Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekend Respite

Busy weekend. Very little studying. Especially with regards to my sociolinguistics mid-term that i sat for last night.

Most of the weekend was spent at home or with the love.

Most of the time it was me at home. Watching lots of tv.

Lots of it.

Then it was me and the love spending some quiet time at this little cosy eatery at Jalan Pahang, close to the Arab Street eating establishments.

This cosy litle nook called Al- Sheik's to be precise.

We sat upstairs where we dined in a cosy ambience of dimmed lights, red walls (reflecting the mediterranean/arab cuisine) and surrounded by plump cushions. It felt posh. But the prices were really affordable. Less than SGD30 for two people.

We both had fun just talking and talking, watching the people pass by below us and listening to the fireworks go off.

It was too romantic for words.

That was saturday. And that was the day that my parents got a new toyota delta.

They've downgraded from the Kia Carens to suit the family budget (thanks to rising oil prices & erp prices). So we're all going to have to squeeze into a sedan next time round the whole family decides to get together. Which i must say that there is always one or the other mising from the Sesth clan. It's either me or my sister. Go figure.

I am proud to welcome the new toyota delta into the family. (i have yet to take a ride in it)

Sunday, i attended OUR first wedding together. Its a big deal to me (although many might think its kachang)

It means that he's introducing me to all his friends. Which i must mention was never the case for any of my previous relationships.

Nerve wrecking i tell you.

After that, we headed to Jurong Point to shop for a vcd that Dianne asked me to look for, Army Daze, my favourit-est local movie.

Bumped into my sister and then we bumped into his sister. And eventually he sent me home where he went off for his soccer match later that evening.

I was at home doing some reading (or not).

And yes, i did type an entry the previous day which got wiped out mysteriously by blogger thank you very much.

And i was up last night to write my American lit assignment. All the way till 2am in the morning. And i had class at 8.30am.

One can only wonder how i manage to air-lift my lazy bum off the warm and cosy comforts of the bed.

Well, then, this Apple computer doesn't seem to want me to continue with my American lit short story assignment thanks to the lack of USB ports on this thing. So then, i'll take my leave. (my stomach is rumbling for breakfast)