Friday, January 25, 2008



2008 is already shaping up to be a really good year for my family.

When the O level results were released, my brother was astounded.

Not only was HE astounded, but us as well!!!

He scored Distinctions for 6 out of his 7 subjects!

*but scored a B for Malay*

Clearly my family doesn't really do well in malay haha.

He was also the TOP malay student in his schoooool!

He scored well over his (and my) predictions.

He scored a freakin' NINE points laaaaaahh!!!!!!!

My brother called me up at work yesterday and said:

"Kakak, I've got my results oredi." *no emotion whatsoever in his voice*

I replied, "So how much did you get?"

"I got 81" he said.

"81??? How come the points like so much like that?" *very blur at this point oredi*

"You square root 81 lah..."

"Badrooooon!!!! You scored 9? You scored 9 points??!!!"

"Yeah" *with a hint of exhilaration in his voice*

"Okay i call u back later arh, i gotta make other important phone calls hehe."

At this point i was pretty much excited and deliriously happy.

It was like i was on a sugar rush!

My sister called me up at work and she was screaming down the phone.

She said that we ought to get my mother to treat us all to Carousel.

Like real only this girl.

Like she's the one that got the good results.

She justified her claim by saying that she provided my bro with emotional support and she should get some credit too.

*Rolls eyes backwards like Norfasarie in Kerana Fateha*

Right now. I'm still euphoric.