Friday, January 18, 2008

Gone Biometric.

Today was a half day for me.

Well not really half-day.

I only started work at ard 12noon cos i had to go and pick up my new passport!

I know, crazy right?

Getting all riled up about a passport.

Well, this passport has biometric features.

And finally i have ONE picture (for identification purposes eg. passports/ic) that's decent.

And im actually SMILING!

The procedure was fast and painless.

I actually applied for the passport online on mon (14/1) and i've gotten the passport today!

And i came down early to get to ICA and waited around 10mins for my number to be called.


Oh and i want to thank a certain miss nurul khasanah for getting up earlier than usual just to go down to ICA with me before heading to the office!

I truly appreciate the time that we spent together!

I love my new passport and i'll be getting to test it out next week insyaAllah.

Destination? KL!

Hahaha...i think i'm stuck to that place forever.

Anyway it isnt all fun and games.

My aunt is actually getting married next week. So yes, another wedding!

Wow, this is the 2nd wedding invite for this mth alone!

Plus next mth's engagement of Encik Izhar & Cikgu Huda.

Annnndddd Hasanah's and Ehsan's wedding this June! :D

Plus Waa's wedding in June as well.

Tahun ni PACKED with weddings!

I loike!

And the girls and i are also getting really hyped for Zak's wedding next year!

Weddings galore :D

And may i add that today seems to be the slowest day at work.

I even dozed off during lunchtime.

But come next week, i can say bye-bye to all this free time.

Another stressful publication week! Aaaccccck!