Saturday, January 19, 2008


After doing some serious damage to my bank account last month, I thought i'd be living like a pauper THIS month.


I got a nice surprise in my email this evening.

A nice remittance note.


I barely even remembered that i was going to get a 2nd round of payment.

But, oh well.

It was a really nice surprise.

And its not even my birthday :D

Speaking of which...

It is *eeeeekkk!* less than 3 months away.

Can i NOT turn 24?

What can i tell you?

When i was 16, i wanted to be 18.

Then when i turned 18 i wanted to turn 21.

See...some wishes come true :p


Turning 24 is a big deal.

I'm looking back and im trying to figure whether i've accomplished some of my main goals in life.

I remember having lofty aspirations when i was much younger.

Archaeologist, Paleontologist, Egyptologist...

And my closest friends can still attest to you that i have a MAJOR love affair with Egypt.

*so wasn't it nice when i had a crush on the Prince of Egypt aka Boy-who-almost-ran-into-the-dustbin*

*Sigh* some things just come full circle. Hahaha.

Ok, i sidetracked a little.

So when i hit 15-16 i began setting some life goals for myself.


1) getting into JC to sit for my A's *check!*

2) go to University to obtain my Bachelor's degree. *check!*

3) Get my first REAL job by 23. *check!*

Now that all that stuff is out of the way, im thinking i need some new ones.

Notice how short my resolutions were?

Well, this is one of the real reasons why.

I hadn't thought of anything.


I'm one of those freaks that need to plan ahead.

To be prepared for any type of disaster.

Well sometimes.

So when things don't go as planned, i go into major meltdown mode and PANIC!

I think my anxiety level have risen tremendously since i was an undergrad.

So back to the issue at hand.

What goals and plans do i have for the future?

I planned a few but looks like those aren't happening next year.

What is it?

I'd rather not say and humiliate myself.

So i've shelved THAT plan and thought of new ones.

Like, becoming a teacher by 26 (im giving myself a wide berth here).

Obtain my Masters by 28 (or sooner!)*insyaAllah*

Those are one of the biggest goals so far.

*I totally believe in the power of visualisation 'cos it REALLY works!*

But the one that bugs me the most is that i've consistently failed in one department.

And i hate failure like i hate losing.

So on some level im disappointed.

But it gives me a chance to let me improve on myself.

Oh well, im only human after all.