Tuesday, June 21, 2005

#!*^%^2%$&^%*!Wat the_______!!!

I was halfway thru a post when i had to stop and leave the pc. And when i was using the iron, there was an electrical fault and every electrical appliance in the house shut down. Including the pc. So there goes my post.

So where was i?

Oh yes.

Like i was saying... 4 days into my hols oredi and i've been stuck at home.
Already being delegated to tutor my brother (sch + madrasah) which includes his crankiness and unwillingness to do any math revision and watch more than the required amt of tv for any child. [batteries not included]

And i am sick of that puny little brat's whining!

Other than that, i haven't even met my girls yet and i miss them. We have all been preoccupied with our own things and i do believe we are due for another get together. I miss you guys. Loads. To say the least.

I really hope we get to plan that KL trip. *cross fingers*

And this planning for orientation is getting me all nervous and jittery. Not to mention the post im holding. Sorry. I'm not giving u any hints. And to anyone who knows wat post it is im holding pls keep it to urself k?? Thankies. I think it will be quite a surprise.

And i think its really time i go on a proper holiday. Soon. Before i start getting into a frazzled and distressed state.

Oh Allah most gracious and most merciful, pls grant me my prayers. Amin.


...Fading Into Oblivion...