Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Well Deserved Break?

Yahooooooo, its the mid-term break, oh well, even if it only lasts till the 6th of Sept, i am truly thankful for its presence.

I am behind on my schoolwork.

Yes, this time its very behind.

I mean the school work.

Not my behind.

I'm worn out, even though i don't have that many late afternoon classes at all this september i mean semester and the fact that i spend a lot of time in my room instead of the library.

I'm afraid that if i do go to the library, my eyes will wander and look at all the beautiful (and handsome) bounties that Allah has to offer.

So to curb these prying eyes, i am content to curl up in the cosiness of my colourful room.

Back to the issue of my schoolwork.

Yes, i sent in one assignment the day after the deadline, one that cost me 2 marks. I guess its well worth it unless i wanted to hand in a crap piece of assignment.

Everyone in the group was slacking. I think the pemalas attitude has caught up with everyone of us.

I now have my computer applications assignment to think about, american lit. (due on the 15th), my msian & singapore lit assignment due the same day as the comp. app. one which is the 7th.

i am scared to think/mention (about) any other deadline.

Not to mention the 2nd round of mid-terms that will take place after the break.

i. shudder. at. the. thought. of. it.

oh, and i just got back my first mid-term for my Usul-Fiqh

I was pleasantly surprised by the marks that i got.

maryam + great results for Usul Fiqh = UNBELIEVABLE!

and somehow, my father didn't seem that impressed. and here i thought her filial and dutiful daughter did him proud. im trying to prove that my r/ship won't get in the way of my studies here.

It only makes me wanna TRY HARDER.

yes, maryam is always wanting to please people. sometimes i can't say no. i can't say no when it comes to pleasing my parents. at least i think i try to say no.

argghhhh, im missing the boyfriend.

he wasn't in a talkative mood last night. after dinner that is.

he was so sleepy. luckily he didn't fall asleep at the wheel.

*note-to-self: make sure i don't go out till late if its a working day for him the following day.


remember i said i didn't want to mention anymore assignments?

i just remembered 2 more. >_<"

my error&contrastiveanalysis and computerapplications e-portfolio.

i. am. going. to. get. fried.

i need to put something up on the side bar.

something to constantly remind me of my (im)pending (doom)assignments.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Meet The Parents Session: 1

Yes, the inevitable has already happened.

The love has finally met the parents. He was no doubt a bundle of nerves.

I think i handled it well. I think he handled it well.

My father was the really chatty one.

He practically bombarded the love with 1001 questions.

I must say, he was really well prepared. Thank God.

The perks of having an experienced boyfriend in a meet-the-parents session

Not much comment after the whole event. But i am sure they're going to talk about it the next 3 days, now that my grandma is in town.

I wonder how that will turn out.

I am going to get my grandparents to come down to KL over the weekend. There's lots to do. So many activities this Convest '06.

I hope it wont be a disappointment like the previous year's fiesta.

Now, i better get back to work.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Headlines: PMS Strikes Again!

Enough about my red and white panties already.

I am in a sour mood, although i don't want it to get in the way of my studies this week.

Yes, for Maryam, studies come slowly, one pace at a time (or in this case one week at a time).

Thank you darling for putting up with my lousy mood.

I'm really sorry for not being my usual self. Really, thank you.

I think he's realised how I am so not myself when i have to deal with my moodswings.

I think it started on Saturday night when i was so flummoxed by the setting (read: East Coast) so you can imagine the hoardes of people that were in the area. Not to mention the 2nd wave of revellers that headed down to East Coast after the fireworks display over the weekend.

I think he realised how cranky i got and put me in my place before i became a monster.

The walk by the beach (in my baju kurung by the way cos i was from a wedding) did me some good. Alhamdullillah.

And then yesterday, i totally bawled in public okay. Hullo? Maryam tak pernah nangis in public!

I got told off for something i didn't do wrong. I just kept silent. Then when he tried to pujuk me i swear, i totally lost the plot. I thought i wanted to jual mahal a bit but then, hahaha, my not so pretty moods came up.

Needless to say, he was panicking.

"Eh don't cry, don't cry. Sorry Bie. Dah lah, orang tgkkan tu..."

At that point in time, i already had my palms covering my eyes and i was wracked with sobs.

Stupid PMS. Makes me look so bad.

So paisey okay? First time i cry like that in front of boyfriend some more.

Well, needless to say, guys get really scared and panicky when their girlfriends start to cry.

Believe me. Its tried & tested (unintentionally of course!)


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Day Cramps

This is Captain Selenger reporting for duty (yet again)

I am so gundu sometimes.

I swear i thought the short story assignment was due on thursday. I was so sure of it.

Until someone in class yesterday reminded Prof. Quayum about the assignment. Yes, then i had to run to the lab, finish one last paragraph and run upstairs to get it printed.

Luckily i spent over 3 hours on monday night typing most of the assignment.

Me and my complete dumb moments.

And last night i started with my swimming class. I think i H.A.V.E really cramped muscles. 15 mins of swimming laps is tiring. Especially since i've been out of it for so long.

But i must say, the girls in my swimming class are really friendly. Nice to know that about them. Makes class more enjoyable.

*Note to self: Remember to stretch the arms a little bit more unless you want to feel excruciating pain even when you're not doing anything.

And here i am typing this entry in the customary red and white colours.

Yes, yes. So patriotic right?

I dunno, but this year, i feel like some of the magic is lost.

This is the 2nd time round that im missing the parade on tv. Boo hoo.

And YES it makes a difference when you're in someone else's country, not to mention that you DON'T get a national holiday.

And you hate knowing that your boyfriend is still in bed sleeping away.

Really. It feels like injustice is being done here.

But anyway, i'll still be able to catch the re-run of the NDP on tv i guess. But its never the same.

But one thing im sure of is that i'll be watching the fireworks come saturday.

That's one thing im definitely sure of.

But lemme tell you a secret.

I'm even wearing red and white striped underpants. Hehehehehe


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekend Respite

Busy weekend. Very little studying. Especially with regards to my sociolinguistics mid-term that i sat for last night.

Most of the weekend was spent at home or with the love.

Most of the time it was me at home. Watching lots of tv.

Lots of it.

Then it was me and the love spending some quiet time at this little cosy eatery at Jalan Pahang, close to the Arab Street eating establishments.

This cosy litle nook called Al- Sheik's to be precise.

We sat upstairs where we dined in a cosy ambience of dimmed lights, red walls (reflecting the mediterranean/arab cuisine) and surrounded by plump cushions. It felt posh. But the prices were really affordable. Less than SGD30 for two people.

We both had fun just talking and talking, watching the people pass by below us and listening to the fireworks go off.

It was too romantic for words.

That was saturday. And that was the day that my parents got a new toyota delta.

They've downgraded from the Kia Carens to suit the family budget (thanks to rising oil prices & erp prices). So we're all going to have to squeeze into a sedan next time round the whole family decides to get together. Which i must say that there is always one or the other mising from the Sesth clan. It's either me or my sister. Go figure.

I am proud to welcome the new toyota delta into the family. (i have yet to take a ride in it)

Sunday, i attended OUR first wedding together. Its a big deal to me (although many might think its kachang)

It means that he's introducing me to all his friends. Which i must mention was never the case for any of my previous relationships.

Nerve wrecking i tell you.

After that, we headed to Jurong Point to shop for a vcd that Dianne asked me to look for, Army Daze, my favourit-est local movie.

Bumped into my sister and then we bumped into his sister. And eventually he sent me home where he went off for his soccer match later that evening.

I was at home doing some reading (or not).

And yes, i did type an entry the previous day which got wiped out mysteriously by blogger thank you very much.

And i was up last night to write my American lit assignment. All the way till 2am in the morning. And i had class at 8.30am.

One can only wonder how i manage to air-lift my lazy bum off the warm and cosy comforts of the bed.

Well, then, this Apple computer doesn't seem to want me to continue with my American lit short story assignment thanks to the lack of USB ports on this thing. So then, i'll take my leave. (my stomach is rumbling for breakfast)


Sunday, August 06, 2006

1.Do the following without complaint
2.Choose 6 bloggers to do this upon completion
3.Leave a tag on the 6 tagboards to announce she has been tagged.
4.Start your entry with "I've been tagged!" then do the following.



colour: Brown, Gold, Silver, Black, Red
food: Anything Mediterranean & Mom + Grandma's cooking
song: RnB, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock Ballads
movie: Braveheart
sport: Floorball & Futsal
season: Summer
ice cream flavour: Rasperry Ripple


mood: bored + tired
taste: craving something sweet
clothes: Baju kurung from the wedding I attended earlier today
desktop: A pic of the Love and Me
toe nail colour: au Natural
surroundings: the computer screen
annoyance: my brother knocking insistently at the door.
thoughts: Meeting the love later today to go to JB


best friend: Liza (back in Pri. Sch)
crush: Oh God thisis so embarrassing. Shahrizal (WPS, '93)
movie: The Little Princess
lie: hehe...too many
music: can't remember


cigarette: N.A
drink: orange squash
car ride: a little under 4 hours ago
crush: the infamous Prince Of Egypt
movie: The Ant Bully
phone call: the Love
cd played: Avril Lavigne's 2nd album

Have I Ever:

dated one of your best friends: No
broken the law: No.
A gd galbeen arrested: No
skinny-dipped: No
been on tv: Yes
kissed someone you dont know: No

5 things you are wearing:

my hair tie, contact lenses, baju kurung and my underthings
4 things you done today: shower, eat, go to a wedding, shop for vcd
3 things you can hear right now: the cars below, the tv downstairs and the fan whirring
1 thing you do when your bored: Daydream

6 ppl whom I want to do this thing: Suli, Kho, Umairah, Seri, Azimah, Zakiah.


Thursday, August 03, 2006


6 Years Ago (2000)

She feverishly studied for her O Levels everyday till October. Staying back in school for extra classes. History, literature, maths, physics. You name it.

Ten year series was very popular back then. One for every subject. Sometimes two.

Books dominated the little space on the naked table.

She would take off for Burger King with her other mates if school proved to be a pain that day.

Nothing could perk her up better than a Whopper.

White, green and grey amidst the other hues could be found in that eating establishment everyday. Some could be found up till closing time sometimes.

The O Levels came and went, results were collected and she wasn't disappointed. (Or so she thought)

5 Years Ago (2001)

A new chapter. Trying to forget the past. New surroundings. New friends. But she still stuck with the familiar.

Some left for the polytechnic, others opted to go to junior colleges and there was the minority that immediately went into the job market.

Demanding subjects, tutors that proved to be a pain in the neck for her.

She vaguely remembers the number of times that she was actually present in class.

2 years passed and she found herself sitting in the examination hall for the A Levels.


Well, that was another story altogether.

3 Years Ago (2003)

She found herself employed in the remotest part of the island. Ratio of men to women, 1:8.

Luckily, transportation was provided.

6 months came and went and no replies came.

Devastation engulfed her.

Not to mention her private life was in tatters.

Naive and trusting. The two characters in her life that would dominate her life for the next year or so.

Throwing herself into work didn't prove to be helpful. She was filled with void and would drown herself in the many hurtful memories.

A little sadistic maybe?

You be the judge.

2 Years Ago (2004)

Renewed hope. School was where she felt she really belonged. I imagine that she only thrived.

Although there was one craving that she could not feed.

Allah tests his subjects in many ways.

Ups and downs. Celebrations, examinations engulfed her.

It was the best and worst times of her life.

She still searched for solace. And sometimes in the most worrying manner.

Why she did so, I can't imagine.

One Year Ago (2005)

It proved to be her most trying times. Trying to strive for her goals and making the best of circumstances.

But i think she must have thought that she wasn't putting in her best effort.

Everyone feels that way don't they?

She often wondered why she put herself there. It was questionable to everyone. Even to her parents even if they didn't say it explicitly.

Soon, she realized that she was remaining true to herself. It was her only ounce of respect left in her soul.

July 2006

6 years elapsed and she saw herself grow up.

Naivety and trust were thrown away.

The sands of time proved that she was getting mature.

Lets hope so.

Cos everyone loves a happy ending don't they?


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heat Wave

Okay the electricity on my floor in my hostel is bonkers. Seriously!

Last night, the fans in our rooms and all the other rooms on our floor in fact kept going on and off. It seemed like a poltergeist was having some fun at our expense.

Lucky for all of us, last night was pretty cold. So to do without the fan was actually a blessing.

However, the sweltering heat has caught up.

And sitting in the room with no whirring fan is no fun at all.

I took a shower when i came back from class and i was perspiring soon after. I hope that the electricity will come back soon.

Oh, the bane of modern convenience.

Anyway, the weekend at my grandparent's was very relaxing. Although i did come down with a nasty bout of stomach cramps seeing that it was that-time-of-the-month.

My grandparents had neglected to tell me that they were renovating and expanding their kitchen. And truth be told, for a kampung house, i think they're kitchen is going to be pretty grand.

And might i add, they just came back from a holiday in Turkey!

So my doting grandparents picked me up (yes i was travelling solo since no one else could make it) from the Seremban Bus Terminus and my grandma suggested that we go to the newly renovated and refurbished A&W nearby.

I honestly felt like i was the only grandchild. old already still want to manja-manja. Chet! S.H.A.M.E.L.E.S.S.

So we had waffles with ice-cream, curly fries and a root beer float. Lovely.

We reached home close to 6.30pm. I headed right to my favourite room where the canopied bed awaited me. Come to think of it, i hadn't gone back for about 4 months or so.

Remember i said i wanted to snap many, many pictures?

That soon became non-existent at all, considering the mess at the back of the house and my lousy demeanour.

I only managed to snap pics of little Ika and her kakak, Comel.

Little Ika in her most adorable pose

Something is wrong with Blogger. What else is new right? So i guess you'll just have

make do with this one pic of Ika.

Once Blogger resumes normalcy, then i'll post pics of Comel.