Friday, January 25, 2008



2008 is already shaping up to be a really good year for my family.

When the O level results were released, my brother was astounded.

Not only was HE astounded, but us as well!!!

He scored Distinctions for 6 out of his 7 subjects!

*but scored a B for Malay*

Clearly my family doesn't really do well in malay haha.

He was also the TOP malay student in his schoooool!

He scored well over his (and my) predictions.

He scored a freakin' NINE points laaaaaahh!!!!!!!

My brother called me up at work yesterday and said:

"Kakak, I've got my results oredi." *no emotion whatsoever in his voice*

I replied, "So how much did you get?"

"I got 81" he said.

"81??? How come the points like so much like that?" *very blur at this point oredi*

"You square root 81 lah..."

"Badrooooon!!!! You scored 9? You scored 9 points??!!!"

"Yeah" *with a hint of exhilaration in his voice*

"Okay i call u back later arh, i gotta make other important phone calls hehe."

At this point i was pretty much excited and deliriously happy.

It was like i was on a sugar rush!

My sister called me up at work and she was screaming down the phone.

She said that we ought to get my mother to treat us all to Carousel.

Like real only this girl.

Like she's the one that got the good results.

She justified her claim by saying that she provided my bro with emotional support and she should get some credit too.

*Rolls eyes backwards like Norfasarie in Kerana Fateha*

Right now. I'm still euphoric.



Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prayer (Un)Answered?

Perhaps i'm rambling like an incoherent babbling idiot.

But really...yesterday's news just hit me like a brick.

In the face.

To my heart.

I think im beginning to sound like some ingrate.

But at least i'll be able to get to do some fun things in 2008.

June 2008, destination...

New York!!! *humming, New York, New York*

So right now i'll be working hard to raise cash for my trip.

All other trips will now be put on hold.

Apologies to all parties involved. going to the States! Wohoooo!

My 2nd trip to the States in almost 20 years!!

That's a loooonng wait!

*Tapi yang penting dapat gi shoppiiiinnnnnnggg! Naseb baik dah kerja...huhuhu*


Saturday, January 19, 2008


After doing some serious damage to my bank account last month, I thought i'd be living like a pauper THIS month.


I got a nice surprise in my email this evening.

A nice remittance note.


I barely even remembered that i was going to get a 2nd round of payment.

But, oh well.

It was a really nice surprise.

And its not even my birthday :D

Speaking of which...

It is *eeeeekkk!* less than 3 months away.

Can i NOT turn 24?

What can i tell you?

When i was 16, i wanted to be 18.

Then when i turned 18 i wanted to turn 21.

See...some wishes come true :p


Turning 24 is a big deal.

I'm looking back and im trying to figure whether i've accomplished some of my main goals in life.

I remember having lofty aspirations when i was much younger.

Archaeologist, Paleontologist, Egyptologist...

And my closest friends can still attest to you that i have a MAJOR love affair with Egypt.

*so wasn't it nice when i had a crush on the Prince of Egypt aka Boy-who-almost-ran-into-the-dustbin*

*Sigh* some things just come full circle. Hahaha.

Ok, i sidetracked a little.

So when i hit 15-16 i began setting some life goals for myself.


1) getting into JC to sit for my A's *check!*

2) go to University to obtain my Bachelor's degree. *check!*

3) Get my first REAL job by 23. *check!*

Now that all that stuff is out of the way, im thinking i need some new ones.

Notice how short my resolutions were?

Well, this is one of the real reasons why.

I hadn't thought of anything.


I'm one of those freaks that need to plan ahead.

To be prepared for any type of disaster.

Well sometimes.

So when things don't go as planned, i go into major meltdown mode and PANIC!

I think my anxiety level have risen tremendously since i was an undergrad.

So back to the issue at hand.

What goals and plans do i have for the future?

I planned a few but looks like those aren't happening next year.

What is it?

I'd rather not say and humiliate myself.

So i've shelved THAT plan and thought of new ones.

Like, becoming a teacher by 26 (im giving myself a wide berth here).

Obtain my Masters by 28 (or sooner!)*insyaAllah*

Those are one of the biggest goals so far.

*I totally believe in the power of visualisation 'cos it REALLY works!*

But the one that bugs me the most is that i've consistently failed in one department.

And i hate failure like i hate losing.

So on some level im disappointed.

But it gives me a chance to let me improve on myself.

Oh well, im only human after all.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Gone Biometric.

Today was a half day for me.

Well not really half-day.

I only started work at ard 12noon cos i had to go and pick up my new passport!

I know, crazy right?

Getting all riled up about a passport.

Well, this passport has biometric features.

And finally i have ONE picture (for identification purposes eg. passports/ic) that's decent.

And im actually SMILING!

The procedure was fast and painless.

I actually applied for the passport online on mon (14/1) and i've gotten the passport today!

And i came down early to get to ICA and waited around 10mins for my number to be called.


Oh and i want to thank a certain miss nurul khasanah for getting up earlier than usual just to go down to ICA with me before heading to the office!

I truly appreciate the time that we spent together!

I love my new passport and i'll be getting to test it out next week insyaAllah.

Destination? KL!

Hahaha...i think i'm stuck to that place forever.

Anyway it isnt all fun and games.

My aunt is actually getting married next week. So yes, another wedding!

Wow, this is the 2nd wedding invite for this mth alone!

Plus next mth's engagement of Encik Izhar & Cikgu Huda.

Annnndddd Hasanah's and Ehsan's wedding this June! :D

Plus Waa's wedding in June as well.

Tahun ni PACKED with weddings!

I loike!

And the girls and i are also getting really hyped for Zak's wedding next year!

Weddings galore :D

And may i add that today seems to be the slowest day at work.

I even dozed off during lunchtime.

But come next week, i can say bye-bye to all this free time.

Another stressful publication week! Aaaccccck!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some Scary Shit.

Last weekend was quite busy.

A wedding to attend and a friend to visit at the hospital (who was discharged on the same day).

No more falling and hitting yourself on the head anymore k Umi?

Neway, the wedding was fab.

Seeing 2 high school sweethearts get married is so romantic.

*i am such a sappy romantic*

Wishing Khairul and Nora many wonderful years ahead. Amin.

When i got back to the office on monday, i was perfectly fine, till my eye started to gimme problems.

My left eye to be precise.

My left eye was beginning to redden and lots of those green mucus-ey things started to appear. And lots of it mind u.

The last time the same thing happened, my contact lenses had expired.

Without me realising of course.

So after work, i had to rush to yishun, get a new pair of lenses.

After rushing there, i had to rush to woodlands for tuition. Grabbed a bite and power walked all the way to my tuition venue.

I'm still recovering frm yesterday's fatigue and thankfully the eye has recovered.

I was super BUSHED that the moment i laid my head on the pillow i fell into and unconcious deep sleep.

Only waking up at around 3am to cover myself with the blankie. The temp. fell quite drastically last night, which made sleeping even better!

I honestly didn't want to wake up.

Body said no but mind was screaming to wake up!

So what is the blog title all about?

This morning, the cleaning lady was complaining and griping about the state of the toilet this mrng.

She found SHIT, yes SHIT smeared all over the walls of the cubicle!!!!

The poor auntie was saying that she's going to quit after CNY.

Nooooooooo! In the short space of time, i really can tell that her standard of hygiene is REALLY high.

The toilets are always sparkling and smelling waaayyyy nice!

I really have a high respect for pple who can clean toilets very well.

Now im convinced that there's a filthy madman smearing shit all over the walls.

Errkk! Scary!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Busy Bee/ 1429H

This is my first publication week.

So far everything is going smoothly alhamdullillah.

But the mayhem has yet to begin cos my sales manager isn't in yet.

Harhar...he is quite the slave driver. *in a gd way of course*

Yesterday was my sotong day.

Yeah...cos i had to deal with a couple of sotong pple also the whole day...

So the virus kinda caught on.

Anyway, what happened was, my boss gave me a lift home (saving me abt $1.09 on my ez-link heheheheeee)

He just happens to live really close by. So hence the lift home.

So then the moment i got home, i rummaged in my bag and realised i'd left my office keys back at the office.

And this was at 6.30pm yesterday. (the EARLIEST i've ever been home since i started).

What was supposed to be an early day back from the office turned out to be the latest.

I had to call in a favour from my aunt so she could drive me all the way back to Upper Thompson.

I sooooo owe her big time.

Reached the office again at 7pm, an hour after i had left the office.

The other boss and a few guys from the editorial team were still in (they like working late) thankfully.

Even the boss joked: Hey you're early for tomorrow huh?

I was mortified and so paisey i tell u.

I had even put my keys onto a lanyard just so that it would be visible.

Some help that was.

So eventually i made it home at 7.30pm.

I'm just glad that my office isn't so far away from home.

While many people have put their resolutions to bed, i've been trying to come up with some fool-proof resolutions that i won't break.

1) be kinder to myself - emotionally & physically

2) to be a better Muslim. amin

3) get myself a really good camera...harharhar

Well those first 2 are the ones that i really am going to work on.

It being the new Gregorian/Islamic Year.

The camera bit is just something to treat myself (and becoz i have had enough of sharing the digicam that has been HOGGED by my sister).

So enough is enough.

Time for me to get that Sony :D


Sunday, January 06, 2008


I so suck at scrabble.

Nevermind that i have plenty of words in my vocabulary.

My tile pickings have always shown otherwise.

And the countless times i've lost.

boo hoo.

boggle is more my thing.

Spent the evening at huda's place last night.

Playing scrabble with her and her dad.

And we were both beat by over 40 points by her dad.

terrible right? the travesty of it all.

Did i also mention that i have "homework"!

yeah. homework courtesy of my sales manager.

oh well.

I've done enough procrastinating already.

I'm only at the letter "B"...


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Of Dogs, Fish & Oil.

Trying my best to befriend the dogs to get to the Fish.

And i think my stint at Tuas *yonks and yonks ago* helped me prepare for this.

Thank God for that.

And no, my blog title has NOTHING to do with me wanting to cook dogs.

How was the first day at work?

It was good.

So was the 2nd and 3rd day.

Lots of stuff to keep me busy, albeit i did most of them at snail's pace.

This time round i must pace myself because feedback from previous employers say that i do stuff too fast!

I got to know that my jobscope isnt JUST admin.

Its being the finance department and gttg advertisers to hand in their submissions on time while coordinating with my sales manager as well.

The sales manager is more garang than the bosses!

I'm thankful that my past experience will help.

The downside is that i have no other female colleagues *which can be a gd thing too!*

No cattiness and no bitching alhamdullilah.

I am relatively left alone to do my own stuff unless of course im called upon to help with some other stuff.

Working in a small office dominated by men, not a problem.

Because men often need to be taken care of haha.

Well that's how i see it.

Right now, msn helps me from gttg bored at work.

Was chatting to Izhar and Kha the past 3 days.

Nothing like old-fashioned good company even though we're parted by the distance.

The 3-day work week was a good way to kick off my working life.Hehe.

I'm a sucker for weekends!

So next week it'll be a 5-day work week...

Anyway, i just have to say i LOVE LOVE LOVE travelling to work cos there's a direct bus and i definitely save on transport costs which is a big plus.

All in all...



Wednesday, January 02, 2008

An achy, achy 2008.

I ushered 2008 with a difference.

I helped in setting a singapore record.

The record for the LONGEST floorball match ever played.


But i didnt play for 24 hours though.

It was more like a game with the MOST number of substitutions ever.


And my slot was scheduled at the strangest hours.

2.30am, 5.45am and 10.45am.

Of course i was sleepy in between those times but i just couldn't fall asleep.

And needless to say, by the time everything wrapped up, my thighs were ACHING!

*tu lah, ghairah sgt kan! hah, rasakaaan!*

aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddddddddd theeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn

when i boarded the 969 bus, i fell into a coma-like sleep.

I didn't even hear anything or feel like the bus was moving.

The moment i woke up, i was already at khatib.


But the most embarassing part was that i woke up with a puddle on my tudung.

Put 2 and 2 together n u figure out the rest lah.

I was so mortified!!!!

Hunger and fatigue had set in by 2pm.

Having not eaten anything since the previous night.

Ate at LJ's alone and then made my home.

And after a nice long shower, i fell promptly asleep till 7pm!

Teruk right?

So today also marked my first day at work.

But that's another story for another day :D