Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heat Wave

Okay the electricity on my floor in my hostel is bonkers. Seriously!

Last night, the fans in our rooms and all the other rooms on our floor in fact kept going on and off. It seemed like a poltergeist was having some fun at our expense.

Lucky for all of us, last night was pretty cold. So to do without the fan was actually a blessing.

However, the sweltering heat has caught up.

And sitting in the room with no whirring fan is no fun at all.

I took a shower when i came back from class and i was perspiring soon after. I hope that the electricity will come back soon.

Oh, the bane of modern convenience.

Anyway, the weekend at my grandparent's was very relaxing. Although i did come down with a nasty bout of stomach cramps seeing that it was that-time-of-the-month.

My grandparents had neglected to tell me that they were renovating and expanding their kitchen. And truth be told, for a kampung house, i think they're kitchen is going to be pretty grand.

And might i add, they just came back from a holiday in Turkey!

So my doting grandparents picked me up (yes i was travelling solo since no one else could make it) from the Seremban Bus Terminus and my grandma suggested that we go to the newly renovated and refurbished A&W nearby.

I honestly felt like i was the only grandchild. Hehehe...so old already still want to manja-manja. Chet! S.H.A.M.E.L.E.S.S.

So we had waffles with ice-cream, curly fries and a root beer float. Lovely.

We reached home close to 6.30pm. I headed right to my favourite room where the canopied bed awaited me. Come to think of it, i hadn't gone back for about 4 months or so.

Remember i said i wanted to snap many, many pictures?

That soon became non-existent at all, considering the mess at the back of the house and my lousy demeanour.

I only managed to snap pics of little Ika and her kakak, Comel.

Little Ika in her most adorable pose

Something is wrong with Blogger. What else is new right? So i guess you'll just have

make do with this one pic of Ika.

Once Blogger resumes normalcy, then i'll post pics of Comel.