Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Library Antics...

Here i am in the uni library. I made it back to campus after a 4hr journey frm johor and i havent been back to my dorm room YET. so here i am in the clothes which i have been wearing since 7am this mrng. Lucky they don't stink. I'm so tired like a dodo bird and here i am typing away.

Nothing can tear me away from the internet.

After briefly reuniting myself with my other compatriots, we all sat down to study. Or so we thought. We were supposed to but looking at how frazzled each of our brains were, (some from the whole day of travelling + some who have been in the library since this morning) we all kept talking and laughing, albeit softly, but nevertherless laughing. I missed them. So nice to see them on campus again.

After parking our butts in the library for about less than 45mins, the rest of the gang and me went to hit the pasar malam, (the last visit for this sem) to get dinner and vcds wat else. Alas i was a bit dismayed by the lack of selection of vcds on display. Batman Forever and Batman __(fill in the blanks urself)__ were all there except the one I wanted. Apparently we were all a day too early. So i was left with the choice of getting Mr & Mrs Smith (which was on my list anyway), Mickey (some baseball movie withharry connick jr. in it) and also a lot like love, the movie which stars ashton kutcher. Hope i won't be disappointed with the selections. Cos if i am, its gonna be a pretty boring holiday.

I'm gonna be a very very bz girl this upcoming break. What with all the buzz of activities like the orientation for the new kids on the 24th and floorball (yipeeeee!) and i hope i'll get to catch up with all my other friends. Miss them loads and i cant wait! for azimah to get back from umrah this friday!

Okay, i think this is all the time i can afford to procrastinate, back to the books.

Did i mention i met one of the members of Ahli Fiqir (the botak one) and i couldn't place my finger on who he was. Urgh. It was only at the pasar malam when we were browsing some of the cds that i came across the sleeve for AhliFiqir's album and realised that it was him. And that was my closest brush with a think?

Anyway wish me luck for the exam on friday. I'll need lots of it. Cya guys soon ya?

...Fading Into Oblivion...