.

It still irks me how he refuses to take any ounce of blame. How he says he's not in any way reponsible.

How could you!? Why are you being such a jerk? Does it make you feel better that im miserable?

I'm sure it does.

I can practically see that smirk on your face...enjoying every second of my misery. Grow up will you? I was wrong too. I know that. At least i admitted to everything I did.

You want to throw our friendship down the drain go ahead. Its your loss.


Suddenly i feel lost.

Suddenly i feel lazy

Suddenly i feel lethargic.

I can't seem to think of anything nice to say anymore. It just takes up too much energy and too much time.

There's a million things running through my mind right now and i don't know even where to begin. Was told to blog. Didn't know wat to write. bonjolboy asked me to write abt myself. I don't think its worth writing or mentioning. Nothing interesting. Just the usual i'm-bumming-at-home-for-my-holidays repertoire.Nothing new. The only thing new is moi coveting that pair of gorgeous charles & keith sandals to replace my veryveryveryveryvery worn out pair of bata sandals.

But then again ALL girls covet a pair of gorgeous/elegant looking footwear.

I need to hear the wonderful sounds of cash registers ringing up my purchases. *One more patient!* An aural delight. That in itself is therapeutic.

I hope azimah has decided to come along with me to KL this coming monday night. if she doesnt, i won't even bother. i need to shop! do some retail therapy. Not to mention i need to do some escorting pertaining to the new students entering the uni this cmg semester. so we're there to help them iron out the kinks. its definitely gonna be a LOOOOONNNNNNNGGGG day.

If not for azimah, i wont be going to KL cos i sure as hell don't need to be there earlier than im supposed to. I don't miss sch that much either. Well not yet anyway. I still need a break. A longer one.

Now i shall disappear and continue setting this exam paper for my mom.


...Fading Into Oblivion...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I. Need. A. Break.

This running around like a headless chicken is proving to be taking more energy than expected.

I need more than a break. I need a massage, a pedicure and a manicure perhaps. A little facial wouldn't hurt. Let's see whether we can get my aunt to sponsor me on that. Heh heh.

Tomorrow will be my first programme since being appointed as a member of the exco. Kinda nervous. Hopeful. Testy. sooo stressed out. I have so many things to cover. I JUST HOPE I DON'T SCREW UP.

I managed to meet my gerls yesterday. Was a short meeting but i enjoyed every minute of it nevertheless. We had a quick dinner...chatted, gossiped (the gossip was JUICY) heheheh...I love you gerls. U are my heart and soul. I pray that we'll always be together and see each other go thru the gd times as well as the bad. And i can't wait for the time for the first of us to get married/engaged/watever! *sabarlah maryam kalau ye pun!*

I may have to take a quick trip to KL on tuesday. Dunno whether azimah nak ikut tak eh. Satu hari pun jadi lah kan? heheheh...

On the other hand...i havent been having a gd night's rest these days. My heart hangs heavy. Entah. tak tau aper lah yg buat aku risau sangat. sedih tak. happy pun takderlah sampai ke tahap ecstatic. Pls God help me take this emptiness away...the dull throb is almost gone. But i'm proud of how far i've come. I'm glad that im not making the same mistakes that i've made before.*sigh*

Let's hope that tomorrow will have better things in store.

...Fading Into Oblivion...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

#!*^%^2%$&^%*!Wat the_______!!!

I was halfway thru a post when i had to stop and leave the pc. And when i was using the iron, there was an electrical fault and every electrical appliance in the house shut down. Including the pc. So there goes my post.

So where was i?

Oh yes.

Like i was saying... 4 days into my hols oredi and i've been stuck at home.
Already being delegated to tutor my brother (sch + madrasah) which includes his crankiness and unwillingness to do any math revision and watch more than the required amt of tv for any child. [batteries not included]

And i am sick of that puny little brat's whining!

Other than that, i haven't even met my girls yet and i miss them. We have all been preoccupied with our own things and i do believe we are due for another get together. I miss you guys. Loads. To say the least.

I really hope we get to plan that KL trip. *cross fingers*

And this planning for orientation is getting me all nervous and jittery. Not to mention the post im holding. Sorry. I'm not giving u any hints. And to anyone who knows wat post it is im holding pls keep it to urself k?? Thankies. I think it will be quite a surprise.

And i think its really time i go on a proper holiday. Soon. Before i start getting into a frazzled and distressed state.

Oh Allah most gracious and most merciful, pls grant me my prayers. Amin.


...Fading Into Oblivion...

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Is it just me or has the weather just become SWELTERING hot?!

The exam ended without much hassle. It wasn't as hard as i expected it to be. It was in fact something that Dr. Normala already went through with us. Luckily i was present for that class. And the qn involved dissecting a poem linguistically. I never thought that i'd be glad to see a poem.

I normally hate reading poems. Cos i cant appreciate most of them for nuts. Especially once you've had a go at Philip Larkin's works... they're a killer.

I love hot weather but not once its coupled with such searing humidity it tends to get a bit overbearing.

My trip back home to singapore was quite an amazing race experience yet again. Having already bought my ticket home on wednesday, i boarded the bus at Pudu, 15 mins to 7pm on the 17th june. It was supposed to be a 3-3.5hr ride. On a comfortable executive coach. But to my dismay, i got the bus with 2 seats on each aisle. My mind and body already started to register some disappointment. But wat to do? Bought the ticket oredi.Bo pian lah...

I'm slowly starting to wilt in this heat.

It was an atrocious time to take a bus back to singapore. A friday evening and traffic was heavy due to the fact that the following day was a holiday. I felt miserable and started to regret the fact that i got on that bus. I felt like crap. Not to mention that the seat didn't give me much leg room AND it couldn't really recline much. So much for travelling in comfort. My neck and back were aching the whole way. And i couldn't sleep much. So i was pretty much awake for almost the whole journey. By the time it was 9.30pm i started was supposed to be an express bus for God's sake. It should have been in melaka by then but we were still one state away frm melaka. I was starting to get worried.

This weather helps to breed mozzies! AAAACCCKKKKKKKK!

I smsed my dad and he was working. That meant the only way home was by public transport. And it was CRUCIAL that i got to JB at least on time. The bus finally pulled into Larkin terminus at 11.15pm thereabouts. Luckily the bus driver for 170 didn't take long and soon after I was heading to the checkpoints. Timecheck 11.40pm and i was at wdlds checkpoint. By the time i cleared customs and walked to the bus-stop it was close to midnight. Lady luck was again on my side for 911E pulled in and i made a dash for it. I made it in one piece. Thank God.

This weather is crap!

Reached wdlds mrt stn, hurriedly climbed the escalators and got to the platform with 5 mins to spare. By the time i reached yishun, it was close to 12.15am. Brisk walked to the interchange and managed to get a bus immediately. I suddenly understand how pple on AmAzInG RaCe win. You either have luck or God really loves you. As simple as that.

I am now under attack by the mozzies...this is not good. I am gonna be eaten alive by 1am.

This is Death By Mozzies.

And my sis is really being annoying.


...Fading Into Oblivion...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Library Antics...

Here i am in the uni library. I made it back to campus after a 4hr journey frm johor and i havent been back to my dorm room YET. so here i am in the clothes which i have been wearing since 7am this mrng. Lucky they don't stink. I'm so tired like a dodo bird and here i am typing away.

Nothing can tear me away from the internet.

After briefly reuniting myself with my other compatriots, we all sat down to study. Or so we thought. We were supposed to but looking at how frazzled each of our brains were, (some from the whole day of travelling + some who have been in the library since this morning) we all kept talking and laughing, albeit softly, but nevertherless laughing. I missed them. So nice to see them on campus again.

After parking our butts in the library for about less than 45mins, the rest of the gang and me went to hit the pasar malam, (the last visit for this sem) to get dinner and vcds wat else. Alas i was a bit dismayed by the lack of selection of vcds on display. Batman Forever and Batman __(fill in the blanks urself)__ were all there except the one I wanted. Apparently we were all a day too early. So i was left with the choice of getting Mr & Mrs Smith (which was on my list anyway), Mickey (some baseball movie withharry connick jr. in it) and also a lot like love, the movie which stars ashton kutcher. Hope i won't be disappointed with the selections. Cos if i am, its gonna be a pretty boring holiday.

I'm gonna be a very very bz girl this upcoming break. What with all the buzz of activities like the orientation for the new kids on the 24th and floorball (yipeeeee!) and i hope i'll get to catch up with all my other friends. Miss them loads and i cant wait! for azimah to get back from umrah this friday!

Okay, i think this is all the time i can afford to procrastinate, back to the books.

Did i mention i met one of the members of Ahli Fiqir (the botak one) and i couldn't place my finger on who he was. Urgh. It was only at the pasar malam when we were browsing some of the cds that i came across the sleeve for AhliFiqir's album and realised that it was him. And that was my closest brush with a think?

Anyway wish me luck for the exam on friday. I'll need lots of it. Cya guys soon ya?

...Fading Into Oblivion...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Blah blah blah...

Wats wrong with me these days...i cant sleep fitfully like i used to, i keep getting annoyed...i dun think its PMS...although i keep thinking about that kilang telur thing (hehehhe it IS hilarious!)...besides that...i just dun get enuf...i want something greedy rite?

I keep asking myself wat else i want out of life...i am happy. well balanced. i've got great family. great friends. somehow i don't feel complete...

I really wonder wat's missing.

My grandparents adopted another cat. She's probably about 2 months old. And she's a siamese cat with dark brown ears and blue eyes and a coat which gleams in cream. with a dark brown tail to match.

her name is SAWADIKA.

simple deduction by grandpa dearest. siamese cat should have a siamese name. so now she's being called IKA at home...cute, no???

I'm at home now. And exam is cmg this friday. Boo hoo...can i please take the exam at home?

And yes Duchess, we should organize a coup to bring the PreZ offence nasir...

And btw dearest Duchess of mine, could i please have my Dan Brown book back once you're done? Thanks. Love you lots.

...Fading Into Oblivion...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

What i learnt...

There are a couple of things that i managed to learn this week...big things...

I made a big mistake of writing wat i felt immediately...not even sitting back to soak everything up...i made the mistake of not waiting and just let things run its course...noooooo....i had to give these itchy fingers something to type...and in the process i hurt some pple...i really am will never imagine the amount of sleep i've lost over this...i know you both won't care but really, that's the truth...but ultimately i think all of us were at fault....

She could have just spoken to me in private...and not accidently blurting everything out...and that was my mistake too...did u ever give the thought that watever he was feeling was something that he was gg thru only by himself and that the other party didnt share the same feelings at all??? And should have waited for a better time to broach the subject...WE should have waited for a better time...he didnt have to go through this when he was gg to enlist...that wasn't fair...on our part....and HE...i would really love to give him a smack on the head...he's such a pig lah...he was/is so insensitive of your feelings...u didnt have to sacrifice so many things....u should have just exploded in his face and give him a piece of your mind...really...

Oh and did you know that ovaries in malay is known as "kilang telur"???? gross is that!?

...Fading Into Oblivion...