Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pretty Please?

Now that I am turning twenty6 this year


Can I still have a birthday party?

One small one for my close friends and family?

A Wii party?

I am really keen.


*tak tau malu...dulu kecik2 tak nak party...skrg dah tua bangka baru kau nak buat party...chet*

I will be sister-less when my bday rolls around.

She'll be happily traipsing around in England.



Not faiiiirrrrr.

Oh well, its kind of a bday present for herself.

Gd luck and have fun.

In the meantime.

Nak Wii lagi bleh?


I enjoyed the Wii party the other day.

Arms were aching though after that.

I went THREE rounds of Wii boxing with DK




Tak sia-sia aku amek kick boxing classes dulu.


The S*uper M*ario game was also a heck of a laugh.

Main tak ingat org si bday boy nyer.

Had a great time.

I wanna replicate it again can?

Anyone got an empty house to loan to me for a while?


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We are turning one!

I am happy.

Truly happy.

Thank you baby for all the good times and bad.

The hard times.

The trying times.

Like when I hear things wrongly.

*ye i tau kadang2 i ni pekak sket lepas kul 12mlm, paham2 aje kalau PC dah tgh hibernate and gg to sleep eh heheh*

Or when i irritate the hell out of you like ask you the same question more than once. Sometimes three times.


Or when I'm late.

Thank you for putting up with me.

And being patient.

And being there for me when I complain about EVERYTHING.

*lately i have been complaining about school. whats new now?*

Thank you for putting up with my crazy moments.

*You know I know aje lah eh ;)*

You must be the most patient man after my father that I've known.

Thank you so much for a year of getting to know you


Please can we go to Sentosa again *grin*

Sentosa April 12th 2009 was good.

This year lets make it great?


*Tuhan je tau braper byk i syg u*

To many more anniversaries...



p/s: Aku hanya mahu jadi yg halal bagi mu....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Of Medical Certificates and E-Learning Days

I spent the whole of last week getting my students to arrange their files and to get them in order.

Till today, i still get:

1) Files that are NOT in order.

2) Files with content pages not filled in DESPITE me putting it up on the whiteboard for them to copy.

3) And people who STILL owe me FILES.

all this crap caused me to get what the Doctor diagnosed as tension headaches.

Its not a migraine.

It just throbs uncontrollably in the frontal lobe area and my temples.

Then this migrates down to my neck.

So I've got sore muscles in the neck area, like when u get *salah bantal*

A crick in the neck.

Which also causes nausea.


This is only the tenth week into my career.

Good luck to me.


Friday, March 05, 2010


I went to the hospital.

S*aiful looks strong. Really strong.


InsyaAllah he will be moving out of the Intensive Care Unit and into a High Dependency ward.

MasyaAllah, God is Great.


I'm really happy.

His whole family is happy and healthy, ameen.

And while I was on the phone with DK, i realised that its been ELEVEN months.

I know eleven months is a short amount of time.

But for me its a milestone.

Don't think I've gone this long ever.

And we'll celebrate one year together this 25th March


super glad and excited.

I loved you then.

And ILY now.

And i'll love you even more later.