Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Actually I ____________
(dunno wat to write/im bored)

Its already the second week of hols. And the week is coming to a close already. Some milestones of this hols were:

1. managed to get a tutoring stint at yew tee (yeahhhh i hear the sound "kachingggg" already)

2. tutored the wits out of my brother

3. spent way too much time on the pc (heheh)

4. spent some money on _________ (i loike!)

5. Free lunch courtesy of Shasha (thanks again babe!)

Not bad lah for a three week vacation. Haiz...wish it were longer. Just a bit. Need to visit grandpa soon too. His leg is swollen cos of gout. My grandpa looks older than he shld be. Haiz. Its that bad leg of his. I pray tht he'll still have his health. Amin.

Watched Kal Ho Naa Ho wif my gerlfrens at Shereen's place. Such a nice time wif the gerls. Just lepaking and pigging out on cookies and ice-cream as well as just all the little gerl talk. Shereen i can't believe you told ur mom that! hehhe im so mortified. So paisey to go ur house! hehehhehe no harm done though k? hehehe...

Pity zak couldnt join us. Next time k!

So amacam? This friday kiter gi rumah sha plak...Eye 10! Yehaaaaaa...Pas tu sunday kiter gi Mak's hhehehehe...i loikkkeeeeee!

Tomorrow...i plan to...rot @home.