Thursday, March 11, 2010

Of Medical Certificates and E-Learning Days

I spent the whole of last week getting my students to arrange their files and to get them in order.

Till today, i still get:

1) Files that are NOT in order.

2) Files with content pages not filled in DESPITE me putting it up on the whiteboard for them to copy.

3) And people who STILL owe me FILES.

all this crap caused me to get what the Doctor diagnosed as tension headaches.

Its not a migraine.

It just throbs uncontrollably in the frontal lobe area and my temples.

Then this migrates down to my neck.

So I've got sore muscles in the neck area, like when u get *salah bantal*

A crick in the neck.

Which also causes nausea.


This is only the tenth week into my career.

Good luck to me.


1 comment:

ain ® said...

sounds pretty much like mine - i call it my stress-o-meter!